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b abt 839
Parents: ^Mainier, Duke of Austrasia and the daughter of Duke Haudre
Spouse: Theidlindis
Child: Giselbert Count of Massgau

Alan of Galloway
Lord of Galloway, last of MacFergus dynasty
b c 1175 - 1185 Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
d 1234 Scotland
buried Dundrennan Abbey in Galloway
Findagrave 63993118
Parents: Roland of Galloway m Eleanor de Morville
Spouse 1: Helen de Lacy, dtr of Roger de Lacy, Comstable of Chester
Child: Helen de Galloway m Roger de Quincy
Spouse 2: Margaret de Huntingdon m 1209
Child: Devorguilla de Galloway m John Balliol, King of Scots 1292 - 1296
Child: Christina de Galloway m William de Forz, Count of Aumale
Child: Thomas died young
Spouse 3: Rose de Lacy, dtr of Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster
Spouse: unknown mistress
Child: Thomas, survived to adulthood
37 42 117 125

Helen of Galloway
b c 1200
d aft 21 Nov 1245
buried St Peters, Brackley, Northamptonshire
Findagrave 112596903
Parents: Alan de Galloway m Helen de Lacy
Spouse: Roger de Quincy
Child: Margaret de Quincy m William de Ferrers
Child: Elizabeth de Quincy m Alexander Comyn
Child: Helen de Quincy m Sir Alan la Zouche of Ashby LaZouche
37 42 117 125

Roland of Galloway / Lochlann
Constable of Scotland
b c 1164 Scotland
d 12/19 Dec 1200 Scotland
Burial: St Andrew's Priory, Northamptonshire
Findagrave 64035675
Parents: Uchtred, Lord of Galloway
Spouse: Eleanor de Morville
Child: Alan de Galloway m Margaret de Huntingdon
37 117 125

Uchtred Uchtred
Lord of Galloway 1161 - 1174
b 1120
d 22 Sep 1174, murdered by his brother
Parents: ^Fergus of Galloway m Elizabeth or Joan, dtr of Henry Beauclerc
Spouse: Gunil, dtr of Waltheof of Allerdale in Cumbria
Child: Roland of Galloway m Eleanor de Morville
Child: Unknown son, killed in battle 1185
Child: Fergus, entered service of his nephew Alan
Child: Eve of Galloway m Walter de Berkeley
37 125

b abt 564
strangled in her bed abt 568
Parents: Athanagild
Spouse: Chilperic I m 567

Arnulf Count of Gand
Count of West Friesland and Ghent
d 18 Sep 993, slain by Enguerrand I of Ponthieu
Burial: Egmond Abbey, Bergen, Netherlands
Findagrave 89744123
Parents: Theodoric of Gand m Hildegarde of Holland
Spouse: Luitgarde of Luxemburg
Child: Adele of Holland m Enguerrand I of Ponthieu
103 107 110 125

Beatrice de Gand
b abt 1030
r Bourboncy, France
Burial: Colne Priory, Colne, Essex, England
Findagrave 67236313
Parents: Henry Castellan, Constable of Bourbourgh m Sibilla Countess Ghisnes
Other parents: Sister of William the Conqueror?
Spouse: Aubrey I de Vere
Child: Aubrey II de Vere m Adeliza de Clare
15 116

Theodoric of Gand
b 956
Parents: Wickman of Gand m Ledgarde of Gand
Spouse: Hildegarde of Holland
Child: Arnulf Count of Gand m Luitgarde of Luxemburg
51 103

Wickman of Gand
Count of Gand
b 983
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Ledgarde of Gand
Child: Theodoric of Gand m Hildegarde of Holland
51 103 107 108

Sancho I Garces
King of Navarre
b abt 860
d 11 Dec 925
Parents: García Jiménez m Dadildis de Pallars see notes)
Spouse 1: Urraca of Aragon, no surviving children
Spouse ?:  Unknown mistress
Child: Lupa Sanchez
Spouse 2: Toda Aznarez
Child: Garcia III Sanchez (son married dtr of Ferdinand Gonzalez)
Child: ^Sancha Sanchez, M1 Ordoño II m2 Ferdinand Gonzalez Line becomes Portugese Royals
Child: Velasquita / Belasquita m Nuño / Mumo, count of Vizcaya
Child: Amulina aka ^Jimena m Alfonso IIIthe Great of Leon
Child: ^Muniadona / Muña m Ordono I
Child: ^Urraca m Ramiro II  
Child: Oneca d 931 m ^Alfonso IV the Monk of León in 926
Child: Orbita
15 50 125

Elvira Garcia
b abt 970
d Dec 1017
Parents: Garcia Fernandez m Aba of Ribagorza
Spouse: Vermudo II King of Leon
Child: Alfonso V King of Leon m Elvira Melendez
15 103 110

Sancho Garcia Count of Castile, Alava
b abt 965 Castile, Spain
d 7 Feb 1017
buried Monastery of St. Salvador de Ona, Spain
Parents: Garcia Fernandez m Aba of Ribagorza
Spouse:  Urraca Perez
Child: Nuna of Castile m Sancho Garcie III
Child: Sancha Sanchez de Castile m Ramon I Berenger
103 110 125

