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Holy Roman Empire

Kings of Gwynedd

Cunedda Wledig the Imperator
First King of Gwynedd early 5th century.

Einion Yrth Cunedda the Impetuous, son of Cunedda
Second King of Gwynedd mid 5th century

Cadwallon Lawhir Einion "Long hand", son of Einion
King of Gwynedd 500? to 517

Maelgwn Gwynedd Cadwallon, son of Cadwallon Lawhir
King of Gwynedd 517 - 549

Rhun Hir Maelgwn "The Tall", son of Maelgwn
King of Gwynedd 549 - 580's

Beli Rhun, son of Rhun
King of Gwynedd 580's to 599

Iago Beli, son of Beli
King of Gwynedd 599 to 613 or 615

Cadfan Iago, son of Iago
King of Gwynedd 613 to 620

Cadwallon Cadfan, son of Cadfan
King of Gwynedd 620 -634.
In exile 620-625, killed in battle

Cadafael Cadomedd the Battle-Shirker
King of Gwynedd 634 to 655
later disposed

Cadwaladr Fendigaid Cadwallon, son of Cadwallon
King of Gwynedd 655 to 682

Idwal Iwrch Cadwaladr, son of Cadwaladr
King of Gwynedd 682 to 720
Died of the plaque.

Rhodri Molwynog Idwal, son of Idwal.
King of Gwynedd 720 to 754

Caradog Meirion, descendant of Einion's son, Owain
King of Gwynedd  754 - 798

Cynan Dinaethwy Rhodri , son of Rhodri Idwa
King of Gwynedd 798 - 816
Area then controlled by Hywell Rhodri, Caracdo Meirchion, then Cynan Dinathwy Rhodri jointly between 798 and 816, then back to Hywell Rhodri until 825, then Merfyn Finch, son of Gwriad to 844

See Kings of Gwynedd and Powys

Kings of Powys

Cadell Catellus, Celtic founder of Powys
King of Powys c 450

Cuneglasus, son of Cadell
King of Powys c 530

Cyngen, son of Cuneglasus
King of Powys c 550

Brochfael Ysgythrog (of the Tusks), son of Cyngen
King of Powys c 570

Cynan Garwyn Brochfael "The Cruel", son of Brochfael
King of Powys c 600

Selyf, son of Cynan Brochfael
King of Powys ? - 613?

Cyndrwyn "The Stubborn", son of Cynddylan who is the brother of Beli Eiludd
King of Powys 620's

Beli Eiludd
King of Powys c 630's

Gwylog Beli
King of Powys c 700

Elisedd (or Eliseg), son of Gwylog
King of Powys c 725

Brochfael Elisedd, son of Elisedd
King of Powys c 760's

Cadell Brochfael, son of Brochfael
King of Powys c 808

Cyngen Cadell, grandson of Cadell
King of Powys c to 853
Daughter's son was Rhodri Mawr

Kings of Gwynedd, Deheubarth and Powys

Rhodri Mawr Merfyn "The Great", grandson to Cynan Rhodri
King of Gwynedd 844-878
King of Powys 854-878
Three sons, Anaward, Cadell, Merfyn

Merfyn Rhodri , son of Rhodri Mawr
King of Powys 878-900

Anaward Rhodri , son of Rhodri Mawr
King of Gwynedd 878 to 916

Llewelyn Merfyn, son of Merfyn Rhodri
King of Powys 900-942

Idwal "Foel" (The Bald) Anaward, son of Anaward
King of Gwynedd 916 to 942

Hywel Dda Cadell , The Good King of Wales, son of Cadell Rhodri who is the son of Rhodri Mawr
first cousin to Idwal Anaward and Llywelyn Merfyn
King of Powys and Gwynedd 942-950
King of Deheubarth 909-950
Hywell's father was Cadell Rhodri, whose father was Rhodri Mawr Merfyn, the father of Anaward Rhodri. Area then when to Leuaf Idwall, Hywell Dda's second son, who ruled Gwynedd jointly (with?).

