400's BC Pentateuch-first five books of the Old Testament evolve in final form
400's Celts from the Alps flowed into Italy
400's Monogoloid people from entered Japan to mix with the Jomon people
400's Europe Herodotus of Halicarnassus reported a merchant from Samos named Colacus landed at the Tartessus (modern River Guadalquivir in southern Spain) where he found tribes of Keltoi working the silver mines.
400's Greece Herodotus was the first historian to write comprehensive stories
499 Greece Ionians, Athens revolted against early Persian tyrants
Greeks burned Sardis, Darius I of Persia sacked Miletus, ending the revolution
493 Rome allied with Latin League, a federation of cities in Latium for war assistance
490 Greece Greeks defeat attacking Persians, Battle of Marathon Sept 9th
475 Europe Boii and Insubres Celts defeated the Etruscan empire armies at Ticiano, taking control of the Po valley.
470 Greece Soccrates was born in Athens (469?)
467 Greece Meteorites convince Greeks heavenly bodies were not divine beings after all
464 Greece Third Messenian War
460 Greece Hippocrates born
First Peloponnesian War, Persia against the Greeks
450 Greece Herodotus' journey to Scythian lands north of the Black Sea to hear tales of "Amazon" women who were fierce killers of men, meaning 'without one breast'
449 Greece Second Sacred War
447 Greece Parthenon is built as temple to goddess Athena in Athens (to 432)
445 Palestine Nehemiah rebuilt walls of Jerusalem
431 Greece Spartans finally defeat Athens in Peloponnesian Wars (to 404)
427 Greece Plato, real name Aristocles, was born
409 Phoenicia Sicily becomes part of Carthage
405 Egypt Persian rule of Egypt ended
396 Europe Celts defeated the Etruscans at Melpum (Melzo, west of Milan)
390 Europe Senones Celts ('the veterans') led by Brennus defeated the Romans in Rome (July 19) so badly it took the Romans 200 years to recover. After seven months and a ransom of 100 pounds of gold, the Celts moved along to Picenum on Italy's eastern seaboard
334-335 Europe Alexander of Macedonia met the Celts on the Danube banks to make an agreement: The Celts would not attack his empire while he was off conquering in the east. Only after his death they expanded to Moravia and Thace.
332 Syria Hellenistic period, Antioch became capital, not Damascus
332 Alexander the Great ruled Egypt
Alexander the Great took Babylonia
Alexander the Great ruled all of Israel
Alexander the Great took control of Phoenicia
333 Alexander the Great conquered Anatolia
333 Alexander the Great conquered Syria
323 Alexander died in Babylon, June 13
323 Egypt Egypt controlled by the Ptolemies of Egypt
323 Palestine Ptolemy of Egypt ruled to 198
305 Kingdom of the Seleucids was founded by Seleucus I, ruled Babylon and Syria
301 Anatolia Ptolomies and Seleucids divided Anatolia

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