Sancho Garcie III "the Great"
King of Navarre, Castile, and Aragon
b abt 970
d 18 Oct 1035, Bureba
Burial: St. Salvador of Ona, Castile & Leon, Spain
Findagrave 11797373
Parents: Garcia IV Sanchez m Ximena of Asturias
Spouse 1: Nuna of Castile
Child: Fernando I King of Castile m Sancha of Leon
Child: Garcia V Sanchez
Child: Gonzalo, king of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza
Child: Jimena, married Bermudo III of León
Child: Nernardo
Child: Mayor
Mistress: ^Sancha de Aybar, Dame and heiress of Aybar
Child: Ramiro I de Aragon m Gilberga Hermesinda de Conserans
50 103 104 110 125

Garcia V Sanchez / Garcia III
King of Navarre 1035
b c 1016
d 15 Sep 1054
Parents: Sancho Garcie III m Nuna of Castile
Spouse: Estefanía de Foix m 1038
Child: Garcia VI
Child: Ramiro
Child: Ferdinand
Child: (four sons, four daughters all told)
Unknown mistress:
Child: Ramiro S├ínchez  
Child: Sancho, line leads to Sanci VI of Navarre
50 103 104 110 125

Gersende of Gascony
b 900
d abt 975
Parents: Garcia Sanchez Count of Gascony m Aminiana
Spouse: Raimond III de Toulouse
Child: Adelheid de Toulouse m Matfred de Narbonne
Child: Luitgarde de Toulouse m Borrell II
Child: Raimond de Toulouse m Adelaide de Anjou

Aubri of Gastinois Count of Gastinois
circa 900's
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Geoffrey I de Gatinois m Beatrice de Macon
15 103

Aubri-Geoffrey of Gatinais, Count of the Gatinais
b abt 1000
d 11 Apr 1046
Parents: Geoffrey I de Gatinois m  Beatrice de Macon
Spouse: Ermengarde of Anjou
Child: Fulk IV of Anjou m Bertrade de Montfort
15 51 103 104 107 110 125

Geoffrey I de Gatinois, Count of the Gatinais and Chateau-Landon
d 1000
Parents: Aubri of Gatinois
Spouse: Beatrice de Macon
Child: Aubri-Geoffrey of Gatinais m Ermengarde of Anjou
15 103 110

Aelinde de Gatlinais
b abt 848, of Gatinais, France
r Tours, France
Parents: Geoffrey de Gatlinais
Spouse: Ingelger I Count of Anjou
Child: Foulques I d' Anjou m Roscille de Lochar
niece of Adalard, Archbishop of Tours
15 51 103

Geoffrey de Gatlinais
Parents: Bouchard
Spouse: unknown
Child: Aelinde de Gatlinais m Ingelger I Count of Anjou

Agnes de Gaunt 27GGrandmother
c 1150
Burial: unknown
Parents: Walter de Gaunt m Maud of Brittany
Spouse: William II de Mohun
Child:ren listed under William II de Mohun
51 68 117 125

Gilbert de Gaunt 29GGrandfather
Lord Folkingham,
b abt 1027 in Flanders, France
d 1095
Burial: Bardney Abbey, Bardney, Lincolnshire
Findagrave 84641942
Parents: Rudolph de Gant m Gisela of Louxembourg ?? line end
(line leads to Frederick I of Luxembourg)
Parents: Baldwin VI m Richilde ??
Spouse: Alice de Mountfort
Child: Hugh de Montfort m Adeline de Beaumont
Child: Walter de Gaunt m Maud of Brittany
51 68 117

Walter de Gaunt 28GGrandfather
b 1080 Folkingham, Lincolnshire
d 1139 Bardney, Lincolnshire
Burial: Bardney Abbey
Findagrave 84639954
Parents: Gilbert de Gaunt m Alice de Mountfort
Spouse: Maud of Brittany
Child: Agnes de Gaunt m William II de Mohun
Child: Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln Findagrave 129412695
51 68 117 125

Gautier I, Count of Vexin (Walter)
b abt 925
d bet 992 and 998
Parents: Raoul de Gouy m Eldegarde of Amiens
Spouse: Adelaide of Anjou
Child: Gautier II m Adele de Senlis
15 101 103 51

Gautier II, Count of Vexin "Le Blanc" (Walter)
b abt 944, Vexin, Normandy, France
d 1027
Parents: Gautier I m Adelaide of Anjou
Spouse: Adele de Senlis
Child: Alix de Vexin m Robert Meulent controversy
Child: Dreux Comte d'Amiens m Godgifu controversy
Child: Raoul II m Adele de Bretuil
15 101 103 110

Joanna Gaylord 8G Grandmother
b 07 Feb 1653 Windsor, Hartford, CT
d 04 Jan 1699 Windsor, Hartford, CT
Parents: Walter Gaylord m Mary Stebbins
Spouse: John Porter IV
Child: Joanna Gaylord Porter m Peter Mills Jr
43 63 64 66 120

Walter Gaylord 9G Grandfather
b abt 1626 England
d 09 Aug 1689 Windsor, Hartford, CT
Parents: William, line end
Spouse: Mary Stebbins m Apr 1648 Windsor
Child: Joanna Gaylord m John Porter IV
63 66

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