Owain Hywel , son of Hywell Dda Cadell
King of Deheubarth 950-987
King of Powys 950-986

Maredydd Owain , son of Owain Hywel
King of Powys 986-999
King of Deheubarth 986-999

Iago Idwal, first son of Hywell Dda
King of Gwynedd 950-979
King of Powys 1030-1039
After Iago, his brother's sons ruled Gwynedd, Hywll Leuaf from 979-985, then Cadwallon Leuaf from 985-986.

Llewelyn Seisyllt, cousin to Iago Idwal
King of Gwynedd 1005-1023
King of Powys 999-1023
King of Deheubarth 1018-1023

Gruffydd Llewelyn , son of Llewelyn Seisyllt
King of Gwynedd 1039-1063
King of Powys 1039-1063
King of Deheubarth 1044-1047 and 1055-1063
Married Ealdgyth, daughter of Alfgar, the Earl of Mercia, son of Lady Godiva and Princess Elfgifu, the daughter of Ethelred, King of Wessix 979-1016

Bleddyn Cynfyn, brother of Gruffydd (same mother, different fathers)
King of Gwynedd 1063-1075
Last king of Powys 1063-1075
His son, Maredydd Bleddyn, was the Prince of Powys 1075-1132.
Maredydd's son, Maddog Maredydd, was Prince of Powys 1132-1160

Caradog Trahaearn
King of Gywnedd, son of Caradog Gwen
married Nest Verch Gruffydd, daughter of Gruffydd Llywelyn
King of Gwynedd 1075-1081

Gruffydd Cynan, King of Gwynedd 1081-1137, fifth cousin to Bleddyn

Owain Gruffydd, son of Gruffydd Cynan
The last King of Gwynedd 1130 to 1170
His son, Iowerth Owain, was the Prince of Gwynedd 1170 to 1174, and married Joan, daughter of John Lackland, King of England 1199 to 1216

Nest Gruffydd's line leads to Osbern FitzRichard , Nest Verch Osborn, De Neufmarche, De Glouchester, De Braose, to the La Zouches, the Frevilles, the Astons, the Lothrops and to Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff.

Rulers of Northumbria

Ida (c 550) then a Glappa, Ida's son Adda (c 570), a Frithuwulf, Thedulf, Hussa, Theodoric (another son of Ia) Athelric, (another son of Ida) and Aethelfrith.

Aethelfrith, the son of Athelric and grandson of Ida
King of Northumbria 604-616
King of Bernicia 593-604

Aelle and Athelric, son of Aelle

Edwin or Eadwine of Northumbria, son of Aelle
King of Northumbria 616-633

Eanfrith, eldest son of Aethelfrith
King of Northumbria 633ish to 635ish

Osric, cousin to Edwin

Oswald, son of Aethelfrith
King of Northumbria 635ish to Aug 642

Oswy, son of Oswald
King of Northumbria Aug 1642 - Feb 670

Egfrith, son of Oswy
King of Northumbria  Feb 670 - May 685

Aldfrith, illegitimate son of Oswy
King of Northumbria May 685 - Dec 704

Eadwulf, unsurper
King of Northumbria 704 - 705

Osred, son  of Aldfrith
King of Northumbria Feb 705 - 716

Cenred, descent from Ida claimed
King of Northumbria 716-718

Osric, son of Aldfrith
King of Northumbria 718 - 729

Ceolwulf, son of Cuthwine, brother to Cenred
King of Northumbria 729 - 737

Eadbert, cousin to Ceolwulf
King of Northumbria 737-758

A dozen small leaders ending with Beohtfrith about 711 and Lothian being added to Northumbria.

Waltheof, son of Maldred of Northumbria(?)
King of Northumbria 963-970

Uchtred "The Bold" , son of Waltheof
King of Northumbria 995-1016

Ealdred II (Aldred of Bernicia), son of Uchtred
King of Northumbria 1019 to 1038

Ealdred's daughter bore Waltheof Huntington, Earl of Northumbria, and the line leads through the Senlis family, the De Quincy's, the the La Zouche's, the De Greens, the De Draytons, Greens, Freville, Astons, Lowthroppes and Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff.

