Sept 28, 2002

After settling the girls in with the band authorities, we took off for food and fun.

Coffee at the Moving Mocha, then we had our first and last lunch at LePhelm Cafe.  No joke on the name. It should have been our first clue, but hey, we were hopeful. The food was horrid, the service was worse, the price was high no matter what it was.

I wrote 'scattering skittles" and I have no idea what I meant now.

Returning to the kids, we find that Weaver took first, second, third and sweepstakes! Jena and Bri chose to ride back home on the bus, so we stopped by the Morgan Moore Nursery in Brentwood where we bought the greatest California Elephant Ears plant, the rare Clevelandii sage as well as a Ti plant and Yarrow. At the Perez Nursery we gave it a two thumbs down and went on. We necked in line at Safeway, then found a wonderful birdbath and a flat rat stepping stone for the garden.

On the way home, we saw parachuting dune buggies. Really.

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