1300's - End of the HRE. German princes sided with popes who said HRE could not assign bishops

1301 -  Edward I  revived the title of Prince of Wales for his son, Edward II

1303 - Edward negotiated peace with France, held onto England properties in France

1305 - Wallace captured, killed in London as traitor, Edward controls Scotland

Bruce murdered John Comyn at meeting in Greyfriar's Kirk at Dumfries

1306 - March 27, Bruce declared himself king. Edward defeated Bruce at Methven, Bruce became an outlaw.

1307 - Palm Sunday Bruce aided by Sir James Douglas, the Black Douglas took back control

1307 - King Philip orders the Templars killed?

1307 - Edward I died on expedition against Bruce. Edward IIbecame King of England Feb 25 1308. Edward II married Isabella Feb 25 1307, daughter of Philip IV of France

1309 - Bruce recognized as King of Scotland by France

1312 - Galveston murdered by Parliaments backed by Thomas, Earl or Duke of Lancaster, having been exiled by Edward I as being bad influence (lover) of Edward II who brought Galveston back after father's death. Parliament restricted Edward II's power

1314 - Bruce's daughter, Marjorie married Walter FitzAlan High Steward of Scotland, becoming the Stuart line

1314 June 24 - Bruce won over Edward II at Bannockburn. Edward was relieving Sterling Castle, Thomas, Duke of Lancaster refused to help

1320 - Pope declared anyone who would not declare loyalty to Edward excommunicated

1320- The Black Death, the Bubonic plague started in the Gobi Desert

1322 - Edward II defeated Lancaster who supported Scotland at Battle of Boroughbridge in Yorkshire and had him beheaded with 28 other rebel knights and barons.

Edward sent Isabella to France to negotiate Gascony with brother, Charles IV of France. She fell in love with Roger Mortimer (rebel baron in France, supporter of Thomas Lancaster), they returned to take London and Edward prisoner.

1327 - Sept 21, Edward II murdered in prison at Berkeley Castle,

1327 Feb 1 - Edward III crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey, aged 14

1328 - Bruce invaded England, Edward's Treaty at Northampton declared Scotland independent, Bruce as King and Bruce's excommunication was lifted. Declaration of Independence signed at Arbroath

1328 Jan 24 - Edward III married Phillipa Hainhault of France (daughter of William V, Count of Hainhault & Holland) Yorkminster, Yorkshire

1329 - Robert Bruce died

1329 - David II became King of Scotland

Edward pays homage for his French lands, again in 1331

1330 - Edward III leads palace revolt, hangs Roger Mortimer and exiles mother Isabella

1332 - Edward Balliol became King of Scotland

1333 - Edward III attacked Scots at Halidon Hill, defeated David II, John Baloil's son Edward crowned King of Scotland.

Edward III won support of the Emperor, German prices Hainhault and Holland but not Flanders, vassal of Philips VI who advanced on England from south. Edward proclaimed himself King of France via his mother, Isabella, and Flanders was able to support Edward. France supported Scotland and this led to 100 year war.

1337 - Edward pays homage for French lands, French support Scottish aggression, Edward supports Baloil, has support of Roman and German princes

Edward ravaged north and east France, Flemings urged to take throne by right of his mother.

1338 - David II became King of Scotland again

1340 - Naval battle of Sluys gave Channel control back to England

1341 - Bruce's grandson Robert Stewart (Robert II) took Perth with French help and brought uncle David out of voluntary French exile.

1346 Aug 26 - Victory at Crecy: English and Wales crossbows and artillery greatly defeated French at Crecy. France needed Scottish support. Calais taken 1347 after long artillery siege, remained English until 1558.

David II's army defeated by Edward III at Neville's Cross, David remained prisoner for twelve years

1347 - Edward, the Black Prince ended England's treaty with France by ruthlessly plundering Bourdeaux

1347 - The Black Death reached Constantinople

1348 to 1350 - The Black Death rampaged Europe, reducing population by half

1351 - Statute of Laborers fixed prices and wages, compelled able bodies to work when able

1352 - Treason was defined by English statute

1355 - England invaded France again

1356 - Battle of Poitiers, Black Prince defeated French cavalry and captured France King John and son, Blind King John of Bohemia was killed.