Kings of Wessix

Egbert, son of Ealhmund, Under-King of Kent
King of Wessix 802-839
Line comes from the legendary Kings of Wessix, Cerdic, Cuthwulf, Cuthwine, whose ancestor was believed to be Godwulf.
Served under Charlemagne

Ethelwulf, son of Egbert
King of Wessix 839-858
Four sons: Aethelbald, Aethelbert, Aethelred, Alfred

Aethelbald, son of Egbert
King of Wessix 855-860

Aethelred I, son of Egbert
King of Wessix 860-866

Aethelbert, son of Egbert
King of Wessix 866-871

Alfred the Great, son of Aethelwulf
King of Wessix 871-884
Forced The Peace of Wedmore when Guthrun the Dane became a Christian and split England with Alfred. Guthrun got the north "Danelaw" and Alfred got the south, including London


Edward I "The Elder", son of Alfred
First true King of England 899-925
Started the overtaking of Danelaw

Edmund I "The Magnificent", son of Edwatd
King of England 940-946

Edgar "The Peaceable", son of Edmund
King of England 959-975

Ethelred II "The Unready", son of Edgar
King of England 978-1016
Fled to Normandy, home of second wife

Edmund II "Ironside", son of Ethelred
King of England 1016
Lost control to Svien from Denmark

Sveyn I "Forkbeard", son of Harold "Black Tooth" King of Denmark
King of England 1014

William the Conqueror De Normandie, son of Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke of Normandy
King of England 1066-1087

William Rufus II
King of England

Henry I Beauclerc, son of William
King of England 1100-1135

Matilda, daughter of Henri I
Queen of England 1141

Henry II Curtmantle Plantaganet, son of Mathilda
King of England 1154-1189

John Lackland, son of Henry II
King of England 1199-1216
Brother to Richard the Lionhearted

Henry III, son of John Lackland
King of England 1216-1272

Edward I Longshanks, son of Henry III
King of England 1272-1307
His son, John Botetourt's line leads to the La Zouche's, to the Frevilles, to the Aston's, Lowthroppes and Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff

Edward II, son of Edward I
King of England 1307 to 1327

Kings of Scotland

Fergis Mor Mac, great grandson of Nail "Of Nine Hostages' King of Ireland
King of Scotland 500-501

Domnogart I MacFergus, son of Ferghus Mor
King of Scotland 501-507

Gabhran MacDomangart, son of Domangart
King of Scotland 538-558

Aedan MacGabhran, son of Gabhran
King of Dalriada, Scotland 574-608

Eochaidh I Buidhe, son of Aedan
King of Dalriada, Scotland 608-629

Domnal Brecc The Freckled, son of Eochaidh
King of Dalriada, Scotland 629-642

Donmangart II MacDomnal, son of Dongart
King of Dalriada, Scotland 660-673

Eochaid II Crooked Nose Findon, son of Donmangart
King of Dalriada, Scotland 697, son of Domangart

Eochaid III Mac Eochald, son of Eochaid II
King of Dalriada, Scotland 726-733

Aodh Hugh Fionn

Eochaid IV The Venemous, grandson of Eochaid III
King of Dalriada, Scotland 781-820

Alpin MacEochaid, son of Eochaid IV
King of Dalriada and Kintyre, Scotland 839-841

Kenneth I MacAlpin (Ciniod), son of Alpin
King of Alba and Dalriada, Scotland and the Picts 841-859

Took Pict throne 843?

Constantine I MacAlpin, son of Kenneth
King of Alba, Scotland 863-977

Donald II MacAlpin (Dasachtach), son of Constantine
King of Alba, Scotland 889-900

Malcolm I Macalpin, son of Donald
King of Alba, Scotland 943-954
Slain by Moray men

Malcolm I MacAlpin, son of Malcolm
King of Alba, Scotland 971-995

Malcolm II MacKenneth, son of Kenneth
King of Alba, Scotland 1005-1034

Duncan I MacCrinan "The Gracious", son of Bethoc, grandson of Malcolm II
King of Scotland 1034-1040
Killed by Macbeth at Iona, Near Elgin, Scotland
His grandaughter, Matilda Eadgyth Atherling,  married Henri I Beauclerc, King of England
(see Kings of England above)

Lulach Fatuus "The Fool", son of Gillecomgain

Malcolm III Canmore, "Bighead" son of Duncan MacCrinan
King of Scotland

David I, "The Saint"
King of Scotland 1124 to 1153

William I "The Lion", son of Henry de Huntington , grandson of David I
King of Scotland
His daughter, Anfrica's line leads throught the de Says, de Bohuns, de Toenis, La Zouche's, to the Frevilles, to the Aston's, Lowthroppes and Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff

