April 17, 1999

Somewhere we had gotten the idea that we should fly kites, and then that idea evolved to building them. Something new to try and build? Right up my alley. We immediately packed off to our local library for a dozen kite books, gathered cigarettes, drinks and books to settle on the green leaf forest Lady Anne bed to pour through the information for hours.

Next came the problem of where to procure the items needed. David decided a trip to San Francisco was in order. I had not been for many, many years. Little did I know this was the first trip of many, another complete way of life for us.

We checked into the Union Square Holiday Inn, recommended by my step son, Michael. Oh boy. There was more black leather and spikes than I have imagined could exist. We politely, quietly, asked the hotel clerk if this was, um, normal. He casually explained a Leather and Leadership convention was in town. Man oh man. Ever see a guy wearing chaps...and nothing else? The remainder of the weekend was spent desperately trying not to laugh each time we encountered another biker.

After the initial search for kite stores, we squeezed in a few stained glass stores, the fabric and bead stores on Haight, going home with an incredible garden face statue we call Tom, and a long full green skirt from the Haight. A stop at Victoria's Secret for the most incredible teal silky robe I have ever seen, let alone owned. Then, David says ever eat Ethiopian? I try not to turn green. Politely, I whisper, "No" then realizing this man does not know me well enough to know that whisper really meant,"No, and there is a really good reason I have never tried it." It's futile, the man has this look in his eyes, he is starting to salvitate as we approach this, this BLUE building.  Bright blue. Weird. Weirder decor. We walk in. I am holding my breath and praying, really hard. I take a deep breath. That actually is the most heavenly smell, ok, ok, I am game. I won't die. I'll be brave. It was the The Massawa Ethiopian restaurant on Haight. My notebook is full of the names of the food I could not begin to pronounce.

This trip is to blame. It's all David's fault. I was a completely happy, oblivious, total hermit before he took me on this trip.

The kite? It did get built, but it never flew well. It's still hanging out in the craft room. I MUST remember next April to try again!

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