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Hedwig of Alsacian Nordgau
d 13 Dec 0992
Parents: Eberhard IV m Luitgard of Tier
Spouse: Siefried of Luxembourg
Children listed under Siefried of Luxembourg

Hedwig of Germany (Luitgarde)
b abt 856
d 24 Dec 903
Burial: Gandersheim Abbey Church, Gandershiem, Lower Saxony, Germany
Findagrave 35908778
Other Parents:  Carloman of Bavaria
Parents: Arnulf of Carintha m Oda of Bavaria
Spouse: Otto I Duke of Saxony
Child: Heinrich King of the Germans m Mathilda of Ringleheim
15  S1 125

Hedwig of Saxony
b abt 922, Saxony, Germany
d 10 May 0965, Aachen, Rheinland, Germany
Parents: Heinrich King of the Germans m Mathilda of Ringleheim
Spouse 1: Hugh I Magnus m 936
Children listed under Hugh I Magnus
15 52 125

Hedwiga of France aka Avoice
b 972, Orleans, France
d aft 1013
Parents: Hughes Capet m Adelais of Aquitane
Spouse: Regnier IV Count of Hainault
Child: Beatrix of Hainault m Ebles I Count of Rheims
15 103 115 125

Hedwige of France, aka Advisa, Countess of Auxerre
d abt 1050
Parents: Robert II the Pious m Constance of Provence
Spouse: Renaud I of Nevers
Child: William I of Nevers m Ermengarde of Tonnerre
15 125

Hedwige of Saxony
b abt 831 Germany
d 903
Parents: Eberhard Duke of Friuli m Gisela of France
Spouse: Ludolph Duke of Saxony
Child: Luitgrade of Saxony m Louis II
Child: Otto I Duke of Saxony m Hedwig of Germany
15 S1

Heinrich (Henry I) "The Fowler"  
King of the Germans 919 to 936 
Duke of Saxony 912 to 936
b 876, Germany
d 02 Jul 936, Memleben, Saxony, Germany
buried Abbey of Quedlinburg, Harz Mtns, Germany
Findagrave 14938819
Parents: Otto I Duke of Saxony m Hedwig of Germany
Spouse: Hatheburg, Saxon m 906 div 909
Child: Thankmar
Spouse: Mathilda of Ringleheim m 909
Child: Gerberga of Saxony m Giselbert Count of Hainault & Louis IV King of France
Child: Hedwig of Saxony m Hughes I Magnus
Child: Henry I Duke of Bavaria m Judith
          Son: Henry II, Emperor of the HRE 1002 - 1024
Child: Henrich II (I) Duke of Saxony ??
Child: Miss von Saxony
Child: Bruno I, Archbishop of Cologne
Child:  Otto I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire m Eadgyth & Adelaide of Burgundy
15 50 52 103 110 113 S1 125

Henry (Heinrich) IV
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1056 - 1106
b 11 Nov 1050, Goslar, Brunswick, Germany
d 07 Aug 1106, Luttich, Germany
Burial: Speyer Cathedral, Germany
Findagrave 27501102
Parents: Henry III m Agnes of Aquitaine
Spouse: Bertha Countess of Maurienne m June 1066
Child: Agnes, Princess of the HRE m Leopold III
Child: Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor Findagrave 27501121
Child: Conrad II, King of Italy Findagrave 66259381
Child: Adelaide, died in infancy
Child: Henry, died in infancy
Spouse: Eupraxia of Kiev  (Adelaide) m 1089
50 125

Yrsa Helgasdottir  
or Yrsa Ålovsdtr
b abt 528 in Sweden
Parents: Helgi Halfdansson m Olaf the Mighty
Spouse: Helgi Halfdansson (her father) ??
Spouse: Adils Ottarsson
Child: Eystein Adilsson
103 123  

Helloe of Beulac
b abt 952
r Tillieres, Normandy, France
Parents: Godfrey of Beulac, Count of Beulac c 920
Spouse: Ansfrid the Dane
Child: Ansfred d'Hiesmer

