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Sarah Hubbard
b 21 Sep 1684 Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass
d 30 Nov 1755 Ashford, Windham, CT
buried Snow Cemetery, Ashford, Windham, CT
Findagrave 24680099
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Josiah Bugbee m 26 Dec 1707, Windham, CT
Child: Sarah Bugbee m Daniel Ainsworth
Additional children listed under Josiah Bugbee

Hubert Count of St Liz, Count of Senlis
b abt 880, Bretagne, France
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Sprote de Bretagne m Guillaume Duke of Normandy
15 101 103 104

Hucbold Count of Ostrevant
d aft 895
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Helwise of Friuli
Child: Raoul I de Cambrai m Liegard
15 103

d 961
Parents: Rotgaire de Ponthieu
Spouse: unknown
Child: Hugh I de Montreuil m Gisela of France
103 108 117

Hugh the Abbot, Count of Andech
b abt 794, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
d 7 Jun 844
Parents: Charlemagne m Regina
Spouse: Adelaide of France
Child: Petronille of Andech m Tertulle d'Anjou
15 51 103

Hugh II Count of Upper Alsace, Count of Tours
d abt 765
res: Alsae, France
Parents: Luitfrid II Count of Upper Alsae m Hiltrude
Spouse: Ava Countess of Upper Alsace
Child: Adelaide of Tours m Conrad I Count of Burgundy c 780 (33)
Child: Ermengarde of Tours m Lothiar I (34)
Child: Hugh Count of Bourges
15 51 121

Hugh III of Hohenburg Count in the Alsacian Nordgau
d 940
Parents: Eberhard III
Spouse: Hildegarde
Child: Eberhard IV m Luitgard of Tier
103 110

Hugh V Count in the Nordgau Count in Lower Alsace
b abt 928, of Egisheim, Haut-Rhin, France
d bef 986
Parents: Eberhard IV m Luitgard of Tier
Spouse: Berlinda of Ortenburg c 900's
Child: Gisela of Lower Lorraine m Gerhard III Count of Alsace

Ada de Hugleville
b abt 1025, of Neufmarche, France
Parents: Richard FitzGulbert m Ada de Hugleville c 1000
Spouse: Geoffrey de Neufmarche
Child: Bernard of Neufmarche m Nesta fil Trahern
101 104 106

Eleanor Hungerford 15G Grandmother
d aft 1475
Burial: unknown
Parents: Robert Hungerford m Margaret Botreaux
Spouse: John White m bef 1456
Child: Robert White
Spouse: William Tyrrell the younger
Spouse: Sir Henry FitzLewis
37 41 51 125

Mary Hungerford 14G Grandmother
Baroness Botreaux
b c 1468 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
d July 1533 Ashby Magna, Leicestershire, England
Burial: Newark Abbey, Leicester
Findagrave 59272240
Parents: Sir Thomas Hungerford m Anne Percy
Spouse: Sir Edward Hastings
Child: Anne Hastings m Thomas Stanley
Child: George Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon
Spouse: Sir Richard Sacheverell m 01 May 1509 Findagrave 103435432
37 41 42 58

Robert Hungerford 16/17G Grandfather
2nd Baron Hungerford
b 1405
d 18 May 1459
Burial: Salisbury Cathedral
Findagrave 34228069
Parents: Walter Hungerford m Katherine Peverell
Spouse: Margaret Botreaux
Child: Robert Hungerford m Eleanor Moleyns
Child: Arnold Hungerford
Child: unknown son
Child: Eleanor Hungerford m John White
Child: Katherine Hungerford m Sir Richard West
Child: Mary Hungerford
37 41 51 77 125

Robert Hungerford 16G Grandfather
3rd Baron Hungerford
b 1428
d 18 May 1464
Burial: Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Findagrave 101360738
Parents: Robert Hungerford m Margaret Botreaux
Spouse: Eleanor de Moleyns
Child: Sir Thomas Hungerford m Anne Percy
Child: Walter Hungerford of Farleigh
37 117 125

Sir Thomas Hungerford 18G Grandfather
Sheriff of Wiltshire, Speaker of the House of Commons
d 03 Dec 1398 Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset, England
Burial: Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Somerset, England
Findagrave 48361438
Parents: Walter de Hungerford of Heytesbury m Elizabeth FitzAdam, line end
Spouse: Eleanor Strug, dtr of Sir John of Heytesbury
Spouse: Joan Hussey, dtr of Edmund Findagrave 48361522
Child: Walter Hungerford m Katherine Peverell
Child: Three additional sons
37 41 58 125

