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Hywel Dda Cadell, the Good
King of Dyfed 905-950
King of Wales
b abt 887, Dynevor Castle, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, England
d abt 950
Parents: Cadell Rhodri m Rheingar
Spouse: Elen Verch Llywarch
Child: Iago Idwal
Child: Owain Hywel m Anghard Verch Llewelyn
Child: Rhodri
Child: Edwin
15 52 104 110 115 125

Nest Verch Cadell
b c 800
Parents: Cadell Brochfael
Spouse:  Merfyn Frych Gwriad
Child: Rhodri Mawr m Angharad Verch Meurig
51 52 125

Cadwallon Cadfan
King of Gwynedd 625-634
b abt 591, Wales
d 634, killed in battle
Parents: Cadfan Iago
Spouse: unknown
Child: Cadwaladr Fendigaid Cadwallon
35 52 125

Maelgwn Cadwallon Gwynedd  
possible source for Mordred
King of Gwynedd 517-549
b abt 470, Wales
died in a plaque
Parents: Cadwallon Lawhir Einion
Spouse: Gwallwen Verch Afallach
Child: Rhun Hir Maelgwn
35 52 125

Idwal Iwrch Cadwaladr the Roebuck
King of Gwynedd 664
b abt 664, Wales
d 712 of the plague
Parents: Cadwaladr Fendigaid Cadwallon
Spouse: Afadda ferch Alain    35 Princess Angharad of Brittany?
Child: Rhodri Molwynog Idwal

35 52 125

Cadwaladr Fendigaid 'The Blessed' Cadwallon
King of Gwynedd 654/5-664
b abt 633
d abt 682, Wales
Parents: Cadwallon Cadfan
Spouse: daughter of Pybba
Child: Idwal Iwrch Cadwaladr

35 52 125

Robert de Caen, Robert of Gloucester Robert de Caen
1st Earl of Gloucester
b c 1090 Caen, Normandy, France
d 31 Oct 1147 Bristol, Glouchestershire, England from a fever
burial Tewkesbury, Glouchester, England
Findagrave 85015940
Parents: Henry I Beauclerc m Sybil Corbet
Spouse: Mabel FitzHamon m 1119/22
Child: Hawise
Child: Roger FitzRobert, Bishop of Worcester
Child: Hamon FitzRobert
Child: Philip FitzRobert
Child: Richard FitzRobert, Lord of Creully
Child: Matilda FitzRobert m Ranulph de Gernon
Child: Mabel FitzRobert
Child: Richard FitzRobert, Archbishop of Rouen
Child: Robert FitzRobert de Caen Findagrave 81810725
Child: William FitzRobertHawise Beaumont
37 76 117 125

Raines de Cailor (Rainon)
b abt 1098, Cailar, Gard, France
Parents: unknown
Spouse: ^Beatrix d' Uzes
Child: Rose du Cailar and d' Uzes m Rostaing de Sabran

Rose du Cailar and d' Uzes
b abt 1128, Cailar, Gard, France
Parents: Raines de Cailor m Beatrix d' Uzes
Spouse: Rostaing de Sabran
Child: Raimond de Sabran m Garsinde Countess of Forcalquier

Raoul I de Cambrai Count of the Vexin
d 936 or 944
Parents: Hucbold Count of Ostrevant m Helwise of Friuli
Spouse: Liegard
Child: Raoul de Gouy m Eldegarde of Amiens
15 103

Duncan II Canmore
b abt 1060
d 12 Nov 1094, Mondynes, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Parents:  Malcolm III m Ingebiorg of Orkney
Spouse: Alethelreda
Child: William FitzDuncan m Alice de Rumely
15 107