Joanna Hemingway
b 30 Sep 1670 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
d 23 Dec 1748 Woodstock, Windham, CT
Parents: Joshua Hemingway m Joanna Evans
Spouse: Edward Ainsworth I
Child: Edward Ainsworth II m Joanna Davis
Additional children listed under Edward Ainsworth I

Joshua Hemingway
b 09 Apr 1643 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
d 29 Oct 1716 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
burial unknown
Findagrave 54896792
Parents: Ralph Hemingway m Elizabeth Hewes
Spouse 1: Joanna Evans m 16 Jan 1667 Dorchester
Child: Joanna Hemingway m Edward Ainsworth I
Spouse 2: Mary
Spouse 3: Elizabeth Weeks m 05 April 1704

Ralph Hemingway
b 1603 Bradford West Riding, Yorkshire, England
d 01 Jun 1678 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
buried unknown
Findagrave 54895536
Parents: Possibly Samuel Hemingway m Ruth
Spouse: Elizabeth Hewes m 1641 Roxbury, MA
Child: Maria/Mariah 1635 - 1635
Child: Samuel 1636 - 1711
Child: Ruth 1638 - 1686
Child: John 1641 - 1724
Child: Joshua Hemingway m Joanna Evans
Child: Elizabeth, Mrs John Holbrook 1645 - 1719
Child: Mary 1647 - 1653

Afonso Henriques Alfonso I of Portugal
Second Count of Portugal
b 25 Jul 1110, Guimaraes, Portugal
d 06 Dec 1185, Coimbra, Portugal
buried Holy Cross Church, Coimbra, Portugal
Parents: Henry I of Portugal m Theresa of Castile
Spouse: Matilda of Savoy
Child: ^Urraca of Portugal m Ferdinand II
Child: Henrique, died 1147
Child: Mafalda, Princess of Portugal
Child: ^Sancho I, King of Portugal m Dulce Berenguer
Child: Teresa, Princess of Portugal m Philip I of Flanders
Child: João
Child: Sancha
15 50 104 107 109 110 125

Henry I Beauclerc  25th great grand father
King of England
Duke of Normandy 1106 - 1135
b 1068 Selby, Yorkshire, England
crowned 06 Aug 1100, Westminster Abbey, London, England
d 1 Dec 1135 St Denis, Seine St-Denis, France
buried 04 Jan 1136 Reading Abbey, Reading, Berkshire, England
Findagrave 1949
Parents: Guillaume I de Normandie m Mathilda de Flanders
Spouse 1: Eadgyth Atherling (Matilda) m 11 Nov 1100 Westminister, London, Middlesex, England
Child: Matilda, Princess of England m Geoffrey V Count of Anjou
Spouse 2: Adeliza of Louvain m 29 Jan 1121, Windsor Castle (no issue)  He was 52, she was 16
Unmarried spouse Sybil Corbet:Findagrave 93710000
Child: Robert de Caen m Mabel FitzHamon
Child: Reginald Earl of Cornwall
Child: ^William IV Atherling Duke of Normandy m Matilda of Anjou (born Alice)
Child: ^Sybil m Alexander I of Scotland
Child: Gundrada
Child: Rohese
Unmarried spouse: Ansfrede, widow of Sir Anskill
Child: Richard of Lincoln
Child: Fulk
Child: Juliana
Unmarried spouse: Nest Rhys
Child: Henry FitzHenry
Unmarried spouse: Edith Sigulfson of Greystoke
Child: Robert FitzEdith, Baron of Okehampton m Maud A'vanranches
Unmarried spouse: Isabel de Beaumont
Child: Isabella/Elizabeth
Child: Matilda ?
Unmarried spouse: Elizabeth de Vermandois, mother of Isabel de Beaumont
Child: Agnes de Beaumont m Guillaume, Sire de Say
Unmarried spouse: Edith
Child: ^Matilda FitzHenry m Routrou II Count de Perche
Unknown mothers:
Child: Gilbert
Child: William de Tracy
Child: Matilda m Conan III Duke of Brittany
Child: ^Constance m Roscelin Viscount of Maine (notes)
Child: Eustacia
Child: Alice m Matthew de Montmorenci, Constable of France
Child: ^Elizabeth m son Uchtred of Galloway, son Roland, grandson Alan Galloway
Child: Emma m Guy de Laval
Child: Sybillia m Baldwin de Bouliers
Child: unk daughter bethrothed to William de Warrene (not married)
Child: unk daughter betrothed to Hugh Fitzgervais (not married)
Children Notes
15 50 15 51 52 76 102 103 104 107 108 110 116 122