Sir Thomas Hungerford 15G Grandfather
4th Baron Hungerford
res Rowden near Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
d 17 Jan 1469 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, drawn and quartered
Burial: St Margaret's, Westminster, London
Findagrave 103541230
Parents: Robert Hungerford m Eleanor de Moleyns
Spouse: Anne Percy
Child: Mary Hungerford m Sir Edward Hastings
37 117 125

Walter Hungerford 17G Grandfather
1st Baron Hungerford
b abt 22 Jun 1378
d 09 Aug 1449
Burial: Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Findagrave 11275459
Parents: Sir Thomas Hungerford m Joan, her father was steward of John of Gaunt
Spouse: Katherine Peverell, dtr of Sir Thomas m Margaret de Courtenay Findagrave 36606075
Child: Walter, war prisoner in France, no issue
Child: Robert Hungerford m Margaret Botreaux
Child: Sir Edmund m Margaret Burnell, Findagrave 102745100
Child: Elizabeth m Sir Philip Courtenay, Findagrave 101218549
Child: Margaret m Walter Rodney
Spouse: Eleanor Berkeley m bef May 1439 d 01 Aug 1455
15 37 41 58 68 77 117 125

Alice Huntingdon  
b abt 1085 Flamstead, Herefordshire, England
living 1126
Parents: Waltheof II Huntingdon m Judith of Lens
Spouse: Ralph IV de Toeni m 1103
Child: Margaret de Toeni m Walter de Clifford
15 126

David de Huntingdon, David Canmore
Earl of Doncaster, Carlisle and more
b bet 1143 & 1152
d 17 Jun 1219 Yardley. Northamptonshire
burial Sawtrey Abbey, Hampshire, England
Findagrave 69830361
Parents: Henry de Huntingdon m Ada Warren
Spouse: Matilda of Chester m 26 Aug 1190
Child: Margaret de Huntingdon m Alan de Galloway
Child: David de Huntingdon
Child: Robert de Huntingdon, died young, buried Lindores Abbey, Fife, Scotland
Child: Ada de Huntingdon Findagrave110060564 m Sir Henry Hastings Findagrave 110024023
Child: Mathilda de Huntingdon
Child: Lady Isabella de Huntingdon m Robert de Brus
Child: John de Huntingdon, 10th Earl of Huntingdon
Child: Henry de Huntingdon
Mistresses: unknown
Child: Henry of Brechin
Child: Henry of Stirling
(Line leads to ^Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth)
37 117 125

John de Huntingdon
10th Earl of Huntingdon, knighted 1227 by Alexander III
Earl of Chester 21 Nov 1232
b c 1207
d 05 Jun 1237, possibly poisoned by his wife
Parents: David de Huntington m Matilda of Chester
Spouse: Helen Llywelyn m 1222
Child: No issue
37 117 125

Henry de Huntingdon
Prince or 3rd Earl of Huntingdon
b aft 1114 or 1117  Scotland
d 12 Jun 1152, Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
buried Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Findagrave 85170741
Parents: David I, King of ScotlandMatilda Huntingdon
Spouse: Ada Warren
Child: David Huntington
Child: Malcolm IV "The Maiden" dies aged 25
Child: Margaret de Huntingdon m1 Conan IV m2 Humphrey de Bohun
Child: William I  m Ermengarde de Beaumont
Child: Ada of Huntingdon m Floris III, Count of Holland
Child: Matilda of Huntingdon, born and died 1152
15 50 52 103 106 107 112 113 125 127

Lady Isabella de Huntingdon
b c 1206
d c 1251
burial Saltre Abbey, Peterborough, Huntingdonshire, England
Findagrave 69841059
Parents: David de Huntington m Matilda of Chester
Spouse: Robert de Brewes
Child: Bernard Bruce, Lord of Connington
Child: Beatrice m Hugh de Neville
Child: Sir Robert le Brus m Isabella de Clare
37 117 125

Margaret de Huntingdon, Princess of Scotland
b aft 1144 Scotland
d 1201
burial Sawtry Abbey, Satry, Cambridgeshire, England
Findagrave 62574695
Parents: Henry de Huntingdon m Ada Warren
Spouse 1: Conan IV, Duke of Brittany d 20 Feb 1170/1171
Child: Constance of Brittany m John Lackland
Spouse 2: Humphrey de Bohun
Child: Henry de Bohun m Maud Fitz Geoffrey de Mandeville
15 106 125 127

