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Aethelfleda Lady of Mercia
b abt 869/872 Wessex, England
d 12 Jun 918 Tamworth, England
buried St Peter's Church (now St Oswald's priory) in Gloucester
Findagrave 87800694
Female warrior (yesssss)
Parents: Alfred the Great m Ealhswith of Gaini
Spouse: Ethelred Duke of Mercia m abt 886
Child: Elfwina m an Edulph
15 52 54 103 107

Ethelred Duke of Mercia
b abt 865 Mercia
d 911
buried St Peter's Church (now St Oswald's priory) in Gloucester
Findagrave 136993807
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Ethelfleda
Child: Elfwina m an Edulph
15 52 103 107

Ethelred I
Anglo Saxon King of Wessex and King of England 866 to 871
b abt 837
d 871
Parents: Ethelwulf m Osburga
Spouse: Wulfthryth or Wulfrida c 800 m 867 or 868
Child: ^Elgiva m Knud Sigurdsson
Child: 2 sons, infants at his death
15 35 52 103 113 115

Ethelred II The Unready (Æthelraed) 27th great grandfather
King of England 18 Mar 979 to Dec 1013 and 03 Feb 1014 to 23 Apr 1016
b abt 968, 969 Wessex, England
Crowned 04 Apr 978, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, 10 years old
d 23 Apr 1016, London, London, England
Burial: St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England (destroyed in the great fire of London)
Findagrave 16391067
Parents: Edgar The Peacable m Elfrida of Devon
Spouse: Aelfgifu m abt 985 (13 children)
Child: Athelstan Ætheling d 1014 Findagrave 88219308
Child: Ecgberht Ætheling d 1005
Child: Edmund II Ironside m Ealdgyth of Northumbria
Child: Eadwig Ætheling executed by Canute 1017
Child: Edgar Ætheling d c 1008
Child: Edith Ætheling m Eadric Streona = Æ
Child: Edred Ætheling
Child: Ælfgifu Ætheling m Uchtred
Child: Wulfhilda m Ulfcytel Snillingr
Child: Abbess of Wherwell
Spouse: Emma of Normandy m 05 Apr 1002 123
Child: Alfred Æthling  murdered Findgrave 9201882
Child: ^Edward the Confessor King of England m Edith (m 1045, no issue) 123
Child: Godgifu m Dreux Comte d'Amiens
Spouse: Ælfgifu, daughter of ealdorman Æthelberht ?
Child: Edwy (-1017)
Unknown mothered children:
Child: Elgiva Princess of England (997-) dup of above daughter?
15 35 51 52 103 107 110 122 123 125

Ethelwulf  Aethelwulf
King of England 839 to 855
b 806 Wessex, England or c795 in France
d 13 Jan 858, England aged abt 62
buried Steyning and then later transferred Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, England
Parents: Egbert m Redburh c 788
Spouse 1: Osburga m 830, she died 852/853
Child: Alfred the Great m Ealhswith of Gaini
Child: ^Ethelbald King of England b 834 ruled 855 to 860 m Judith of France (below, his father's second wife)
Child: Athelstan, King of Kent
Child: ^Ethelbert, King of England b 836 ruled 860 to 866
Child: Ethelred I, King of England  ruled 866 to 871 m Wulfthryth c 800
Child: Ethelswith, a nun
Spouse 2: Princess Judith of France m 01 Oct 856 at Verberie-sur-Oise, France, no issue. He was 61, she was 13
15 35 51 52 53 103 107 115 116 S1

Eticho I of Alsae
b abt 643
d 690, France
Parents:  Steward of Lendisius
Spouse: Berswinde from Austrasia, France
Child: Adalbert of Alsae m Gerlinde c 650

Alice d'Eu, Lady of Hastings, Countess of Eu, Alix
d 15 May 1246 Doux, France
Burial: Fontblanche Priory, Poitou, France
Findagrave 94688428
Parents: Henry II d' Eu m Maude de Warrene
Spouse:  Raoul I de Lusignan m bef 1190
Child: Maud d'Eu m Humphrey de Bohun V
15 37 41 51

Henry I d' Eu
d 12 Jul 1140
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Margaret Champagne
Child: John d' Eu m Alice d' Aubigney
15 51

Henry II d' Eu  
d 11 Mar 1183
Parents: John d' Eu m Alice d' Aubigney
Spouse: Maude de Warrene
Child: Raoul d'Eu, 7th Conte de Eu, no issue
Child: Guy d'Eu , no issue
Child: Alice d'Eu  m Raoul I de Lusignan
Child: Isa d'Eu m William Hastings
15 37 41 51 106

