4713 BC Three major chronological cycles (28 year solar, 19 year lunar, and 15 year Roman Indication) began on the same day, discovered by Joseph Scaliger in 1582
4500 Domestic horses used in the Ukraine
Europe The plow is used
Mesopotamia Susa and Kish are founded
4000 bef Neolithic era around the Nile
4000 Hale-Bopp comet visited
Tuberculosis, skilled goldsmiths, circumcision and cheese existed
The Indo-European language split into other languages (Tower of Babel?)
The woolly mammoth went extinct on Wrangel Island, north of the Arctic Circle
Europe traded with amber
Mesopotamia Sumerian writing used
4000's Africa Occupied by light skinned people in the north, Khosians in the south, pygmies in the central forests and black skinned people in the Sahara grasslands
4000's Anatolia Hittities settled near Cappadocia (land of pretty horses)
4000's China Farming was apparent in the north
4000's Europe Traded with amber
4000's Greece High Bronze Age began in Knossos, Crete
4000's Scotland Orkney islands were occupied
3761 Jewish calendar begins with Rosh Hashana
3000's Bronze was used, boats and ships existed
3000's Africa West coast of the Med occupied by Berbers. North and south are farming
3000's Asia North Asian Mongoloids moved south
3000's China Early form of beads on wires used
3000's Egypt Divided into two distinct areas, Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt
3000's England South occupied by people from Spain and Brittany
3000's Greece Indo-European people came south from NW Balkans
Bronze Age in Aegeans with Asian influence
3000's India East Indies occupied by Paleolithic men from the bridge of land from Australia
Hatha Yoga began
Iran Elamites occupy Iran, defeated and controlled by Sumerians and Akkadians
Mesopotamia Babylonia settled by Sumerians who used an abacus and used wood plows
Semitic language is related to Arabic and Hebrew
Palestine Early Bronze Age, Egyptian influences
Canaan has six states:
East of River Jordan: Gilread, Ammon, Edom., Moab
West of River Jordan: Judah, Israel
Persia Occupied by Elamites
Scotland 12 Stones of Stennes built on Orkeny Islands
3800 England Construction in England of the Sweet Track, the World's first known engineered roadway.
3761 Sept 6 - First day of the Hebrew Calendar
3700 Greece Crete established
3500 Cuneiform writing spread to Middle East
Mesopotamia Sumeria civilization developed
3400 Egypt Hieroglyphics are used in Egypt
3309 Mexico Mythical Mayan God GI existed
3300 Mexico Mayan calendar began
Mesopotamia The marking in clay began in Sumer
Otzi the Ice man lived in the Alps between Austria and Italy
3200 Mesopotamia (3500?) Semities from Arab peninsula speaking Akkadian settle in lower Mesopotamia, established Sumer region: first civilzation, powerful city by 3200 BC
The city of Ur in the Tigris Valley corresponds to the Biblical city Erech
Positional and base 60 number system and wheels were used
Sacred Vase of Warka used in Sumer to worship the goddess Innin
3200 Palestine Cannanites settle in Canaan, Semities are already in Palestine
World population was about 250 million?!
3114 Mexico Starting date of current Long Count in the Maya calendar
3102 India Feb 18 - Year 0 of the Hindu Kali Yuga
3100 England Earliest activity or building of Stonehenge
Scotland Neolithic settlement built at Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands
Greece Minoan civlization in Crete
Egypt Earliest known Egyptian hieroglyphs
3000 India Time of Krishna

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