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Mary Shelley
b 03 Nov 1639 Barntable, Barnstable, MA
d aft 1695
Burial: unknown
Parents: Robert Shelley m Judith Garnett, to be done
Spouse: Ephraim Morton s/o George Morton
Spouse: Sargeant William Harlowe m 25 Jan 1666 Plymouth
Child:ren listed under Sargeant William Harlowe
Spouse: Hugh Cole

Abiel Shurtleff
b June 23rd to 30th, 1666 after his father's death by lightning, Marshfield, MA
d 28 Oct 1732, Plympton, MA (Genealogy says 28th, gravestone says 22nd)
buried Lakenham Cemetery, North Carver, MA
Findagrave 23269330
Parents: William Shurtleff m Elizabeth Lettice
Spouse: Lydia Barnes m Jan 14, 1695/6, Plymouth, MA
Child: James Shurtleff
Child: Elizabeth Shurtleff
Child: Lydia Shurtleff
Child: David Shurtleff m Bethaih Lucas, dtr of Benoni Lucas
Child: Hannah Shurtleff
Child: John Shurtleff
Child: Benjamin Shurtleff
Child: William Shurtleff
Child: Joseph Shurtleff
Child: Abiel Shurtleff
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Asaph Shurtleff   3rd great grandfather
b 23 Jan 1770 in Tolland, CT
d 08 Sep 1835 in Compton, Quebec, Canada, aged 65 years
burial unknown
Findagrave 73677007
Parents: Lothrop Shurtleff m Submit Terry
Spouse: Rachel Ann Whitmore Elderkin m 31 Aug 1797 in Plainfield, VT
Child: Alpha (twin)
Child: Alva (twin) died one month old
Child: Ann died unmarried
Child: Asaph m Laura Bill
Child: Elderkin m Harriet Place
Child: Hannah m George Ferguson Pennoyer
Child: Horatio Nelson m Amy Brown, sister to Minerva
Child: Joshua Booth m Minerva Brown, sister to Amy FAG#8951463
Child: Lothrop Shurtleff m Ruth Atwood Little
Child: Lydia m Harvey McCloud
Child: Submit m Samuel Porter Carpenter
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Clarence Asaph Shurtleff
b 22 Mar 1861 Hatley, Quebec
d 26 Nov 1936 Nevada City, CA
burial Pine Grove Cemetery, Nevada City, Nevada, CA
Findagrave 14020935
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Mariette Little
Spouse: Hannah Irene Skehan m 14 May 1888 Sacramento Findagrave 14021023
Child: Verda Shurtleff 1890 - 1943
Child: Thomas Shurtleff 1891 - 1975
Child: Clyde Asaph Shurtleff
Spouse: Eliza Matilda Johnson m 28 Feb 1905 Findagrave 14020889
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Clyde Asaph Shurtleff
b 25 Nov 1893 Nevada City, Nevada, CA
d 11 Apr 1986 Nevada City, Nevada, CA
burial Masonic Cemetery, Grass Valley, Nevada, CA
Findagrave 41175062
Parents: Clarence Asaph Shurtleff m Hannah Irene Skehan "Rene"
Spouse: Lila Lovetta Phillips, Findagrave 41775606
Child: Reid Phillips Shurtleff 1920-15 Oct 1942, died in Japanese prison camp, Findagrave 41175711
Child: Beverly Jane Shurtleff Findagrave 41176052
Child: Lou Anne Clyine Shurtleff Findagrave 41176139
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Flora Irvin Shurtleff
b 18 Apr 1859 Hatley, Quebec
d 06 Jun 1937 Akron, Ohio
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Mariette Little
Spouse: George Wyman Flint
Child: Clarence Flint 1880 - 1931
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Helen Emily Shurtleff Grandmother
b 3 Jun 1881 in Carson City, Nevada
d 17 May 1965 8:15 am in Berkeley, Alameda Co, CA, at age 83 years, 347 days
buried in Pine Grove Cemetary, Nevada City, CA
Findagrave 14014102
Occupation: Nurse
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Lodema Caroline Percival
Spouse: Henry Cushing Stevens m 11 May 1904 in Cloverdale, CA
Child: Clarence Thomas Stevens b 03/21/05 Sacramento
Child: John Shurtleff Stevens m Laura Rose LeClear
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John Shurtleff   5th great grandfather
b 15 Jun 1693 in Plymouth, Mass
d in 1757 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, aged 64
burial unknown
Findagrave 50458301
Parents: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse: Sarah Lucas m 23 Mar 1726 in Barnstable, Mass, aged 33
Child: Amos
Child: Benoni (twin) m Submit Pike, Nancy Wise and Experience Wheeler
Child: Lothrop Shurtleff m Submit Terry
Child: Lucy m a Crane
Child: Mary m Joshua Bush
Child: Susanna m Seth Griswold
Child: William (twin) m Hannah Cady

Reverand John Thomas Shurtleff
b 07 Jun 1857 Bourbon Co, Kentucky
d 10 Jul 1917 Sacramento, CA
burial East Lawn Memorial Park, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
Findagrave 99397070
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Mariette Little
Spouse: Effa Wilhelmina Faatz m 08 Jun 1880
Child: Mabel Louisa 1881-1881
Child: Frances Lodema Shurtleff, Mrs Charles Bessac 1894 - 1981
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Lothrop Shurtleff   4th great grandfather
b 21 Dec 1735 in Plympton, Plymouth, Mass
d 01 Apr 1810 in Compton, Quebec, Canada, aged 74
burial unknown
Findagrave 50458301
Served in the Revolutionary War
In 1757 he was called "of Windsor Conn" and settled in Tolland in 1758.
Soldier in Capt Charles Ellsworth's Company which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 from East Windsor.
Parents: John Shurtleff m Sarah Lucas
Spouse: Submit Terry m 15 Nov 1764 in Enfield, CT
Child: Amos m Nancy Brown
Child: Asenath m William McCray
Child: Asaph Shurtleff m  Rachel Ann Whitmore Elderkin
Child: Hannah m John Stimson
Child: Mary m Charles Scott
Child: Submit m Pearle Roberts