Margaret de Huntingdon
b c 1175
d 1228
Parents: David Huntington m Matilda of Chester
Spouse: Alan de Galloway
Child: Helen de Galloway m Roger de Quincy
37 117 125

Matilda (Maud) Huntingdon, Countess of Northumbria  
b 1072/7
d 30 Apr 1130/1  or aft 1147
buried Scone, Perthshire, Scotland
Findagrave 9457518
Spouse 1: Sir Simon de Senlis, St Liz  d 1109
Child: Maud of St Liz m1 Robert FitzRichard m2 Saer de Quincy
Child: Simon II de St Liz, 4th Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton
Child: Saint Walteof de St Liz
Parents: Waltheof II Huntingdon m Judith of Lens
Spouse 2: David I, King of Scotland m 1113
Children listed under David I, King of Scotland
15 103 113 125 127

Waltheof II Huntingdon
Earl of Northumbria, Huntingdon, Northampton
b abt 1046 Huntingdon, England
d 31 May 1076 St. Giles Hill, Winchester, England, executed
buried Crowland, Lincolnshire, England
Parents: Sigurd Earl of Northumberland m Aelflaed
Spouse: Judith of Lens
Child: Alice Huntingdon m Ralph IV de Toeni
Child: Matilda Huntingdon m David I, King of Scotland
Child: Another daughter
15 101 103 108 110 117 125 126 127

Joan Hurst Rogers  
b 13  Mar 1568
d 11 Jan 1621 in Plymouth, Mass  
Burial: Coles Hill Burying Ground, Plymouth, Mass
Findagrave 16539005
Listed on the passenger list of the Mayflower
Parents: William Hurst m Rose Marshe m 15 Jun 1560, Henlow, England
Spouse:  Thomas Rogers m 1593, d abt 1594
Spouse:  John Tilly on 20 Sep 1596 in Henlow, Bedford, England
Child: Elizabeth Tilly m John Howland Sr 
AFN 8J1N-68
20 51

William Hurst  
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Rose Marshe m 15 Jun 1560, Henlow, England
Child: Joan Hurst Rogers m John Tilly  

Llywarch Hyfaidd
King of Dyfed to 904
b abt 867, Dynevor, Wales
d abt 904, killed by son in law Hywel Dda Cadell
Parents: Hyfaidd Bleiddig
Spouse: unknown
Child: Elen Verch Llywarch m Hywel Dda Cadell
15 52 104 110 115 125

Owain Hywel
King of Deheubarth and Powys, Prince of Morgannwg
b abt 913, Dynevor Castle, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, England
d abt 988
Parents: Hywel Dda Cadell m Elen Verch Llywarch
Spouse: Angharad Verch Llewelyn
Child: Einon Owain
Grand child: Rhys Tewdwr m Gwladys Rhiwallon
Child: Maredydd Owain m Asritha
15 52 104 110 115 121 125

Geoffry de Hywis Geoffry de Hywis
b abt 1250 St Decumans, Somerset, England
d abt 1297 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: John DeHywis m Joan Bausan
Spouse: Maud Bloyou c 1258 - c 1330
Child: Richard de Hywis m Emmaline Botreaux

Gilbert Hiwish / Hewes Gilbert Hywish
b 1309 St Decumans, Somerset, England
d 1350 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: Richard de Hywis m Emmaline Botreaux
Spouse: unknown
Child: John Hywish m Catherine

John de Hywis
b c 1220 England
d c 1267 England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Joan Bausan c 1230
Child: Geoffry de Hywis m Maud Bloyou

John Hywish (Hewes)
b 1370 St Decumans, Somerset, England
d 1432 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: Gilbert Hywish
Spouse: Catherine
Child: Oliver Hywish m Johanna Avernell

Oliver Hywish / Hewes
b 1400 St Decumans, Somerset, England
d 1452 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: John Hywish m Catherine
Spouse: Johanna Avernell m 1442 St Decumans
Child: Oliver Hywish

Oliver Hywish / Hewes
b 1445 St Decumans, Somerset, England
d 1495 St Decumans, Somerset, England
Parents: Oliver Hywish m Johanna Avernell
Spouse: unknown
Child: John Hewes m Grace Waldron

Richard de Hywis
b 1276 England
d 1340 England
Parents: Geoffry de Hywis m Maud Bloyou
Spouse: Emmaline Botreaux
Child: Gilbert Hywish

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