9 AD Rome tried to take Germany, Germanic warriors crushed Romans
Romans built wall called "the limes" south of the Danube against Germanic warriors
30 Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judah orders Jesus' death
37 Tiberius dies, (inherited Rome from Augustus), replaced by Caligula
41 Caligula assassinated, replaced by Claudius
43 Roman Emperor Claudius sends Aulus Plautius and 40,000 men on Britain expedition, established bases in now Kent took 40 years to settle. Romans did not want Scotland or Wales who resisted Roman rule. Romans legions at Chester and Caerwent against Picts and Celtic tribes. Hadrian's wall 72 miles long was built connecting the Tyne to the Solway. (121?) Those who supported Gauls on mainland were punished.
54 Claudius poisoned, succeeded by Nero
64 Roman persecution of Christians begin
68 Nero commits suicide
71 Roman Colosseum built in Rome (to 80 AD)
84 Romans control Mesopotamia, Balkans, Arabia
106 Roman Emperor Trajan took Dacia, now Hungary and Romania
117 Emperor Hadrian rules Rome (to 138 AD)
Codifies Roman law, rebuilds Pantheon, establishes postal system
161 Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius rules Rome (to 180)
Defends Rome from northern Germanic tribes and eastern Parthians
193 Roman Clodius Albinis declared himself governor of Britain
250 Start of invasions of Franks and Goths
306 Constantine was declared Emperor by his troops
312 Constantine reunites eastern and western Rome
313 Constantine issues Edict of Milan legalizing Christianity
330 Constantine builds new capitol Constantinople at Byzantium
337 Constantine becomes Christian on his deathbed
325 Council of Nicaea defines orthodox Christian doctrine
383 Magnus Maximus becomes Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
388 Theodosius defeats, captures and executes Maximus, Dionotus, the brother of Caradocus, became king of the Britons
392 Theodosius rules Rome to 395, last emperor of united Rome.
395 Rome divided, east ruled from Constantinople, west ruled from Rome
400's Romans abandoned Britain, creating Dark Ages. Roman language did not prevail, religion did

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