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Sigebert I "The Lame"
King of Austrasia 561-575
d 575
Parents: Clotaire I
Spouse: Brunhilda
Child: Cloderic
Child: Childebert II, adopted by Guntram
15  51 52R8b

Sigebert III  
King of Austrasia 634-660ish
d c 660
buried cathedral at Nancy, Lorraine, France
Parents: Dagobert I
Spouse: unknown
Child: Dagobert II

Agnar Sigtrygsson or Agnar Sigtrygsson
King of Vend
b abt 693 in Vestfold, Norway
Parents: Sigtry of Vendil c 671 Sigtrygg Av Vendsyssel
Spouse: unknown
Child: Eirik Agnarsson

Sigurd Earl of Northumberland
Siward Bjornsson, Sigurd the Dane
General for Hardacanute and Edward the Confessor
b abt 1020 Denmark
d 1055 York, Yorkshire, England
buried St Olaf's Church, York, England
Findagrave 87862922
Parents: Biorn Ulfiusson Estridsen (Questionable, see notes)
Spouse:  Aelflaed
Child: Osberne, died in battle against the Scots
Child: Waltheof II Huntingdon m Judith of Lens
Notes 6'7" tall
15 125

Knud Sigurdsson (Harde-Knud or Canute)  Swedish
King of Denmark, Jutland and East Anglia, England
b abt 814, Hord, Jutland, Denmark
Parents: Sigurd Ragnarsson m Heluna Bleja c 800 (see notes)
Spouse: Elgiva
Child: Gorm Knudsson m Thyri Danebod Klacksdottir
50 52 113 115

Rebecca Simmons
b 03 June 1751 Ashford, Windham, CT
d Oct 1829 Hatley, Quebec, Canada
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Ebenezer Hovey
Child: Persis Hovey m Simon Kezar

Alice Skipwith  
b in 1476 in Allerton, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: ^Sir William Skipwith m Agnes Constable
Spouse: John Markham, Sir Knight
Child: John Markham, Sir Knight m  Margaret Landford
Child: Alice Markham
34  51 

Skjold King of the Danes  47th great grandfather
King of Denmark
b abt 259, Hleithra, Denmark
Parents: Woden
Spouse: Gefion c 241
Child: Fridleif Skjoldsson
15 52 125

Fridleif Skjoldsson
King of Denmark
b abt 259, Hleithra, Denmark
Parents: Skjold King of the Danes m Gefion c 241
Spouse: unknown
Child: Frodi Fridleifsson
15 52 103

Olaf Skotkonung III or Olof 'Skotkonung' Eriksson
King of Sweden
b 950, Sweden
d winter of 1022 (killed 1030?)
Parents: Erik VIII Bjornsson m Sigrid Storrada
Spouse: Edla of Wendland (Slavic)
Child: Emun, King of Sweden
Child: Astrid m Saint Olof II of Norway, daughter Wulfhild m Ordulf, Duke of Saxony, son of Bernhard II 
Spouse: Astrid of the Obotrites Princess
Child: Ingrid Olafsdottir m Yaroslav I
Child: Anund Jacob, King of Sweden 1022-1050
15 52 103 121 123 125  S1

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