Henry I  30G Grandfatherg
King of France 1031 to 1060
b 15 May 1008, Bourgogne, France (1005?)
crowned 14 May 1027, Cathedral in Reims
d 04 Aug 1060, Vitry-en-Brie, France
buried St. Denis, France
Findagrave 21076
Parents: Robert II the Pious m Constance of Provence
Spouse 1: Matilda of Germany d 1044 Findagrave 44998945
Spouse 2: Anne of Russia m 19 May 1051
Child: Hughes Magnus m Adelheid de Vermandois (26,27,29)
Child: Philip I King of France m Bertha of Holland (27)
Child: Robert, died young
Child: Emma
15 50 52 103 104 107 S1 125

Henry I of Portugal French Baron
First Count and King of Portugal
b abt 1066, Dijon, Burgundy, France
d 01 Nov 1112, Astorga, Galicia, Spain
buried Braga Cathedral, Spain
Parents: Henri de Bourgogne m Sybille de Barcelona
Spouse: Theresa of Castile
Child: Afonso Henriques
15 50 104 107 110 125

Henry I of Navarre (III)
Count of Champagne and Brie
b c 1244
d 22 Jul 1274
Burial: Cathedral Notre-Dame de Rouen, Rouen, France
Findagrave 66461400
Parents: Theobald I of Navarre m Margaret de Bourban
Spouse: Blanche d'Artois
Child: Thibaut de Navarre d 1270, fell from castle walls
Child: Jeanne I, Reina de Navarre m ^Philip IV King of France
15 37 51 109 125

Henry II Curtmantle Plantagenet
King of England 25 Oct 1154 to 06 Jul 1189
Duke of Normandy 1151 - 1189
b 25 Mar 1133 Le Mans, Sarthe, France
Crowned 19 Dec 1154, Westminster Abbey
d 06 Jul 1189 Chinon Castle, Indre-et-Loire, France, aged 56 after battle with son Richard
buried Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-Et-Loire, Anjou, France
Findagrave 1951
Parents: Geoffrey V m Matilda, Princess of England
Spouse 1: Rosamond Clifford 1137-1176 not an actual marriage
Children vary from no issue, one daughter to two sons
Spouse 2: Eleanor of Aquitaine m 18 May 1152 in Bourdeaux, France
Child: Eleanor of England m Alfonso VIII King of Castile
Child: ^Geoffrey of England Duke of Brittany m Constance of Brittany childred ^Arthur I, killed by John Lackland (see Mathilda de Saint Valery)
Child: ^Henry the Young King, King of England m Marguerite of France
Child: Joan Plantagenet m1 King William of Sicily m2 Raymond VI Toulouse
Child: John Lackland m  Isabella de Taillefer
Child: Matilda (Maud) Princess of England m Henry V von Saxony
Child: Richard I Lionheart m Berengaria of Navarre
Child: William Prince of England , died age 3, buried at his great grandfather's feet, Henry I
Spouse 3: ^Isabella b 1152
Child: William Longspee m Ela Devereux
15 41 50 51 52 102 103 104 107 108 110 116

Henry I Duke of Bavaria
b abt 919
d 01 Nov 955
buried in the Niedermünster in Regensburg
Findagrave 66946259
Parents: Heinrich King of the Germans m Mathilda of Ringleheim
Spouse: Judith Princess of Bavaria Findagrave 66913398
Child: Henry II Duke of BavariaGisela of Burgundy
118 125

