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That's the end of the tour.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite haunt.

The Queen Anne was originally a girl's boarding school built in 1890. While the management does not advertise a presence in room Mary Lake's room 410, if asked, will provide the story of a client who woke to find themselves lovingly tucked in on a cold night.

Our first stay was in room 416, a very small corner room with angled ceilings yet extremely cozy. Very fitting to a servant or less distinquished student. Since our second visit, we have stayed in room 406, and I feel welcomed home every time we are there.  We were booked into room 411 once, and I could not have felt more unewelcome despite it's size and lavish firnishings. When we asked for ashtrays they said an error had been made as that was a non-smoking room, and handed us keys to another room. Room 406.  I would like to stay in 410 and see 208. There is something about that room. The couch sitting area outside it's door is one that produces pictures of orbs for many of the Queen Anne's visitors.

I can walk from the fourth floor to the first floor almost any time of day without running into anyone else, and find any excuse to go wander through the corridors filled with rich hangings and lavish furnishings, burgundy walls and lovely antiques and secret corners. The mirror next to room 208 in uncomfy, but the mirror in the hallway next to that is much worse. It's like an entrance to another world.

I was honoured to be allowed to tour the locked fifth floor on one visit. I wish I could have stayed hours exploring it's dark corners, dusty rooms, whispers and hidden secrets.

There are ghost tours starting in the lobby on the weekends. We highly do not recommend the tour unless you are truly very bored and have $20 per person to throw away.

The Queen Anne will always be our favorite place to stay in the city.
It's like coming home.

For much lovlier pictures and more information, please visit
the Queen Anne website at


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