Ramon II Berenger
Murdered 1082

Almodis du la Marche
Murdered 1075 (1060 or 1066?) by her step-son, Peter Raimond of Barcelona

Waltheof II Huntingdon
Executed 31 May 1076 St. Giles Hill, Winchester, England for treason

Mabel Talvas
Murdered , but she was quite a nasty woman and murderess

Bouchard IV
boiled to death, Dec 999

William Shurtleff
Killed by lightning going down a chimney and through the fireplace

Duncan I MacCrinan
Killed by Macbeth

Malcolm III Canmore
Killed Macbeth

Mathilda de Saint Valery
Walled up in her castle with her ten year old son, William by John Lackland. Yikes. Her hubby, William de Braose, was one of the cruelest and most hated of the Norman Marcher lords.

Waimar IV
murdered in 1052

King of England from 839 to 856 was 61 when he married his second wife, Judith of France. She was 13.

Edward I Longshanks
King of England from 1274 to 1307 was 60 when he married his second wife, Marguerite de France, daughter of Philip III, King of France. She was 19.

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Had her last son, John Lackland at 44.

Edmund II Ironside
King of England 1016 to 1016 , supposedly killed on the toilet, stabbed twice through the bowels while he sat.

Queen Fredegonde
One very seriously cruel woman who eventually was placed on the racks then torn apart by horses at age 60, directed by her own son.

Elizabeth Vendome
She married her cousin (Fulk III Count of Anjou, the Black) who burnt her at the stake in her wedding gown after discovering her with a goatherd. Her father was Bouchard IV above, boiled to death.

Brunhilda - I knew it, I just knew it, there HAD to be a Brunhilda. Also, cannot play well with others, related to Queen Fredegonde, surprise, surprise.

Frosti, King of Finland - Makes you think of Frosti the Snowman

Olaf the Mighty - A man. No, a woman? What a vision.

Olaf  the Woodcutter - one of my  favorites, poor guy was burnt up, sacrificed to the gods for good harvests. (It worked!)

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