Henry II Duke of Bavaria
c 951-995
Parents: Henry I Duke of Bavaria m
Spouse: Gisela of Burgundy
Child: Gisela of Bavaria m Stephen I King of Hungary
Child: Saint Henry II of Germany, no issue
Child: ^Bruno, Bishop of Augsburg, grandfather of Margaret of Scotland  thru dtr Agatha?
Child: Brigitta, probably an abbess
Child: Arnold, Archbishop of Ravenna
118 125

Henry II of Spires
Count of Spires, Duke of Franconia, Carinthia, Count of Speyergau
b abt 969, Speyergau, Rheinland, Germany
d 28 Mar 997 or 989
Burial: Cathedral of St Peter, Woms. Germany
Findagrave 46089035
Parents: Otto II Duke of Carinthia m Judith of Verdun
Spouse: Adelaide of Nordgau
Child: Conrad II King of Germany m Gisela of Swabia
Child: Judith
15 103 125

Henry III
King of England 18 Oct 1216 to 16 Nov 1272
b 17 Jun 1207 Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Crowned 28 Oct 1216 Gloucester, again 17 May 1220 at Westminster
d 16 Nov 1272 Westminster, Middlesex, England
Buried Westminster Abbey , London, England 
Findagrave 1954
Parents: John Lackland m Isabella de Taillefer
Spouse: Alianore de Provence m 14 Jan 1236 Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England
Child: Edward I Longshanks
Child: Margaret of England m King Alexander III of Scotland
Child: Beatrice of England Findagrave 79828916 m John II, Duke of Brittany
Child: Edmund Plantagenet 'Crouchback'
Child: Katharine d in infancy
Child: Mary of Brabant d 1321 m King Philip III of France??
15 50 15 51 52 102 103 104 107 108 110 116 125

Henry III "the Black"   (Leopald II "The Saint")
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1039 - 1056
Franconian Dynasty
Duke of Bavaria, Swabia King of Germany and Burgundy
b 28 Oct 1017, Schwaben, Bavaria
d 05 Oct 1056, Bodfeld, Hartz, Germany
Parents: Conrad II King of Germany m Gisela of Swabia
Spouse 1: Gunhild, daughter of Canute m in Nijmegen, she d in epidemic
Child: Beatrice (1037 – 13 July 1061), abbess of Quedlinburg and Gandersheim
Spouse 2: Agnes of Aquitaine m 1043
Child: Adelaide (or Agnes?) 1045, Goslar – 11 January 1096, abbess of Gandersheim and Quedlinburg
Child: Gisela, 1047, Ravenna – 06 May 1053
Child: Henry IV m Bertha Countess of Maurienne
Child: ^Judith Maria of Swabia, Germany m Vladislav I
Child: Conrad, duke of Bavaria
Child: Maud/Mathilda m Rudolph Emperor of Germany
15 50 103 107 110 113 116 125

Henry Plantagenet 21G Grandfather
3rd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leichester, Lord of Beaufort
b at 1281 Grosmont Castle, Monmouthsire, Wales
d 22 Sept 1345 Leichester, Leichestershire, England
burial Newark Abbey, Leichester, England
Findagrave 87259055
Parents: Edmund Plantagenet m Blanche d'Artois
Spouse: Matilda de Chaworth m bef Mar 1297- aft Dec 1291
Child: Henry Grosmont Earl of Derby m Isabella de Beaumont
Child: ^Blanche of Lancaster m Thomas Wake
Child: Lady Matilda of Lancaster m William de Burgh
Child: Joan of Lancaster m John de Mowbray
Child: Isabel of Lancaster, Abbess of Amesbury
Child: Eleanor of Lancaster m Sir John de Beaumont & Richard FitzAlan
Child: Lady Mary Plantagenet m Henry de Percy
Spouse: Alice de Joinville, dtr of Jean de Joinville m Alice de Risnal
37 41 125

Sir Henry Grosmont
Founder of the Knight of the Garter 1348
Earl of Derby, 1st Duke of Lancaster, Knight of the Garter 1348
b bet 1299 - 1314 Grosmont Castle, Monmouthsire, Wales
d 24 Mar 1361 Leicester Castle of the bubonic plague
Burial: Newark Abbey, Leicestershire
Findagrave 8081805
Parents: Henry Plantagenet m Matilda de Chaworth
Spouse: Isabella de Beaumont
Child: Matilda Plantagenet m Ralph de Stafford & Wilhelm Herzog von Bayern, Duke of Bavaria
Child: Blanche Plantagenet m John of Gaunt
37 41 68 125

