Friday, July 18, 2008 - Eagle Meadows Camping

A long awaited camping trip, the first trip for two years!
Food for two for a weekend     $270
Camping supply purchases $420
Replace broken equipment while camping $171
Mental health weekend in the woods Priceless

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The truck is loaded, we are gone. Leaving the smoke filled valley due to the hundreds of California fires, we pass the start of a fire near Chinese Camp, and spot the neon highway sign that said "Escaped Prisoner - Do Not Pickup Hitchhikers." Yipee!!! Perfect weather promised a wonderful weekend.
The tennis shoe tree was priceless, worth turning around for. Two hours later, our normal camping spot was open, thank you, Lord.  The firepit was destroyed, evidence of logging was everywhere, but we were home! Only after we started to unpack did we discover we had forgotten our pillows, and our blow up bed.
Sleeping on the ground is never on my menu. The camping kitchen table, the six foot tall tent and new lanterns were wonderful. We discovered at 3 am that our heavy beach towels were a relief from the extremely hard ground and we slept well for a few hours. The full moon and stars were heavenly but the continual jets were a drag.
Morning campfire, a book and a few pots of coffee thankfully before the stove gave out with a major propane leak. Off we go to explore. The view at 7000 feet is rather spectaular, we are at the top of the world! The camping kitchen never left the tailgate so we had lunch at the river where David went fishing, Anne read.
Dardanelles for a new stove, blow up bed, Kennedy Meadows for a drink at the bar, Bengay and a fly swatter. We passed horses on the road where Anne and a mama horse with her colt fell in love. The wind chime sounds were finally explained, so many black and white cows hiding in the woods!
We took off up on road 5N01, back up to 8000 odd feet and the top of the world again. We saw the Bennett Juniper tree, but did not go as fas as the Silver Creek Mine, another two hours at 5 mph. Windy Ridge reminds you of the Von Trapp family. Salmon, sausage and noodle dinner was superb! Asleep by dark on a BED.
Another glorious morning, leisurely reading by the campfire with coffee for hours turned into a frantic breakfast (but delicious!!) while you pack in the rain. The gorgeous fluffy white thunder clouds of Saturday afternoon, to our east, evidentally went west (??) and dropped the rains on us, as well as frequently changing temps.
Coats on, coats off. Coats on, coats off.  Back up the mtns looking for more wonderful, private campsites where my grand daughters might survive without toilets. I discovered a "gnome tree", and a big surprise was the antennae at the top of 5N04. Back down again, 5 mph, 13 miles in a few hours.
We stopped at Diamond Jim's in Mi Wuk on the way back, passing over the Inn at Strawberry for some unknown reason. Well, they had scallone. Small wonders.   Home again, home again, to hot showers, hot tub, Icy Hot and our own little bed. David called Monday morning from work and said, pack it up, we need to go back.

Eagle 4 trip

We did indeed return within a few weeks. This time we took my son, John, his wife , Stacie, and my two blonde elfin grand daughters, Emerie and Paige. Our space, once more, was available!

The weekend was designed to surprise Emerie with a horseback ride, albeit it was just being led about on a lead. The weekend has numerous firsts, including swarms of meat bees during every meal who did indeed bite! The camping kitchen held up despite being designed for two. A new, bigger one is in my head for later, if need be. Another blow up bed purchase at Dardanelle's made John & Stacie's night MUCH better Saturday night.

A stop at Pinecrest on the way home Sunday topped the week end off, a lovely time for all.

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