August 3, 2003

David and Anne brought out the new TR7 for a trip to Big Sur for the day, primarily to distract Anne from the throes of dispair after my baby girl got on a plane to visit her father in Mississippi for two weeks. Jena's first plane trip, Anne's first serious separation anxiety attack.  

A Walmart stop in Los Banos provided David with swim trunks, tapes from the clearance section of Jim Croce, Don McLean and the Righteous Brothers.

Breakfast was at 1pm in Jamestown at the Mother Lode Coffee Shop. The atmosphere and the old fashioned napkin dispenser earned them a point, everything else was as expected.

Notes for the rest of this trip are disjointed, but Anne ended up with a Audrey Hepburn scarf for her hair, (the TR7 is a convertible) purchased at a place called "Local Color" in Big Sur. A balm I had been looking for since forever was found at "Heartfelt." The trip was a delight, breezing along in the tall trees and cool air compared to the stifling central valley heat.

This might have been the trip where we took Highway 1 on the coast back. We stopped when we could not stand the cold anymore despite the car heater, changed into our levi's stashed in the trunk, continued down the socked in, intense fog covered windy road another corner to find ourselves back in sunlight and 90 degree weather.

We froze on the way home, coming home with iced fingertips and toes, and burnt to a crisp.

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