Kings of Ireland

Nial "Of the Nine Hostages
King of Ireland
Great grandson of Fiacha Srabhteine, the 122st Heremon monarch of Ireland
His great grandson, Fergis Mor Mac, became King of Scotland

Not finished


Skjold, son of mythical Wodin, King of the Norse
King of the Danes
Line leads to Eystein Adilsson, King of Sweden in the late 500's

Fridleif Skjoldsson, Skjold's son
King of Denmark c 280

Frodi Fridleifsson, Fridleif's son
King of Denmark c 300

Fridleif Frodason, Frodi's son
King of Denmark c 320

Havar Fridleifsson,Friedleif's son
King of Denmark c 340

Frodi Havarsson, Havar's son
King of Denmark c 360

Vermund Frodasson, Frodi's son
King of Denmark c 380

Olaf Vermundsson, Vermund's son
King of Denmark c 400

Dan Olafsson, son of Olaf
King of Denmark c 430

Frodi Olafsson, Olaf's son
King of Denmark c 450

Fridleif Frodason, Frodi's son
King of Denmark c 480

Frodi Fridleifsson, Fridlief's son
King of Denmark c c 500

Halfdan Frodasson, Frodi's son
King of Denmark c 530

Hroar Halfdansson, Halfdan's son
King of Denmark c 550

Valdar Hroarsson, Hoar's son
King of Denmark c 570

Harold Valdarsson, Valdar's son
King of Denmark c 590

Halfdan Haroldsson, Harold's son
King of Denmark c 610
King of Sweden

Ivar Halfdansson, son of Halfdan
King of Denmark c 640
King of Sweden

Randver Radbardsson, Halfdan's grandson by Halfdan's daughter and King of Russia
King of Denmark 750's, but born in Russia

Sigurd Randversson, Randver's son
King of Denmark 770 - 812

Several smaller, short term kings in here, including an Eric or two, Gothfrith, Hemming and Harthcanute 830 - 840

Ragnar Lodbrock , Sigurd's son
King of Denmark 860's
The Dane who invaded first England
His other son, Bjorn Ragnarsson, was the King of Sweden

Sigurd Ragnarsson "Snake Eye", Ragnar's son
King of Denmark 865 - 873
Ruled East Anglia 865 - 876

Knud Sigurdsson, (Canute) Sigurd's son
King of Denmark 873 - 884
Ruled East Anglia

King of Denmark  884 - 885

Harald II Parcus
King of Denmark 885 - 899

Gorm Knudsson, Knud's son
King of Denmark 900 - c 950

Harald Gormsson "Bluetooth", Gorm's son
King of Denmark 950 - 985 or 986

Sveyn I  "Forkbeard", Harald's son
King of Denmark 986 - 1014
King of England 1013 - 1014
His daughter, Estid's line leads throught Sigurd of Northumbria, Waltheof of Huntington, David I of Scotland, the De Toeni's, La Zouche's, to the Frevilles, to the Aston's, Lowthroppes and Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff

Harald IV, Svein's son
King of Denmark 1014-1018

Canute II "The Great", Svein's son
King of Denmark 1018 - 1035

Hardacanute, son of Canute
King of Denmark 1035 - 1042


Njord, son of Yngvi King in Turkey born in Sweden c 200
King of the Swedes

King of Sweden c 270

Svegdi Fjolnarsson
King of Sweden c 300

Vanlandi Svegdason
King of Sweden c 310

Visbur Vanlandason
King of Sweden c 330

Domaldi Visbursson
King of Sweden c 360

Domar Domaldason
King of Sweden c 390

Dyggi Domarsson
King of Sweden c 400

Dag Dyggvason
King of Sweden c 430

Agni Dagsson
King of Sweden c 450
m Frosti, King of Finland's' daughter

Alrek Agnasson, son of Agni
King of Sweden c 480
m Dag the Powerful, King of Sweden's daughter

Yngvi Alreksson
King of Sweden c 490

Jorund Yngvason
King of Sweden c 510

Aun Jorundsson
King of Sweden c 530

Egil Aunsson
King of Sweden c 550

Ottar Egilsson
King of Sweden c 580

Adils Ottarsson
King of Sweden  c 600

Halfdan Haroldsson
King of Sweden c 610????
King of Denmark c 610

Eystein Adilsson
King of Sweden c 620

Ingvar Eysteinsson
King of Sweden c 640

Ivar Halfdansson, son of Halfdan
King of Denmark c 640
King of Sweden???