John d' Eu  
d 26 Jun 1170
Parents: Henry I d' Eu m Margaret Champagne
Other parents: William
Spouse: Alice d' Aubigney
Child: John Hastings, of Rape of Hastings
Child: Robert Hastings, died in Acre, Palestine
Child: Matilda Hastings m Henry d'Estouteville
Child: Margaret Hastings m Sir de St Reme de Riviere
Child: Adam Hastings, died young
Child: Henry Hastings, Dean of St Mary's in Hastings
Child: Henry II d' Eu m Maude de Warrene
15 37 51 106

Margaret d'Eu
Parents: William I d'Eu, Count of d'Eu
Spouse: Sir Henry de Bohun
Child: Henry de Bohun I

Maud d'Eu  d'Lusignan
b 1214
d 14 Aug 1241
burial Llanthony Priory, Hempsted, Glouchestershire, England
Findagrave 77371188
Parents: Raoul I de Lusignan m Alice d'Eu
Spouse: Humphrey de Bohun V
Children listed under Humphrey de Bohun V
15 37 41 125

William Hiesmes, Count d' Eu
b c 970 (?)
d 1057 (?)
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 39648093
Parents: Richard I m Gonnor de Crepon
Spouse: Lesseline de Turquerville
Child: Pons FitzWilliam
Child: Hugh Talbot
Child: William de Hiesmes, Count of Soissons
Child: ^Robert d' Eu, Battle of Hastings m Beatrice de Falaise
Child: Lithuaise de Troyes
37 51 68 71 110

Eudes of Orleans Odo, Count of Paris
King of the West Franks 888 to 898
b  c 850, Orleans, Paris, France
d 01 Jan 898, La Fère
Parents: Robert Fortis m Adbelahide
Other Parents: Hadrian de Allemania m Waldrata von Hornbach
Spouse: Engeltrude
Child: Ermentrude of Orleans m Charles II the Bald
Child: Arnulf, died by age 15
Child: Guy, died by age 15
15 50 103 113 115 125 S1

Eudes I (Odo) of Blois Count of Blois and Champagne
b abt 950, Marmontier, France
d 12 Mar 995-6, Marmontier, France
Parents: Theobald I m Luitgarde of Vermandois
Spouse: Bertha of Burgundy
Child: Eudes II m Ermengarde of Auvergne
Child: Theobald II
Child: Thierry de Blois
Child: Agnes de Blois, married Viscount Guy de Thouars, Geoffroy I?
Child: Bertha de Blois
51 103 104 107 110 125

Eudes II of Blois Count of Blois and Champagne
Duke of Brittany  1148 - 1156
b abt 990, Blois, France
d 15 Nov 1037, Battle of Bar-le-Duc, France (murdered?)
Parents: Eudes I m Bertha of Burgundy
Spouse 1: Mathilda of Normandy
Spouse 2: Ermengarde of Auvergne
Child: Bertha of Chartres m Alan III Duke of Brittany
Child: Theobald III m Gersinde du Maine
Child: Stephen II
Child: Almodis m Geoffrey II of Preuilly
51 103 104 107 110 125

Joanna Evans Joanna Evans
b 1648 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
d 1675 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
Parents: Richard Evans m Mary
Spouse: Joshua Hemingway m 16 Jan 1667 Dorchester, MA
Child: Joanna Hemingway m Edward Ainsworth I

Richard Evans
b 1614 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
d 1661 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Mary
Child: Joanna Evans m Joshua Hemingway

Agnes d' Evereux
b abt 1030, Normandy, France
Parents: Richard d'Evreux m Godehildis
Spouse: Simon I de Montfort
Children listed under Simon I de Montfort
15 51 110 126

Gerold d'Evereux, Earl of Rosmar
b abt 1033, Rosmar, Normandy, France
Parents: William d'Evreux
Spouse: Phillipa
Child: Edward de Devereux  m Matilda / Maud FitzHubert
101 106 110

Richard d'Evreux
WTC counsel of war
b abt 986, Rouen, France
d 13 Dec 1067 Caen, France
Burial: Abbaye de Fontenelle, Calais, France
Findagrave 54170846
Parents: Robert d'Evreaux
Spouse: Adelaide of Barcelona aka Godehildis
Child: Agnes d'Evreux m Simon I de Montfort
Child: William (see notes) m Helvise, dtr of William I de Nevers
Child: Abbess of St. Sauveur
15 51 103 109 110 126

