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Elizabeth Godfrey
b 29 Oct 1620 in Bristol, Somerset, England
d 01 Nov 1680/1 in Bridgewater, Mass
burial Old Graveyard, East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
Findagrave 70959351
Parents: Francis Godfrey
Spouse: John Cary
Child: John Cary m Abigal Penniman

b abt 1017, Wessex, England
d 1055
Parents: Ethelred II m Emma of Normandy
Spouse: Dreux Comte d'Amiens
Child: Ralph Earl of Hereford m Agatha c 1000
Spouse: Eustace II of Boulogne m 1050
15 51 101 107 110 125

Lady Godiva 27th great grandmother
b abt 980 Mercia
d 10 Sep 1067
Burial: Benedictine Monastery, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Burial: Possibly St Mary's Priory, Coventry
Findagrave 35708891
Parents: Thorold
Spouse: Leofric III
Child: Alfgar III m Elfgifu
15 37 51 103 122 125

b abt 1001
d 15 Apr 1053, Winchester
Parents: probably Wulfnoth Cild, Thegn of Sussex (see notes)
Spouse 1: Thyra Haraldsdatter m 1022
Spouse 2: Gytha Thorkelsson
Child: ^Edith (d 1075) m Edward the Confessor (m 1045, no issue)
Child: ^Harold II Godwinson King of England m Ealdgyth (Notes)
Child: ^Tosnig m Judith
Child: Sweyn Godwinson, Earl of Herefordshire, ambushed by Saracens on crusade
Child: Gyrth Godwinson
Child: Gunhilda of Wessex
Child: Ælfgifu of Wessex
Child: ^Leofwine Godwinson, Earl of Kent, killed in Battle of Hastings
Child: Wulfnoth Godwinson
Notes (on all of the above)
103 122 125

Godwulf approximately 63rd great grandfather
circa 80 Asgard, Asia or East Europe
Spouse: unknown
Child: Flocwald

Lydia Goffee 7 GGrandmother
b 1629 Cambridge, England
d 11 Dec 1715 Malden, Middlesex, MA
Burial: Bell Rock Cemetery, Malden, MA
Findagrave 73195178
Parents: Edward or John Goffee m Joyce Cutter or Lydia Joyce?
Spouse: Lt John Sprague m 1651
Child: Benjamin Sprague m Abigail Hodge

Alice Goldhatch 10GGrandmother Stevens line
b 24 Sep 1587 Ashford, Kent, England
d 01 Mar 1614 Ashford, Kent, England
Parents: Robert Goldhatch m Bennett Meade
Spouse: Daniel Tritton m 14 Apr 1607 Ashford
Child: Benet Tritton m Thomas Stanley
63 64 67

Robert Goldhatch 11GGrandfather
b 24 Sep 1557 Ashford, Kent, England
d 10 Jan 1598 Ashford, Kent, England
Parents: Thomas Goldhatch m Jane Johane
Spouse: Bennett Meade m 16 Apr 1585
Child: Alice Goldhatch m Daniel Tritton
63 64

Thomas Goldhatch 12GGrandfather
b 1525 Ashford, Kent, England
d England
Parents: Thomas Goldhatch b abt 1496, line end
Spouse: Jane Johane m 1553
Child: Robert Goldhatch m Bennett Meade

Hodierne de Gometz-la-Ferte
b abt 1014 Normandy, France
Parents: Guillaume de Gometz-la-Ferte Bures
Spouse: Gui de Montlhery
Children listed under Gui de Montlhery
103 110 125

Bertrarde du Gommets
d aft 1051/2
Parents: ^William De Gometz
Spouse: Amauri de Montfort
Child: Simon I de Montfort m Elizabeth de Broyes
103 105

Melendo Goncales Count of Gallicia
d Oct 1028
Parents: Gonzalo Menendez m Ilduara Pelaez
Spouse: Tutadonna Nunez de Celanova
Child: Elvira Melendez m Alfonso V King of Leon
103 110

St. Gondolfus Bishop of Tongres
Consecrated 599
Parents: Munderic of Vitry-en-Perthois m Arthemia
Spouse: unknown
Child: Bodegeisel II m Oda of Saxony
15 51

James Gorham
b in 1550 in Benefield, Northampton, England
d in 1576 in Benefield, Northampton, England
Parent: John Gorham
Spouse: Agnes Bernington
Child: Ralph Gorham m Margaret Stephenson

John Gorham 10G Grandfather
b abt 1492 in Benefield, Northampton, England
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: unknown
Child: John Gorham

John Gorham 9G Grandfather
b abt 1518 in Benefield, Northampton, England
Parents: John Gorham
Spouse: unknown
Child: James Gorham m Agnes Bernington

Captain John Gorham  8G Grandfather
b 28 Jan 1620 in Benefield, Northamptonshire, England, England
d 05 Feb 1675 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass
Burial: Cobb's Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, Mass
Findagrave 38570795
Parents: Ralph Gorham m Margaret Stephenson
Spouse: Desire Howland m 06 Nov 1643 in Plymouth, Mass
Child: Desire Gorham Hawes Findagrave 48761746
Child: Temperance Gorham Baxter Findagrave 38605949
Child: Elizabeth Gorham Hallett Findagrave 38928811
Child: Col John Gorham Findagrave 9423090
Child: Joseph Gorham Findagrave 38606333
Child: Jabez Gorham Findagrave 34924788
Child: Mercy Gorham m George Denison
Child: Lydia Gorham Thacher Findagrave 38570795
Other Children: Shubael (son John), James, Lydia, Hannah
23 57