Onund Ingvarsson
King of Sweden  c 650

Ingjald Onundsson "The Wicked
King of Sweden  c 680

Olaf Ingjaldsson  "The Woodcutter"
King of Sweden  680 - 710

Halfdan Olafsson, Olaf's son
King of Sweden
King of Norway  710 - 750
His son, Eyesteinn Hlafdansson, was King in Norway

Erik Edmundsson, great great grandson of Ragnar Lodbrock, King of Denmark
King of Sweden

Bjorn Eriksson "The Old", son of Erik
King of Sweden c 880

Erik VIII Bjornsson "The Victorious", son of Bjorn
King of Sweden c 900's
King of Denmark

Olaf Bjornsson, son of Bjorn
King of Sweden  c 900's
His daugher married Harald Gormsson Bluetooth, King of Denmark

Styrbjorn Olafsson "The Strong", son of Olaf
King of Sweden c 930

Descendent from through mythical Skjold and Sigar Odinsson to Godwulf
Line leads to Waltheof Huntington, Earl of Northumbria to the DeQuincy's, the La Zouche's, the De Greens, the De Draytons, Greens, Freville, Astons, Lowthroppes and Susannah Lothrop who married William Shurtleff.


Olaf Tratelia was expelled from Sweden, conquered the petty residents of Norway in about 680, establishing the Swedish Viking colony of Vermeland

Olaf Tratelia, Swedish Viking
King of Norway 680 - 710

Halfdan Olafsson "Hvitbein, son of Olaf Ingjaldsson "The Woodcutter", King of Sweden
King in Sweden
King of Norway 710 - 750

Eysteinn Halfdansson "Fret", son of Halfdan
King of Norway 750 - 780

Halfdan Eysteinsson "Whitelegs"
King of Norway 780 - 800

Olaf II Gudrodsson, "Gudrod the Magnificent", son of Halfdan
King of Norway 810 - 840
King of Denmark
His line leads to Rollo Rognavaldsson who was the Viking to invade France, the father of William the Conqueror

France (the Franks)

Pharamond, from the line of old King Coel Hen of Briton

Clodio, son of Pharamond
Semi-legendary King of Franks 426-447

Merovbee, son of Clodio
Semi-legendary King of Franks 447-456 Merovingian Dynasty

Childeric I, son of Merovbee
Salian King of Franks 458 481  

Clovis I
Salian King of the Franks 481 - 511

Clodomir, son of Clovis
King of the Franks 511 - 524

Theodorc (Thierry I), son of Clovis
King of the Franks 511 - 534

Childebert, son of Clovis
King of the Franks 511 - 558

Chlothar, son of Clovis
King of the Franks 511 - 561

Theodebert and Theodebald
King of the Franks 534 - 555

King of the Franks 561  -567

Sigebert I
King of the Franks 561 - 575

Chilperic I,  Gontran, Childebert II,  Chlotar II, Theodebert II,  Theodoric or Theirry II , Dagobert I,  Charibet II,  Siegbert II, Clovis II  to 656

Dagobert II King of the Franks  656 - 661

Chlotar III 656 - 673

Childeric II 661 - 675

Theodoric III 673 - 691 (Franks united at his death)

Dagobert II restored 676 - 679

Clovis III, Childebert III, Dagobert III, Chilperic III, ChlotharIV, Theodoric IV follow to 737

Charles Martel, son of Pepin of Heristal, mayor of Austrasia and Neustria
Mayor of the Palace 737 - 741
Married Bishop of Treves' daughter

Pepin III the Short , son of Charles
King of the Franks, Carolingian Dynasty  751 - 768