Malcolm III Canmore "Bighead" - Macbeth's murderer
Titled the first King of Scotland
b abt 1031, Scotland
Crowned 17 Mar 1057/8
d 13 Nov 1093, Alnwick, Northumbria, England
killed by Morel of Bamborough at Alnwick, Northumberland
Burial: Tynemouth, then Dunfermline Abbey, later removed to Escorial, Madrid
Findagrave 8421411
Parents: Duncan I MacCrinan m Sibel
Spouse: Ingebiorg of Orkney d by 1070
Child: Donald Prince of Scotland, d 1085, violent death
Child: Duncan II m Aethelreda
Child: Malcolm Prince of Scotland
Spouse : Margaret of Scotland m 1068/1070
Child: ^Alexander I "The Fierce" King of Scotland m Sybil
Child: David I, King of Scotland m Matilda Huntingdon (25)
Child: ^Edgar King of Scotland (1074-1106)
Child: Edmund Prince of Scotland, joined uncle Donald Bane against brother Duncan
Child: Edward Prince of Scotland, killed Alnwick battle1093
Child: Eth (Aethelred) 1st Earl of Fife (-1128) abbott
Child: ^Mary Princess of Scotland m Eustace III of Boulogne daughter ^Matilda of Boulogne m  1125 Stephen King of England
Child: Eadgyth Atherling Princess of Scotland m Henry I Beauclerc
15 37 50 51 52 103 107 113 125 127

Juliane de Cantilupe
b c 1192 Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England
d 1294 Knockin, Warwickshire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: William de Cantilupe
Spouse: Robert de Tregoz
Children listed under Robert de Tregoz
58 72 121

Milicent de Cantilupe
b c 1250
d bef 07 Jan 1299
Burial: unknown
Parents: William de Cantilope m Eve de Braose
Spouse: Eudo la Zouche
Children listed under Eudo la Zouche
37 51 68 117 125

Walter de Cantilope
b c 1128 Longueville, Gersey, Wales
Parents: Walter circa 1102 from Longueville, Gersey, Wales
Spouse: unknown
Child: William de Cantilupe
Child: Fulk de Cantilupe
Child: Roger de Cantilupe
Child: Sibilla de Cantilupe
58 72 121

William de Cantilupe
b c 1159 Reading, Buckinghamshire, England
d 07 Apr 1239
Burial: unknown
Parents: Walter de Cantilupe
Spouse: Mecelin Braci, daughter of Adulph of England
Child: William de Cantilupe
Child: Walter de Cantilupe
Child: John de Cantilupe
Child: Nicholas de Cantilupe
Child: Thomas de Cantilupe
58 72 121

William de Cantilupe
b c 1185
d c 1240
Burial: unknown
Parents: William de Cantilupe
Spouse: Milicent Gournai, daughter of Hugh of England
Child: Juliane de Cantilupe m Robert de Tregoz
Child: John de Cantilupe
Child: Hugh de Cantilupe
Child: William de Cantilope m Eve de Braose
Child: Agnes de Cantilupe
Child: Thomas de Cantilupe
Child: Daughter de Cantilupe
51 58 72 121 125

William de Cantilupe
b c 1221 Warwickshire, England
d 25 Sep 1254 Calne, Wiltshire, England
Burial: Studley Priory, Oxfordshire, England
Findagrave 82496540
Parents: William de Cantilupe
Spouse: Eve de Braose
Child: Milicent de Cantilupe m Eudo la Zouche
Child: Juliana de Cantilupe
Child: George de Cantilupe
Child: Joan Findagrave 65164706 m Sir Henry Hastings Findagrave 65164602
37 51 68 117 125

Hughes Capet
King of France 987 to 996
b  abt 938/939, Paris, Isle De France, France
d 24 Oct 996, Les Juifs, Chartres
Burial: Abbaye, De St Denis, Isle De France, France
Findagrave 11420947
Parents: Hugh I Magnus m Hedwig of Saxony
Spouse: Adelais of Aquitane (28-32) m 970
Child: Adelaide of France (993-1063) m Rainald I Count of Nevers, Auxerre
Child: Gisela of France m Hugh I de Montreuil
Child: Hedwiga of France m Regnier IV Count of Hainault
Child: Robert II the Pious m Constance of Provence
Child: Gilette
15 52R35 103 104 108 109 110 125 S1