Robert d'Evreaux, Archbishop of Rouen, Count of Evereaux
b 964, Normandy, France
d 1037
Parents: Richard I m Gonnor de Crepon
Spouse: Herleva
Child: Richard d'Evreux m Godehildis
Child: ^Miss d' Evereux m Gerard de Fleitel
15 51 103 109 110 125

William d'Evreux
b abt 1025, France
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Gerold d'Evreux
101 106 110 122

Patrick de Evreaux, Earl of Salisbury and Wiltshire
b bef 1120
d 27 Mar 1167 or 1168, murdered by Guy de Lusignan
Burial: Abbey Of Saint Hilaire, Poitiers, France
Findagrave 63487389
Parents: Walter FitzEdward m Sibilla de Chaworth
Spouse: Ela d' Alencon
Child: William de Evreaux m Eleanor de Vitre
Child: Patrick, died young
Child: Philip, died young
Child:Walter, died young
15 101 108

William de Evreaux, Earl of Salisbury
b abt 1154 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
d 11 Apr 1197, Normandy, France
Burial: Bradenstoke Priory, Wiltshire, England
Findagrave 88886184
Parents: Patrick de Evreaux m Ela d' Alencon
Spouse: Eleanor de Vitre
Child: Ela Devereux m William Longspee
15 108 125

b abt 738 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
Parents: Eystein Hognasson
Spouse: Ivar Halfdansson
Child: Eyestein Ivarsson m Ascrida Rognvaldsdatter

Asa Eysteinsdatter or Åsa Øysteinsdtr  
b abt 708 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
Parents: Eystein Throndsson m Soveig Halfdansdatter
Parent ?: Øystein Hardråde
Spouse: Halfdan Olafsson
Child: Eysteinn Halfdansson m Hildi Eiriksdatter
52 123 125

Halfdan Eysteinsson, Halvdan Den Gavmilde Øysteinsson
"The Meek" or "White legs" or "The Mild"
King of Norway in Vestfold  750 - 800
b abt 730 in Holtum, Vestfold, Norway
d in abt 785 Borre, Vestfold, Norway
Parents: Eysteinn Halfdansson m Hildi Eiriksdatter
Spouse: Liv Dagsdtr, dtr of Dag of Vestmar
Child: Olaf II Gudrodsson m Alfhild Alfarinsdatter c 800
Child: Iver Halvdansson
52 123 125

Hogne Eysteinsson
b abt 700 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
Parents: Eystein Throndsson m Soveig Halfdansdatter
Spouse: unknown
Child: Eystein Hognasson

Ingvar Eysteinsson or Yngvar Øysteinsson  
King of Sweden
b abt 616 in Sweden (500?)
d in Stein
Parents: Eystein Adilsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Onund Ingvarsson
103 123  125

Malahule Eysteinsson  
b abt 845 in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
Parents: Eyestein Ivarsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Hugh de Cavalcamp
Child: Richard de St. Sauveur

Rognvald I Eysteinsson, "The Wise" Earl of More and Romsdal  
Jarl Rögnvald of Mœr
b abt 830 Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway
d 890/894 Orkney, Orkeny Islands, Scotland
Parents: Eyestein Ivarsson m Ascrida Rognvaldsdatter
Spouse: Ragnhild Hrolfsdatter, daughter of Hrolf Nefja b 823 Norway
Child: ^Einar Rognvaldsson, (Turf-Einar) Earl of Orkney, great grandfather of Sigurd II Hlodversson (line to Somerled, the Viking)
Child: Rollo Rognvaldsson m Poppa Senlis
Child: Thorir "The Silent" Rognvaldsson (line to Somerled, the Viking)
Child: Ivar
Spouse 2: ^Ermina
Child: Hrollager Rognvaldsson
51 125 126

Ezzo Count Palatine
b abt 955
d 21 Mar 1034 (same day as dtr)
buried in Brauweiler, Pulheim, west of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany
Parents: Hermann I (see notes)
Spouse: Mathilde of Saxony
Child: Adelheid, Abbess of Nijvel / Nivelles
Child: Theophanu, Abbess of Essen and Gerresheim
Child: Richensa of Lotharingia m Mieszko II
Child: Liudolf, Count of Zütphen
Child: Otto I, Count Palatine of Lotharingia and Duke of Swabia as Otto II.
Child: Hermann II, Archbishop of Cologne
Child: Heylwig, Abbess of Neuss
Child: Mathilde, Abbess of Dietkirchen and Villich
Child: Sophie, Abbess of St. Maria, Mainz
Child: Ida, Abbess in Cologne and Gandersheim

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