The James left King's Road in Bristol on 23 May 1635 with her master, John Taylor, along with the Angel Gabriel, the Elizabeth (the Bess), the Mary and the Diligence. The James and the Angel Gabriel stayed together while the three faster and smaller boats went on to Newfoundland. The Angel was wrecked off the coast of Maine, but the James made it into Boston, torn and shredded.

Maud Rev Daniel (father in law to Mrs. Mather) (Maude, Daniel Rev. from Halifax, York, bound for Boston & Dover. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 186) 
Wale, Nathaniel 
Fower, Barnabas 
Armitage, Thomas
Mather, Richard 
Atherton, Humphrey (brother-in-law to Nathaniel Wales) 
Smith, John 

Thanks to Don Johnston of Kent who sent along this information:

Banks, The Planters of the Commonwealth, pp. 134-5, lists the following passengers of the James on its eventful, storm-tossed voyage, May 23, 1635 to August 17, 1635:  James

Armitage, Thomas (From Bristol, Glouchestershire, bound for Ipswitch. Ref: Pope 36 pg 55)
Armitage, Joseph
Armitage, Godfrey  
Fawer, Barnabas  (Farr, from Bristol, Glouchestershire, bound for Dorchester. Ref: Pope 36 pg 55)
Fawer, Mrs. Dina  
Kendrick, George (George and John, from Lancashire, bound for Scituate and Boston. Ref: Pope. 36 pg 89) 
Kendrick, Mrs. Jane  
Mather, Rev. Richard (From Toxteth, Lancashire, bound for Dorchester. Ref: Savage. 36 pg 88)
Mather,  Mrs. Katherine
Mather,  Samuel
Mather, Timothy
Mather, Nathaniel
Mather, Joseph  
Maude, Rev. Daniel  
Mitchell, Matthew  (From South Owram, York, bound for Wetherfield CT, Charlestown, MA, Concord , Springfield and Stamford, CT. RefL NEGR 11/241. 36 pg 186)
Mitchell, Mrs. Susan
Mitchell, Jonathan   
Smith, John  
Smith, Mrs. Mary
Smith, Mary
Wales, Nathaniel  

Rev. Richard Mather kept a journal of the voyage, and I believe most of the
above names may be found listed in it. The ship, of 220 tons, carried "one
hundred passengers, honest people of Yorkshire", so this is but a small portion
of the names. More can be read about the journey here:
James sources:

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