June 2, 2000

David's birthday weekend in San Francisco was cancelled at the last minute due to the family Jena was going to stay with came down with the Chicken Pox!  We started out to eat dinner at Reinero's and ended up at D'Angelo's.

The next day we bundled Jena up and we headed to Kennedy Meadows, trying to keep our destination a sceret. My daughter will bug you until she gets iut out of you, she cannot tolerate secrets. After stopping for tennies at Sonora's Big Five we hit the riding stables. Our guide Kenny was on his horse Starbucks, I rode Agnes, Jena rode McDow and David has Dias. We rode to the top of the range through some pretty steep and rocky trail to rest looking over lower Relief Resevoir, but Jena did well.

We stopped at the Strawberry Inn for dinner, eating outside on a delightful but slightly rocking platform hanging over the roaring river. Jena got ahold of my notebook later and wrote in, "Do not eat Cheeseburger, Cajun Hot Catfish, great Tri Tip."

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