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Richard I "Sans Peur" (The Fearless)  Earl of Rouen
3rd Duke of Normandy 943 - 996
b 28 Aug 0933 Fbecamp, Normandy, France
d 20 Nov 0996 Fbecamp, Normandy, France
buried Fbecamp, Normandy, France
Findagrave 37360605
Parents: Guillaume I m Sprote de Bretagne
Spouse 1: Emma of Burgundy, m 960, she d 966, no issue
Spouse 2: Gonnor de Crepon  (Gunnora of Denmark)
Child: Beatrix of Normandy (-1035)
Child: Emma of Normandy m Ethelred II
Child: Godfrey de Brionne m "Hawise" (listed as illegit son with some)
Child: Hawise of Normandy m Geoffrey of Brittany
Child: Mathilda of Normandy m Eudes II
Child: Mauger of Normandy Count or Earl of Corbeil
Child: Richard II m Judith de Bretagne
Child: Robert d'Evereaux m "Herleva"
Unknown mistress:
Child: William Hiesmes Count of Eu m Lesseline de Turquerville de Harcourt
Child: Fredesende of Normandy m Tancred le Guiscard (Richard II's dtr?)
Child: Muriella of Normandy m Tancred le GuiscardUnknown mistress
Child: ^Papia m Gulbert de St. Valerie (she is shown as Richard II's dtr)
Child: Godfrey, Comte de Brionne
37 51 52 76 123 125 126

Richard I, the Lionhearted
King of England, crowned 03 Sep 11389
b 08 Sep 1157
d 06 Apr 1199 Chalus, France
Burial: His body at Fontevraud Abbey, Anjou, heart in Rouen, Normandy
Findagrave 1952
Parents: Henry II Curtmantle m Eleanor of Aquitaine
Spouse: Berengaria of Navarre m 1191 Limassol, Cyprus
Questionable Spouses:
Child: Fulk
Child: Philip, Lord de Cagnac
37 51 68 117 125

Richard II "The Good" Le Bon  
4th Duke of Normandy 996 - 1027
b abt 963 Normandy, France
d 23 or 28 Aug 1027 Fbecamp, Normandy, France
buried Fbecamp, Normandy, France
Findagrave 37360614
Parents: Richard I m Gonnor de Crepon 115
Spouse: Pope or Papie
Child: Papie of Normandy
Child: Guillaume Count of Talon,
     Child ^Bernard, child Walter St Valery
Child: Mauger de Normandie
Child: William de Norrmandie
Spouse: Judith de Bretagne m 996
Child: Adelias of Normandy m ^Renaud I de Bourgogne
Child: ^Eleanor of Normandy m Baudouin IV
Child: Matilda d 1033
Child: Robert I  m Herleve de Falasie 115
Child: Richard III m Adele of France 115
Child: William of Normandy (-1025) , son Walter de Clifford, Papies child ?
Child: ^Helene m Neil de St Sauveur
Child: Mauger the Younger Lord St. Clair Papies child ?
Spouse: Estrid Margarete Svendsdatter
37 52 115 125 126

Richard III 5th Duke of Normandy 1027 - 1028
b abt 997
d 06 Aug 1028
Burial unknown
Findagrave 100683523
Parents: Richard II m Judith de Bretagne
Spouse 1: Adele of France
Child: Nicholas, Abbot of the monastery of Saint Ouen
Spouse 2: unknown mistress
Child: Elena (Helene) of Normandy m Herbert Huse or Hussy
Child: Alice of Normandy m Ranulph I
Child: Avelina FitzRichard m Osbern Giffard
51 52 125 126

Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall 22G Grandfather
King of the Romans, Richard de Plantagenet
b 05 Jan 1209 Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England
d 02 Apr 1272 Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire, England
burial Hayles Abbey, Glouchester, England
Findagrave 56917002
Parents: King John Lackland m Isabella de Taillefer
Spouse: Isabel Marshall m 30 Mar 1231 Fawley, Buckinghamshire, England
Child: John of Cornwall, died as a babe, buried Reading Abbey Findagrave 56916835
Child: Isabella of Cornwall, died as a babe, buried at Reading Abbey Findagrave 56917298
Child: Henry of Almain, murdered by his cousins, Guy & Simon de Montfort Findagrave 56917414
Child: Nicholas of Cornwall, died as a babe, buried with his mother Findagrave 56917529
Spouse: Sanchia of Provence m 23 November 1243
Child: Unknown son born July 1246, died 15 Aug 1246
Child: ^Edmond of Cornwall Findagrave 102196453 m Margaret de Clare
Spouse: Beatrice von Falkenburg m 16 June 1269 Findagrave 102008159
Child: Sir Richard of Cornwall Findagrave 82678764 m Joan FitzAlan Findagrave 93173944 line leads to Katherine Howard, wife of King Henry VIII
Child: Sir Walter of Cornwall
Child: Philip of Cornwall, clerc
Child: Joan of Cornwall m Richard de Champernoun & Sir Peter de Fissacre
37 41 117 125