Ann Carey  
b 21 Sep 1708 in Bristol, Mass
d 06 May 1776 in Windham, CT, aged 68  
burial Windham Center Cemetery, Windham, CT
Findagrave 11447883
Parents: Eleazar Carey m Lydia Throope
Spouse: Nathaniel Denison m 01 Apr 1736 in Windham, CT at age 27
Child: Lydia Denison m Joshua Booth Elderkin
9 D1

Eleazar Carey
b 27 Sep 1678 in Bridgewater, Mass
d 28 Jul 1754 in Windham, CT  
burial Windham Center Cemetery, Windham, CT
Findagrave 10864609
Parents: Sargeant John Cary m Abigal Penniman
Spouse: Lydia Throope
Child: Ann Carey m Nathaniel Denison

Arnulf of Carinthia
King of Germany, Last Emperor of Austria-France crowned 894
b abt 820 (850?)
d 08 Dec 899 Bavaria
Parents: Carloman of Germany m^Litwinde of Korinthos, Greece
Spouse: ^Oda of Bavaria, or Ota, daughter of ^Theodore of Bavaria
Child: Louis the Child, d age 18
Child: Hedwig of Germany m Otto I Duke of Saxony
Child: Zwentibold, illegitimate son, King of Lotharingia
Child: Glismut m Conrad, Duke of the Franks, son of Conrad I
15 S1

Matilda of Carinthia
d 1152
Parents: Engelbert II Duke of Carinthia m Uta von Passau
Spouse: Thibaut IV de Blois
Child: Henry I de Champagne m Marie of France
15 103 104 108 109

Adela of Carlat
d abt 1071
Parents: Gilbert Vicomte de Carlat m Nobilia de Lodeve
Spouse: Berenger II de Milhaud
Child: Gilbert di Gevaudun m Gerberga de Provence
103 110

Bernard II Vicomte de Carlat, Milhaud
circa late 900's
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Adelaide c 900s
Child: Giselbert de Carlat m Agnes von Mels
103 110

Gilbert Vicomte de Carlat
d bef 1071
Parents: Giselbert de Carlat m Agnes von Mels
Spouse: Nobilia de Lodeve
Child: Adela of Carlat m Berenger II de Milhaud
103 110

Giselbert (Gilbert) Vicomte de Carlat
circa 1000
Parents: Bernard II de Carlat m Adelaide
Spouse: Agnes von Mels c 1000
Child: Gilbert Vicomte de Carlat m Nobilia de Lodeve
103 110

Carloman, (Charles) King of Italy and Neustria
b Apr 0773, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
bapt 12 Apr 781, Rome, baptized "Pepin"
d 08 Jul 810, Milan, Italy
burial Basilica Verona, Italy
Findagrave 143372059
Parents: Charlemagne m Hildegarde of Vinzgau
Spouse: Bertha of Toulouse
Child: Five daughters
Spouse: Unknown concubine
Child: Bernard, King of Italy m Cunigunde
15 50 51 125 S1

Mayor of the Palace and Austrasia
King of the Franks  751 - 768  
b abt 713, Moselle, Austrasia
d  17 Aug 755, Cassino Monasatery, Frosinone, Italy
Parents: Charles Martel m Chrotrude of Alemania
Spouse: daughter of Alard
Child: Routrou m Girard Count of Paris
15 50 51 52R 21

Alexander Carpenter 10G Grandfather
b in 1560 in Wrington, Somerset, England
d in 1611/1612 in Wrington, Somerset, England
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 55512450
Parents: William Carpenter
Spouse: Priscilla Dillen
Child: Juliana Carpenter m George Morton
Child: Alice Carpenter
Child: Priscilla m William Wright & John Cooper
20 M3 S1

