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Osbern Gifford
b abt 978
Parents: Osberne de Bolebec
Spouse: Avelina FitzRichard
Child: Walter Gifford
51 110

Rohese Gifford
b Longueville, Normandy, France
d aft 1113
Parents: Walter Gifford m Ermentrude Flaitel
Spouse: Richard FitzGilbert de Clare m 1054
Children listed under Richard FitzGilbert de Clare
15 106 125

Walter Gifford, Lord of Longueville
b abt 978
Parents: Osbern Gifford m Avelina FitzRichard
Spouse: unknown
Child: Walter Gifford  m Ermentrude Flaitel
51 110

Walter Gifford, 1st Earl of Buckingham (Giffard)
William's companion
b bef 1015 Longueville, Normandy, France
d bef 1084
Parents: Walter Gifford
Spouse: Ermentrude Flaitel
Child: Rohese Gifford m Richard FitzGilbert de Clare
Child: Walter  II, Earl of Buckingham m Agnes de Ribemont
Child: Adelaide
Child: Osbern, Lord Brimsfield  
Child: William, Bishop of Winchester by Henry I, 1107
51 110 122 125

Gilbert of Burgundy
b abt 890
d 8 Apr 956
Parents: unknown
Spouse:  Ermengarde of Burgundy
Child: Adelaide of Burgundy m Leotald of Macon

Edward Gilman/Gyllman  
b abt 1500 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d aft 1525 in Caston, Norfolk, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Edward Gilman m Rose Rysse

Edward Gilman
b 1525 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d after 5 Feb 1572/1573 in Caston, Norfolk, England
Parents: Edward Gilman
Spouse: Rose Rysse m 22 Jun 1550
Child: Edward Gilman m Mary Hawes
AFN 3G45-S9

Edward Gilman  (Robert Edward?)
b 20 Apr 1557 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d 06 Mar 1631 in Caston, Norfolk, England
Parents: Edward Gilman m Rose Rysse
Spouse: Mary Hawes m Caston, Norfolk, England
Child: Edward Gilman m Mary Clark
AFN 3G46-55

Edward Gilman  
b abt 1587 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d 22 Jun 1681 in Exeter, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire  
Findagrave 36428844
Appears on the passenger list for the Dilligent 1638
Parents:  Edward Gilman m Mary Hawes
Spouse: Mary Clark m 03 Jun 1614 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., England
Child: Mary Gilman m Nicholas Jacob
Child: ^Lydia Clark Gilman m Rev Daniel Cushing
Other children: Edward, Sarah, Moses, Lawrence, John, Jeremy, Daniel, Joshua, Elizabeth
17  55

Mary Gilman  
b 05 Aug 1615 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d 15 Jun 1681 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., Mass
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 35637515
Parents appear on the passenger list for the Dilligent, Apr. 26, 1638
Parents: Edward Gilman m Mary Clark
Spouse: Nicholas Jacob m 26 Feb 1629 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., England
Child: Captain John Jacob m Mary Russell 
Child: ^Hannah Jacob (line returns to Sarah Shurtleff)
Other children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Deborah, John, Joseph, Josiah
Spouse: John Beal, his third wife
AFN 3G45-Z5

Girard Count of Paris
living 743 to 755
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Routrou
Child: Begue Count of Paris m Aupais Abbess of St. Peter's at Rheims
15 103 115

Saint Gisela of Bavaria  
b abt 985
d 07 May 1065 Niedernburg in Passau
Parents: Henry II Duke of Bavaria m Gisela of Burgundy
Spouse: Stephen I King of Hungary m 995
Child: Agatha of Augsburg m Edward Atheling
15 125

Gisela of Burgundy
b circa 975
d 21 July 1006
Parents: Conrad I m Adelaide of Bellay
Spouse: Henry II Duke of Bavaria
Children listed under Henry II Duke of Bavaria
118 125

Gisela of France
Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
b abt 819
d 1 Jul 874
Parents: ^Louis I m Judith of Bavaria
Spouse 1: Eberhard Duke of Friuli
Child: Hedwige of Saxony m Ludolph Duke of Saxony
Child: Helwise of Friuli m Hucbold Count of Ostrevant
Child: Judith of Friuli von Sulichgau m Arnulph Duke of Bavaria
Other Child: Ludolph Duke of Saxony m Hedwige of Saxony S1 pg 147
15 51

Gisela of France
circa late 800's
Parents: Charles III The Simple
Spouse: Rollo Rognvaldsson

Gisela of France
circa late 900's
Parents: Hughes Capet m Adelais of Aquitane
Spouse: Hugh I de Montreuil
Child: Enguerrand I of Ponthieu m Adele of Holland
103 108 117

Gisela of Friuli
b bet 880 and 890
d 13 Jun 910
Parents: ^Berengar of Friaul Margrave of Friaul & Bertile of Camerino, both c 850
Spouse: Adalbert Margrave
Child: Berenger II m Willa of Arles
120 125

Gisela of Lower Lorraine  
d abt 1045
Parents: Hugh V Count in the Nordgau m Berlinda of Ortenburg c 900's
Spouse: Gerhard III Count of Alsace
Child: Adalbert III de Longwy m Clemence de Foix

Giselbert Count of Brabant, Count of Darnau
b abt 830, France
d abt 892
Parents: Giselbert Count of Massgau
Spouse:  Ermengarde of Lorraine
Child: Regnier I Count of Hainault m Hersent of France
15 103 110 113 125

Giselbert of Hainault, Duke of Lorraine
b abt 890, Reims, Lorraine, France
d 02 Oct 939, Andernach, Rhineland, Prussia, drowned escaping
Parents: Regnier I Count of Hainault m Hersent of France
Spouse: Gerberga of Saxony
Child: Albreda of France m Renauld de Roucy
Child: Henri, duke of Lorraine
Child: ^Wiltrude Duchess of Bavaria m Berthold, Duke of Bavaria
Child: Gerberga of Lorraine m Albert I de Vermandois
15 51 125

Giselbert Count of Massgau
b abt 839
Parents: Gainfroi m Theidlindis
Spouse:  unknown
Child: Giselbert Count of Brabant m Ermengarde of Lorraine

Giselbert Count of Soissons
d abt 1003
Parents:  unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Adelaide of Soissons m Nocher I

b Burgundy, France
d 14 Jun 0929
Parents: Boso King of Provence m Ermengarde
Spouse: Rudolph I
Child: Rudolph II  m Bertha of Swabia
Child: Willa of Burgundy m Boson Marquis of Tuscany
103 110

Gisele of Burgundy
b 1070, of Bourgogne, France
d 1133
Parents: Guillaume de Bourgogne m Stephanie de Longwy
Spouse: Humbert II de Savoy Count Maurienne
Child: Adelaide of Savoy m Louis VI King of France
15 103 104 109 110

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