Richard Duke of Burgundy
b abt 882, France
d 1 Sep 0921
Parents: Theodore of Ardennes
Spouse: Adelheid of Burgundy
Child: Ermengarde of Burgundy m Gilbert of Burgundy 

Richard the Justiciar, Duke of Burgundy
Richard of Autun
b abt 867
d 01 Sep 921
Burial: Saint-√Čtienne Cathedral, Bourgogne, France
Findagrave 62475819
Parents: Budwine Count of Italy? see notes
Spouse:  Adelaide of Auxerre
Child: Adelaide of Burgundy  m Regnier II Count of Hainault
Child: ^Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy m Emma, dtr of Robert I
Child: Hugh, Duke of Burgundy, Hugh the Black
Child: Ermengarde of Burgundy m ^Gilbert of Chalon, Duke of Burgundy,
       dtr married Otto of Paris
Child: Willa of Burgundy m Hugh, Count of Vienne & Boson Marquis of Tuscany
Child: ^Richilde of Burgundy m Litaud I, Count of Macon,  Lietaud?
15 103 110 113 125

Sarah Richards 5 GGrandmother
b abt 1728 Preston, New London, cT
d 14 Apr 1806 Norwich, Windsor, VT
Burial: unknown
Parents: William 1712-1745,line end
Spouse: John Hatch Jr
Child: Naomi Hatch m Sgt Jeremiah Percival
Additional children listed under John Hatch Jr
58 (Hatch Tree)

Richaut of Metz
circa 800's
Parents: Budwine Count of Italy  m Richildis of Arles
Spouse:  Charles II the Bald
Child: Roheut of France m Hugh of Bourges
15 113 115 125

Richensa of Lotharingia
b abt 995 - 1000
d 21 Mar 1063 in Saalfeld
buried in Cologne
Parents: Count Palatine Ezzo m Mathilde of Saxony
Spouse: Mieszko II
Children listed under Mieszko II

Richeza Countess of Sualafeld
b abt 960, Niederhosterreich, Austria
Parents: Ernst IV, Count of Sualafeld c 930
Spouse: Leopold I
Child: Adalbert m Frowila Princess of Orseolo

Richildis of Arles
d 883
Parents: Boson III
Spouse:  Budwine Count of Italy
Child: Boso King of Provence m Ermengarde
Child: Richard "The Justiciar" D'Autun d 921
Child: Richaut m Charles II the Bald

Mr & Mary Ring
b abt 1533 in England
Parents: unknown
Child: William Ring m Mary Durrant

Susanna Ring
b in 1605 in Plymouth, Mass
Findagrave 34826812
Parents: William Ring m Mary Durrant
Spouse: Thomas Clarke
Child: Susanna Clarke m Barnabus Lothrope

William Ring
b in 1565 in Houghton, Lancaster, England (1580?)
d in 1629 in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands
buried in Ufford, Suffolk, England
Findagrave 34758572
Parents: Mr & Mary Ring
Spouse:  Mary Durrant m 21 May 1601 in Pettistree, Suffolk, England
Child: Susannah Ring m Thomas Clarke

Mathilda of Ringleheim (Matilda of Oldenburg)
b abt 878, Mensleben, Saxony, Germany
d 14 May 968
Burial: Abbey of Quedlinburg, Harz Mtns, Germany
Findagrave 14938869
Parents: Thiederich Count of Ringleheim m Reginhilde von Friesland
Spouse: Heinrich King of the Germans m 909
Children listed under Heinrich King of the Germans
15  125

Reginhart Count of Ringleheim
b abt 828, Ringleheim, Neidersachsen, Germany
d 8 Feb 917
Parents: Wolpert von Wolpert m Alburgis of Ringleheim
Spouse: unknown countess
Child: Thiederich Count of Ringleheim m Reginhilde von Friesland

Thiederich Count of Ringleheim
b abt 853, Ringleheim, Neidersachsen, Germany
d 8 Feb 917
Parents: Reginhart Count of Ringleheim
Spouse: Reginhilde von Friesland
Child: Mathilda of Ringleheim m Heinrich King of the Germans
Child: Lambert Count of Louvain m Miss von Betuwe

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