1357 - Robert II defeated Edward and ransomed David II

1359 - Edward IV the Black Prince last expedition to France, circled Paris who negotiated for peace. Paris was so devastated the English could not find food

1360 - Peace of Bretigny and Treaty of Bretigny ended first period of war, France surrendered north and western France (Aquitane, Calais, Pontheiu) to England. John retained title of King of France. Edward IV ruled Aquitane, backed Pedro the Cruel of Castile against Henry of Trastamara and withdrew, disgusted at Pedro's behaviour. He appeals to Charles V for money, Charles demands he consider Charles his lord, Edward IV refuses, Parliament advised Edward III regain French title. War alienated Aquitane to English.

1361 - Office of Justice of the Peace created to aide sheriffs

1362 - English replaced French as national language

1369 - John of Gaunt invades France. Phillipa died, Edward took Alive Perrers as mistress who dominates him and the crown

1370 - Edward IV returns to England and displaces brother, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

1371 - Robert II became King of Scotland

1374 - John of Gaunt returns, deals with Alice Perrers who controls Edward now old, becomes leader of the state. William Latimer (household chamberlain), Alice and Gaunt are in control.

1375 - English army weakened by plaque, Edward agrees to Treaty of Bruges and keeps only coastal towns of Calais, Bordeaux, and Bayonne

Geoffrey Chaucer, friend of Gaunt, writes Canterbury Tales.

1376 - Edward IV the Black prince dies, his father mourned believing price for usurping his father's throne.

John Gaunt's Parliament undid reforms and passed general poll tax and supports Wyclif at confiscating church estates, Gaunt and Bishop Courteney fight, leaving public on Bishop's side who goes after Wyclif, Gaunt flees.

1377 July 16 - Richard II, son of Edward, Prince of Wales, "the Black Prince" and Joan, the "Fair Maid of Kent" takes over at ten, crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey, Middlesex (no issue).

1380 - Henry Bolingbroke, future Henry IV, son of John Gaunt and Blanche Lancaster marries Mary Bohun.

1381 - Peasants revolt led by Jack Straw and Wat Tyler, Gaunt's home is burnt. Defused by Richard with false promises, Richard's unwise favoritism towards Michael de la Pole, Robert de Vere and others led Thomas, Duke of Gloucester and four other magnates to form the Lords Appellant who tried and convicted five of Richard's closest advisors for treason.

1382 Jan 14 - Richard II marries Anne of Bohemia, daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor & King of Bohemia at St. Stephen's Chapel in the Palace of Westminster, Middlesex

1389 - English in truce with France

1390 - Crippled Robert III took crown of Scotland at Robert II's death but left ruling to brother Duke of Albany who abdicated in 1399. Robert's son sent to France for safety but was captured by pirates

1390 - Robert III became King of Scotland

1394 - Beloved Anne of Bohemia died.

1394 - Mary Bohun died, wife of Henry Bolingbroke

1396 - Richard II married 7 year old Isabella daughter of Charles VI, King of France 4th November 1396 at Calais to end disputes with France (no issue)

1396 - Heavy taxes create conspiracy led by Henry Bolingbroke

1397 - Richard II arrests the Lords of Appellant, convinces Parliament to hang three, banished two for ten years, including Henry Bolingbroke, now the Duke of Hereford1399 - John of Gaunt died, Richard confiscates Lancaster estates

1399 - Richard II travels to Ireland to quell warring chieftains, allowing Bolingbroke to return to England and be elected king by Parliament.

1399 - Henry Bolingbroke crowned Henry VI, King of England, first Lancasterian King.

Richard II lacked support and was quickly captured by Henry IV.

1399 - Richard II is murdered in prison, first casualty of the War of the Roses, war between houses of Lancaster and York.

1399 Feb 3 - John of Gaunt died

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