Ela de Herdeburgh
b abt 1282
d aft Jul 1343
Burial: unknown
Parents: Sir Roger de Herdeburgh m Ida Oddingseles
Spouse: Sir Walter de Hopton m abt 1300
Spouse: Sir William de Botiller m 1305-1310
Children listed under Sir William de Botiller
37 41

Sir Roger de Herdeburgh
b Prilleston, Norfolk, England
d by Feb 1284
Burial: unknown
Parents: Hugh de Herdeburgh m Isabel de Turville
Spouse: Ida Oddingseles
Child: Ela de Herdeburgh
Child: Isabel de Herdeburgh m John de Hulles
37 41

Berta of Hereford  of Glouchester
b abt 1123, Glouchester, England
Parents: Miles FitzWalter m Sybil de Neufmarche
Spouse: William de Braose
Child: Berta
Child: Maud de Braose m William de Beauchamp
Child: Roger
Child: Sybil m William de Ferrers
Child: William de Braose m Mathilda de Saint Valery
15 37 51 106 110 117 125

Herman I Count of Kastl
b abt 1040, Kastl, Oberpfalz, Bavaria
Parents: Hermann IV Duke of Swabia m Adelais Suza
Spouse: Haziga of Diessen
Child: Mathilda Countess of Kastl m Ratpoto IV

Hermann IV Duke of Swabia
b abt 1015, Schwaben, Bavaria
Parents: Ernst, Duke of Swabia
Spouse: Adelais Suza
Child: Herman I m Haziga of Diessen
120 125

Hermengarde of Bar-sur-Seine
b abt 970
d abt 1035
Parents: Reinald, Count of Bar-sur-Seine
Spouse 1: Herbert III de Vermandois
Child: Adelaide Countess of Vermandois m Charles of Lorraine
Child: Otto de Vemandois
103 110

Ephraim Herrick Sr 8 GGrandfather
b 11 Feb 1638 Salem, Esssex, MA
d 18 Sep 1693 Beverly, Essex, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 54897697
Parents: Henry Herrick m Editha Laskin
Spouse: Mary Cross m 03 July 1661 Salem
Child: John m Bethiah Scott, sister of accused witch Sarah
Child: Ephraim Herrick m Judith Woodbury
Child: Mary
Child: Stephen
Child: Sarah
Child: Samuel
Child: Timothy
Child: Ann
45 63

Ephraim Herrick 7 GGrandfather
b 13 Aug 1664 Beverly, Essex, MA
d 18 Sep 1712 Preston City, New London, CT
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 84602550
Parents: Ephraim Herrick Sr m Mary Cross
Spouse: Judith Woodbury m 02 Jan 1688 Beverly
Child: Jerusha Herrick m John Hatch Sr
Child: William 1708-1752
Child: Mary m John Starkweather
45 63

Henry Herrick 9 GGrandfather
b 16 Aug 1604 Beau Mann, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
passage unknown
d 28 Mar 1671 Beverly, Essex, MA (date of will probate)
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 35723191
Parents: Sir William Herrick m Lady Joan May
Spouse: Editha Laskin m abt 1629/1632
Child: Thomas b 1634 Findagrave 54897396
Child: Zachariah b 1636 Findagrave 54897535
Child: Ephraim Herrick Sr m Mary Cross
Child: Henry b 1639 Findagrave 54897799 - on the jury to try the women of witchcraft
Child: Joseph - local constable obliged to arrest women accused of witchcraft
Child: Elizabeth m Philip Fowler b 1647 Findagrave 54898223
Child: John b 1650 Findagrave 54898586
Child: Benjamin b 1658 Findagrave 54898730
45 63