Carloman, son of Charles
King of the Franks  751 - 768  

Charlemagne, son of Pepin, German in descent
King of the Franks 768 - 814
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Married Duke of Swabia's daughter
His empire divided into modern France, modern Germany, an area that is now Belgium, the Netherlands, Alsace, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Northern Italy.
Sons Louis I the Pious became King of Aquitane and Emperor, Pbepin/Carloman became King of Italy, Carloman became King of Neustria

Charles II the Bald, son of Charlemagne
King West Franks 842 - 877
King of Neustria 846-877
King of Lorraine, crowned 869
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 875-877
Married Eudes of Orleans' daughter

Louis II The Stammerer, son of Charles the Bald
The King of the Franks 877-879

Louis III, son of Louis II
The King of the Franks 879-882

Carloman, son of Louis II
The King of the Franks 879-884

Charles The Fat, grandson of Louis I
The King of the Franks 884 - 887

Eudes of Orleans
The King of the Franks 887 - 898
Elected king

Charles III The Simple
King of France 893 to 923
Married Aedgifu, dtr of Edward I "The Elder", King of England
Disposed and died in prison

Robert I , son of Robert Fortis, Duke of France and Adbelahide, Princess of The Holy Roman Empire, daughter of Louis I The Pious, Emperor of Holy Roman Empire
King of France 923 - 923
Married into Vermandois family

Raoul, son in law to Robert I

Louis IV "Transmarinus", son of Charles III The Simple
King of France 
Married Henri "The Fowler" King of Germany's daughter

Lothar, son of Louis IV
King of the West Franks 954 to 986

Louis V
King of the West Franks 986 - 987
Died in a hunting expedition

Hughes Capet, son of Hughes Magnus the grandson of Robert I
King of the West Franks 956
Married Rollo Rognavaldsson's grand daughter

Robert II the Pious, son of Hughes Capet
King of France 996 to 1031
Married into Provence and Anjou families

Henry I, son of Robert II
King of France 1031 to 1060
Married Anne, dtr of  Yaroslav I Grand Duke of Kiev, Ruler of Russia

Philip I, son of Henry I
King of France 1060 to 1108
Married the Count of Holland's daughter

Louis VI The Fat , son of Philip I
King of France 1108 to 1137
Son, Pierre was Emperor of Constaninople, Prince of France

Louis VII, son of Louis VI
King of France
First husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Line continues to Isabella De Taillefers, the wife of John Lackland, the King of England

Louis I The Pious, son of Charlemagne, b 778 France d 840 Prussia

King of the East Franks and the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire 814-840

Sons: Lothiar, Pepin, Louis the German, Charles II the Bald

Pepin got Aquitane and parts of Burgundy, Louis got East Franks, Charles got Neustria, Lothair got Germany and most of Burgundy

Lothaire I, son of Louis I

Emperor of Holy Roman Empire

King of Italy (empty title) inherited from father's death

Treaty of 843 - Lothair kept title of King of Italy, Burgundy and Provence.

His sons: Louis II became King of East Franks and Emperor, Charles became King of the West Franks and King of Provence, Lothair II became King of Lorraine.

Lothaire II, son of Lothaire I

King of Lorraine, inherited from father's death

His great grand daughter married Berenger, King of Italy (mid 900's) and the line continues to the Baudouins of Flanders and Matilda, who married William the Conqueror.

Charles II, The Bald, son of Lothair

Emperor of Holy Roman Empire

Otto I "The Great", son of Heinrich I "The Fowler", King of the Germans

Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 962-

Konrad II, son of Heinrich Count of Speyergau, great great grandson of Otto I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Pbepin Carloman, son of Charlemagne

King of Italy

Bernard, son of Pbepin

King of Italy

Line goes to Vermandois

Lothiar I King of Italy


Heinrich I The Fowler, son of Otto duke of Saxony
King of the Germans 919 - 936
Daughter Hedwige married Hughes Magnus
Daughter Gerberga married Louis IV "Transmarinus", King of France
Son Otto became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Rudolph II, son of Rudolph I, Duke of Burgundy

King of Burgundy

Conrad I, son of Rudolph

King of Burgundy

married Mathilda, daughter of Louis IV, King of France

Daughter married Duke of Swabia, Bavaria

Line continues to Edward Atherling, Prince of England, Margaret Atherling, Queen of Scotland, wife of Malcolm II Ceanmor "Longneck" I, King of Scotland and Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England

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