Mercy Gorham 7G Grandmother
b 20 Jan 1657/1658 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass
d 24 Sep 1725 in Stonington, Conn, aged approx 66
Burial: Denison Burial Ground, Westerly, Washington, Rhose Island
Findagrave 53748419
Parents: Captain John Gorham m Desire Howland
Spouse: George Denison
Child: Joseph Denison m Prudence Minor
Other Children: Desire, George. Edward, Mercy, Thankful, Elizabeth, Samuel

Ralph Gorham
b in 1575 in Benefield, Northamptonshire, England
Came to colonies in the Philip 1635
d 05 Apr 1642/3
Burial: St Mary's, Benefield, Northamptonshire, England
Findagrave 66751033
Parents: James Gorham m Agnes Bernington
Spouse: Margaret Stephenson m 22 May 1610
Child: Ralph 1619 - 1643
Child: Captain John Gorham m Desire Howland
Child: Thomas 29 Jun 1626 - bef 1642/3

Harald Gormsson "The Blue Tooth"  (Harald Blatand)
King of Denmark 935 - 985
b abt 910/1, Blauzahn, Germany
d 01 Nov 0985/7, Jomsborg
buried Hellig Trefoldigheds, Roskilde, Denmark, bones are walled up in one of the pillars of the choir
Parents: Gorm Knudsson m Thyri Danebod Klacksdottir
Spouse 2: Gyrid Olafsdottir
Child: Sveyn I Forkbeard Haraldsson m Sigrid Storrada
Child: Thyra Haraldsdatter m Styrbjorn Olafsson
Child: Hakon Haraldsson
Child: Gunhild Haraldsdottir (d 1002 St. Brice's Day massacre) m Pallig
50 52 113 115 122 123 125

Heytir Gorrsson   
b abt 425 in Raumsdal, Norway
Parents: Gorr Thorrasson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Svidri Heytsson
126 (Notes his son as Sveidi Svidasson)

1st Earl Northumbria and Bernicia, Earl of Dunbar
b abt 1040
res Dunbar
d abt 1074
Burial: St Cuthbert Churchyard, Norham, Northumberland, England
Findagrave 88180250
Parents ?: Uchtred of Northumbria or Ealdgyth m Maldred
Spouse: Ethelreda Sister of Edmund
Child: Dolfin
Child: Gospatrick, son ? Eadwulf Rus murdered Bishop Walcher
Child: Waltheof
Child: Alethelreda m Duncan II
15 37 51 107 125 127

b abt 820, Friesland, Germany
Parents:  unknown
Spouse: Matilda, circa 820
Child: Reginhilde von Friesland m Thiederich Count of Ringleheim

Joan Goushill 16G Grandmother
b c 1400 Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire
d c 1460 Lancashire
Burial: Burscough Priory, Lancashire
Findagrave 63242087
Parents: Sir Robert Goushill m Elizabeth FitzAlan
Spouse: Thomas Stanley
Child: Thomas Stanley m Eleanor Neville
37 41 125

Nicholas de Goushill 19G Grandfather
b c 1309
d 18 Jan 1393
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas de Goushill
Spouse: unknown
Child: Nicholas de Goushill

Thomas de Goushill 20G Grandfather
b c 1289 Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
d 21 Dec 1371 Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: Walter de Gousell
Spouse: unknown
Child: Nicholas de Goushill

Nicholas de Goushill 18G Grandfather
b c 1326
d 18 Jan 1393
Burial: St Michael's Chrchyard, Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
Findagrave 63241413
Parents: Nicholas de Goushill
Spouse: unknown
Child: Sir Robert Goushill

Sir Robert Goushill 17G Grandfather
c 1380
d 21 Jul 1403 slain at the Battle of Shrewsbury
Burial: St Michael's Churchyard, Hoveringham, Nottingham, England
Findagrave 101098811
Residence: Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: Nicholas de Goushill
Spouse: Elizabeth FitzAlan
Child: Joan Goushill m Thomas Stanley
Child: Elizabeth m Sir Robert Wingfield
Child: Joyce
37 41 125

Walter Gosnell 21G Grandfather
Sheriff of Nottingham 1294 to 1297
b c 1260 Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
d 02 Oct 1326 Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: John de Gousell, unverified
Spouse: unknown
Child: Thomas de Goushill
39 68

Raoul de Gouy Count of Valois
d 926
Parents: Raoul I de Cambrai m Liegard
Spouse: Eldegarde of Amiens
Child: Gautier I  m Adelaide of Anjou
15 103

Gozelon Count in the Bidgau
b abt 911
d 18 Oct 0943
Parents: Wigeric Pfalzgrave m Kunigunde of France
Spouse: Uda von Metz
Child: Godefroy the Old Count of Verdun m Mathilda Billung
15 103 108 116

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