Juliana Carpenter 9G Grandmother
b 07 Mar 1584 in Wrington, Somersetshire, England
d 19 Feb 1664 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass (1685?)
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 34764988
Appears on the passenger list of The Anne
Parents: Alexander Carpenter m Priscilla Dillen
Spouse: George Morton m 23 Jul 1612 in Leyden, Leyden, Holland
Child: Patience Morton m John Faunce
Other children: Alice, Sarah, Joseph, John, Nathaniel, Ruth, George, Ephraim
Spouse 2: Manasseh Kempton m 1627 (Shurtleff  Genealogy Vol 1 pg 71)
5 20 28 51 M3 S1

William Carpenter
b 1520 in Dilwyn, Herefordshire, England
d 1550 in Wrington, Somerset, England
buried in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England
Parents: John Carpenter, see notes
Spouse: unknown
Child: Alexander Carpenter m Priscilla Dillen

Acfrid II de Carcassonne Count  (Alfred II) (Carrcassonne)
(same as Arnaud I Count of Comminges  ?)
d abt 935
Parents: Oliva II de Carcassonne Count
Spouse: Adelaide de Auvergne d 906, daughter of Bernard
Child: Arsenda de Carcassonne m Arnold I de Conserans

Arsenda de Carcassonne (Carrcassonne)
(same as  Arsenda de Comminges ?)
d aft 968
Parents: Acfrid II de Carcassonne m Adelaide de Auvergne
Spouse: Arnold I de Conserans
Child: Arsenda de Comminges m William I of Provence
Spouse: Arnaud I Count of Comminges
Child: Roger I de Carrassonne m Adelaide de Rouergue

Bellon de Carcassonne Count (Carrcassonne)
b abt 780, Carrcassonne, Aude, France
d 848?
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Oliva I de Carcassonne m Ermentrude
Child: Sunifred I de Urgel m Ermesende
103 125

Erminsinde de Carrcassonne (Carcassonne)
b abt 975, Carcassonne, Aude, France
Parents: Roger I de Carrassonne m Adelaide de Rouergue
Spouse: Raimund Borrel
Child: Ramon I Berenger m Sancha Sanchez de Castile

Oliva I de Carcassonne Count (Oliba I) (Carrcassonne)
d 879
Parents: Bellon de Carcassonne
Spouse: Ermentrude c 800's
Child: Oliva II de Carcassonne

Oliva II de Carcassonne Count (Alfred) (Carrcassonne)
d 879
Parents: Oliva I de Carcassonne m Ermentrude
Spouse: unknown
Child: Acfrid II de Carcassonne m Adelaide de Auvergne

Roger I de Carrassonne  (Carcassonne)
b abt 935, Carcassonne, Aude, France
d 1012
Parents: Arnaud I Count of Comminges m Arsenda de Carcassonne
Spouse: Adelaide de Rouergue
Child: Bernard Roger de Conserans m Gersende de Bigorre
Child: Erminsinde de Carrcassonne m Raimund Borrel
51 125

Alice Carter
b 1519 in Westhrope, Suffolk, England
Parent: John Carter
Spouse: John Cooke m 08 May 1540 in Westhrope, Suffolk, England
Child: Katherine Cooke m John Clarke  

John Carter  
b 1519 in Westhrope, Suffolk, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Alice Carter m John Cooke  

John Cary
b abt 1610 in Bristol, Somerset, England
d 31 Oct 1680/1 in Bridegwater, Mass
burial Old Graveyard, East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
Findagrave 65447805
Parents: unknown, see notes
Spouse: Elizabeth Godfrey
Child: John Cary/Carey m Abigal Penniman
Child: Francis
Child: Elizabeth
Child: James
Child: Mary
Child: Jonathan
Child: David
Child: Hannah
Child: Joseph
Child: Rebecca
Child: Sarah
Child: Mehitable