Lothrop Shurtleff  M.D. 2nd great grandfather
b 08 Dec 1797 in Chelsea, Vermont
d 16 Mar 1862 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada at the age of 64
burial Massawippi Cemetery, Massawippi , Quebec, Canada
Findagrave 73677435
Parents: Asaph Shurtleff m Rachel Ann Whitmore Elderkin
Spouse: Ruth Atwood Little m 19 Dec 1819 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada
Occupation: Doctor
Child: Alice Jane
Child: Amos
Child: Asaph William
Child: Helen Rosaline m Aaron DeWitt Forman
Child: John Alpha
Child: Lucia Sultana
Child: Doctor Mary Elizabeth Little m Ludo Burril Little m 1838
Child: Mary Jane
Child: Matthew Samuel: m ^Varilla Marston both in Pine Grove Cem, FAG # 14014142 & 36527323
       children Alice Maud, Mary Ruth, and Clara Lucia buried in Pinegrove FAG #14014145
       m2 Charlotte Avery Meek, child ^Roy Shurtleff, author of the 1976 genealogy.
Child: Solon
Child: Thomas Shurtleff m Lodema Caroline Percival

Mariette Varilla Charonat Shurtleff
b 17 Jul 1863 Hatley, Quebec
d 02 Jan 1891 Nevada City, Nevada Co, CA
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Mariette Little
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Matthew Samuel Shurtleff
b 12 Aug 1839 Hatley, Quebec
d 15 Aug 1890 Nevada City, Nevada Co, CA
burial Pine Grove Cemetery, Nevada City, Nevada Co, CA
Findagrave 14014142
Parents: Lothrop Shurtleff m Ruth Atwood Little
Spouse 1: Varilla Marston m Aug 1863Findagrave 36527323
Child: Alice Maud
Child: Mary Ruth
Child: Clara Lucia Shurtleff Findagrave 14014145
Spouse 2: Charlotte Avery Meek m 06 Dec 1885
Child: Roy Lothrop Shurtleff, author of 1976 genealogy
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Thomas Shurtleff   Great grandfather
b 24 Jun 1830 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada
d 25 May 1912 at noon in Cloverdale, CA at the age of 81
burial Plot 597, Cloverdale, Sonoma, CA May 27
Findagrave 34665787
Parents: Lothrop Shurtleff m Ruth Atwood Little
Spouse 1: Mariette Little m 28 Jan 1852 Hatley, Quebec
Child: William Taylor Shurtleff
Child: John Thomas Shurtleff
Child: Flora Irvin Shurtleff
Child: Clarence Asaph Shurtleff
Child: Mariette Varilla Charonat Shurtleff
Spouse 2: Lodema Caroline Percival m 10 Sep 1868 San Francisco, CA
Child: Helen Emily Shurtleff m Henry Cushing Stevens
Spouse 3:  Mary Evelyn Farmer Stevens, m 12/24/1896 Cloverdale, CA (see notes)
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William Shurtleff   7th great grandfather
b 16 May 1624 in Ecclesfield, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
d 23 Jun 1666 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass at 42 years
cause of death was killed by lightning coming down a chimney
buried 24 Jun 1666 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass, Winslow Cemetery  
Findagrave 25997496
Parents: unknown, see notes, supposedly Nicholas Shurtleff
Spouse: Elizabeth Lettice  m 18 Oct 1655 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass, aged 29  
Child: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Child: Thomas Shurtleff m Sarah Kimball
Child: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
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Captain William Shurtleff   6th great grandfather
b in 1657 in Barnstable, Mass
d 04 Feb 1730 in Plympton, Plymouth, Mass, aged 72
burial Cole's Hill aka Burial Hill, Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass 
Findagrave 30842168
First Captain of the Plympton Military Company
Parents: William Shurtleff m Elizabeth Lettice
Spouse: Susanna Lothrop m 20 Oct 1683 in Barnstable, Mass, aged approx 26
Child: Capt Jabez Findagrave 36498776 m Mary Waite
Child: Thomas Findagrave 74214349 m Phebe Shaw Findagrave 74214418
Child: Reverand William Findagrave 83440026 m Mary Atkinson
Child: ^Susanna Findagrave 36720461 m Josiah Cushman (note)
Child: John Shurtleff m Sarah Lucas
Child: Barnabas Findagrave 36500032 m Jemina Adams 365000300 (g grandfather killed by Indians)
Child: Ichabod m Hannah Carver
Child: Elizabeth, died very young
Child: Mary, died very young
Child: ^Sarah Findagrave 36726132 m Ignatius Loring (note)
Child: Samuel m Abigail Adams
Child: Abigail m Lazarus Sampson
Child: Nathaniel m Lydia Branch Barrows
Child: Daughter (drowned very young)
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William Taylor Shurtleff
b 09 Jul 1853 Hatley, Quebec
d Reno Nevada
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Mariette Little
Spouse: Clementine Evans b 1879
Child: Clementine Shurtleff, Mrs Everett Bibb, 1903 - 1987 Calif
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