Jerusha Herrick 6G Grandmother
b 11 Dec 1699 Preston City, New London, CT
d 10 Feb 1744 Preston City, New London, CT
Burial: unknown
Parents: Ephraim Herrick m Judith Woodbury
Spouse: John Hatch Sr m 31 Aug 1726 Preston
Child: John Hatch Jr m Sarah Richards
Additional children listed under John Hatch Sr
45 63

John Herrick / Eyrick 11 GGrandfather
b 1513
d 02 Apr 1589
Burial: Leicester Cathedral, Leicester, England
Findagrave 62921633
Parents: Thomas Herrick
Spouse: Mary Bond
Child: Sir William Herrick m Lady Joan May
Child: Five sons and seven daughters all told
45 63 125

Robert Herrick / Eyrick 13 GGrandfather
b c 1450 Houghton, Leicestershire, England
d c 1500 Houghton, Leicestershire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: William Herrick
Spouse: Agnes?
Child: Robert Herrick
Child: Thomas Herrick
45 63

Thomas Herrick / Eyrick 12 GGrandfather
b 1479 Houghton, Leicestershire, England
d 1518 Leicester, England
will dated 25 Aug 1517
Burial: Leicester Cathedral, Leicester, England
Findagrave 119790531
Parents: Robert Herrick
Spouse: unknown
Child: Nicholas
Child: John Herrick m Mary Bond
Child: Elizabeth
45 63

William Herrick / Eyrick 14 GGrandfather
b c 1424
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: William Eyrick of Stretton, line end
Spouse: Joanna?
Child: Robert Herrick
45 63

Sir William Herrick 10 GGrandfather
Jeweler to the King, Queen and Prince of Wales
b 09 Dec 1557 (1562?) Beau Manor Park, Leicestershire, England
d 02 Mar 1652 Woodhouse, Leicestershire, England
Burial: Leicester Cathedral, Leicester, England
Findagrave 48784001
Parents: John Herrick m Mary Bond
Spouse: Lady Joan May
Child: Henry Herrick m Editha Laskin
45 63 125

Hersent of France
Duchess of Lorraine
b  865 Lorraine, France
Parents: Charles II the Bald m Ermentrude of Orleans
Spouse:  Regnier I Count of Hainault
Children listed under Regnier I Count of Hainault
15 51 125

Arnulf de Hesdin, Seigneur de Hesdin & Ameline
b unknown 1030
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Sybil de Hesdin m Patrick de Chaworth
Child: Aveline de Hesdin m Alan FitzFlaad

Sybil de Hesdin
b abt 1057, Toddington, Bedford, England
Parents: Arnulf de Hesdin
Spouse: Patrick de Chaworth
Child: Sibilla de Chaworth m Walter FitzEdward
15 110

Elizabeth Hewes
b 1603 Royston, Herfordshire, England
d 02 Feb 1686 Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
buried unknown
Findagrave 54895750
Parents: John Hewes m Mary Foote
Spouse: Ralph Hemingway m 1641 Roxbury, MA
Child: Joshua Hemingway m Joanna Evans
Additional children listed under Ralph Hemingway
Notes (under Ralph's notes)

John Hewes
b 09 Jun 1583 Royston, Hertfordshire, England
d 1621 St Andrew Undershaft, London
Parents: Roger Hewes m Agnes
Spouse: Mary Foote m 14 Feb 1602
Child: Elizabeth Hewes m Ralph Hemingway
Child: Jonathan 1603 - 1686
Child: Joshua 1606 - 1676
Child: Phoebe 1609 - 1678
Child: Mary b 1611
Child: Hester b 1613
Child: Sarah b 1615
Child: Lydia b 1618
Child: Anna b 1621

John Hewes
b 1500 Somerset, England
d Jan 1552 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: Oliver Hywish
Spouse: Grace Waldron m 1534
Child: Roger Hewes m Agnes
Child: Edward

Roger Hewes
b 1554 Royston, Hertfordshire, England
d 20 Oct 1611 Becking, Essex, England
Parents: John Hewes m Grace Waldron
Spouse: Agnes
Child: John Hewes m Mary Foote

Svidri Heytsson  
b abt 600 in Norway
Parents: Heytir Gorrsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Sveidi Svidasson
126 skips this generation

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