Sargeant John Cary/Carey Jr
b 04 Nov 1645 in Duxbury, Mass
d 14 Jul 1741 in Bristol, Mass
burial Congregational Churchyard, Bristol, RI
Findagrave 13165805
Parents: John Cary m Elizabeth Godfrey
Spouse: Abigal Penniman
Child: Elezear Carey m Lydia Throope

Henry Case
b 04 Jun 1793 South East Putnam, New York
d 28 Jul 1877 Rochester, Monroe, New York
Parents: William
Spouse: Hannah Southworth m bef 1817
Child: Mary Case
Child: Homer Case
Child: Valinda Case
Child: William Case
Child: Truman Case
Child: John S Case
Child: Hannah Case
Child: Harry Harvey Case m Nancy Wilkes
Child: Henry A Case
Child: Julia A Case
Child: Sarah Case
Child: GeorgeCase
Spouse: Barbara Green m 28 Sep 1846
37 58 117 125

Harry Harvey Case
b 29 Sep 1830 New York
d 08 May 1921 Barry County, Michigan
burial Bedford Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan
Findagrave 27825612
Parents: Henry Case m Hannah Southworth
Spouse: Nancy Wilkes
Child: Lucas W Case 1859 - 1950
Child: George H Case b 1862
Child: Hannah I Case 1864 - 1939
Child: Olive Celia Case m Arthur Miller
Child: Mary Case 1869 - 1869
Child: Homer W Case 1873 - 1955
Child: Florence E Case 1875 - 1952
Child: Hiram Wilson Case 1878 - 1970
37 58 117 125

Olive Celia Case Great grandmother  
b 25 Feb 1867 Bedford, Calhoun, Michigan
res: Route 3, Bellvue, Mich
d 01 Jul 1904 at age 34 Assyria, Barry, Michigan
buried Ellis Cemetery, Barry, Michigan
Findagrave 20339382
Parents: Harry Harvey Case m Nancy Wilkes
Spouse: Arthur Miller on 30 May 1888 at age 21
Child: Nettie Miller m Floyd Raymond Le Clear
Additional children listed under Arthur Miller
58 L1

Casimir I (Kazimierz I Karol) "The Restorer"
Grand Prince of Poland 1038-1058
b 25 Jul 1016, Krakbow, Krakbow, Poland
d 28 Nov 1058
Parents: Mieszko II m Richensa of Lotharingia
Spouse: Mariya Vladimirovna
Child: Vladislav I m Judita, Princess of Poland
Child: Boleslav II "The Bold"
Child: ^SwatanaVratislav II King of Bohemia
50 125

Sancha Sanchez de Castile
b abt 1006, Castilla, Spain
d 26 Jun 1026
Parents: Sancho Garcia m Urraca Perez
Spouse:  Ramon I Berenger
Child: Raimund I Berenger m Almodis du la Marche

Sancha de Castile Princess of Castile
b 21 Sep 1154
res Castile, France or Spain
d Nov 1208, Monasterio de Jaen, Jaen, Spain
Burial: Monastery of Santa Maria de Sigena, Sijena, Spain
Findagrave 88413122
Parents: Alfonso VII de León m Ryska, Princess of Poland
Spouse: Alfonso II m m 18 Jan 1174
Children listed under Alfonso II
15 125

Lady Isabella de Castilla
Lady of the Garter 1378
b 1355 Morales, Spain
d 23 Dec 1392
Burial: All Saints Church, King's Langley, Hertfordshire, England
Findagrave 82578610
Parents: Pedro, King of Castile m Leon m Maria de Padilla p11345.htm#i113445
Spouse: Edmund Langley
Children listed under Edmund Langley
37 51 117 125

Isabele Caunton  
b abt 1135 in Caunton, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: John de Caunton
Spouse: Robert Markham
Child: John Markham m Elizabeth Cressy
34 51 

John de Caunton
b abt 1109 in Caunton, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Isabele Caunton m Robert Markham

Hugh de Cavalcamp Caldecott?
b abt 890 in Dieppe, Normandy, France
Parents: Malahule Eysteinsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Rodulf de Toeni

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