2000's BC Large amounts of people migrated to Europe, the middle East, Persia and India
2000's Germanic Vikings from north west Europe migrated to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and used runes
2000's Africa Kingdom of Kush was established south of Egypt (to 350 BC) near the Sudan and Nile Rivers and became an iron center
2000's Arabia Meccan legends of Abraham building the Kaaba (Arabic for cube)
2000's China Chinese writing system is developed
2000's England Occupied by people from the Rhine and Danube River regions
2000's India Tantra was practised with Sanskrit texts and ritual copulation
2000's Italy Indo-Europeans move north and occupy the Alps
2000's Phoenicia Little known Phoenicians settled in Byblos on the east coast of the Med Sea
2850 China Emperor Fushi declared people would be known with a formal last name along with the familiar first name
2850 Egypt King Menes of upper Egypt united lower and upper Egypt
Dynasty I & II (King Den: If the 4th king of the 1st dynasty's tomb dates to 2980, Menes would have to have been older than this.)
2850 Mesopotamia First dynasty of Uruk, still considered legendary
First dynasty of Ur under King Mesilim, King of Kesh.
First dynasty of Lagash under Ur-Nina or Uranshe (3375?)
2772 Egypt Egypt started the 365 day calendar
2750 China First ink made from soot and animal gelatin (Egypt?)
England Silbury Hill constructed in Avenury England
Mesopotamia Assyrians occupied Assur and Nineveh in upper Tigris Valley, Queen Pu-Abi in Uruk.
Scotland Orkney Island tomb and Viking Runes
2704 Moses is born according to the Jewish calendar
2700 Mesopotamia Sumerian King Gilgamesh rules the city of Uruk
2656 Egypt Dynasty IV under King Snerfru who built the pyramid of Medum
Egypt Palermo stone was written
2637 China Legend of Emperor Huangdi inventing the calendar which is traced back to the 14th century BC
2615 Egypt Dynasty III under King Zoser who built the Step Pyramid with architect Imhotep
2601 Egypt One of Egypt's pharoah's sons, Nik’ure, wrote the first "Being of sound body and mind" will.
2600's Anatolia Early Bronze Age
2500's Iran Elamite dynasty of Awan began in Iran
2500 Europe Habitation at Trier, Germany
Settlement at mound of Hissarlik in northwest Turkey (Troy)
2440 Egypt Dynasty V under Cheops who started the grand pyramid at Giza
2400 Palestine Egyptians led excursions into Canaan
2360 Mesopotamia Sumerian Sargon leaves Kish in Sumer and builds Akkad, takes Uruk, created the first empire, Akkadia, controlling Akkad, Sumer, Elam
Syria Sargon of Akkad took lands in northern Syria
2300 China Hmongs live in central plains
Palestine Canaanites developed a writing systems based on Egyptian hieroglyphics
Sea people, Phoenicians, living on Levantine coast
2200 Greece People speaking Greek came from the north with heavy clothes
2150 The Great Flood according to the Jewish calendar
2140 Mesopotamia Third Ur dynasty under Urnamma of Ur who produced law codes
2100 Syria Semitic Amorites from Arabian coast settled in Damascus
Bulgaria Gold jewelry made near Dubovo by the Thracians
2000/4 Mesopotamia Sumerians built Ziggurat at Uruk for the god of the moon
2000 China European (Tocharians?) mummies in Taklamakan "Place of no return" desert of central China
Egypt Cats were domesticated, astronomers could predict flooding of the Nile
Greece Crete cities Phaetus and Knossus had elaborate palaces, religious centers
Palace of Minos was built in Minoas, dominately female culture
First written accounts of Schizophrenia.
2000 Palestine Abraham was born
2000 on Palestine Amorites from Lebanon moved into Palestine, settling in 1850 on plains
1900's Anatolia First Hitittie settlement
1900's Europe Beaker people appear in southern Britain, as early as 4000 BC
1900's Mesopotamia Tables of square roots, cube roots, expotential functions, Pythagorean numbers existed
1900's Syria Invaded by Hurrians
1991 Egypt Dynasty XII at Lisht under Amenemhet I
Beginning of literature era
Cats were domesticated to catch snakes. Picture of men doing housework!
1900/2 Mesopotamia Amorites took over Sumer and Akkad under Ibbsin
Elamites devasted Ur and took Ibbsin prisoner (2004?)
1970 Mesopotamia Sumerians lost independence to the Sumerian cities Isin and Larsa
1900 Mesopotamia
Hebrews and Israelites left Mesopotamia for Palestine, including Abraham
Other Israelites went to Egypt and were made slaves by Ramses II
1800's Anatolia Anittas, King of Kushshar (Kussar) in Cappadocia defeated Bijustis, King of Hatti and their capital Hattushash
1800's Europe General Bronze Age for all of Europe
1800's Mesopotamia Babylonians used a 6 and 12 decimal system to measure time
1800's India Indus Valley civilization ends due to invaders from the northwest mountain passages
1887 Egypt Sesostris III ruled, conquered Nubia, tried for Palestine
1850 Egypt Egyptian scribe Ahmes stated that pi = 256/81 app. 3.160
1830 aft Mesopotamia King Sumiabum of Akkadia founded the Amorite dynasty, the first Babylonian empire, northern Mesopotamia
1813 Abraham is born according to the Jewish calendar
1800 First wall of Jerusalem built according to the Jewish calendar
1700's China Shang Dynasty was established in the Huang He Valley, lasting 600 years
1700's Mesopotamia Sixth Amorite king Hammurabi conquered all kingdoms in lower Mesopotamia
Established the old Babyloninan Empire
Created the Code of Hammurabi, first law code was written that include an "eye for an eye"
1700's Greece Mycenae in Peloponnesus destroyed by earthquakes, Minoan civil wars
1787 Mespotamia Amorites conquered Uruk and Isin (1787 to 1785)
1785 Egypt Dynasty XIII at Thebes, Dynasty XIV at Xois
1765 Tower of Babel is built according to the Jewish calendar
1713 Sodom & Gomorrah are destroyed according to the Jewish calendar
1700 Mesopotamia Hurrians invade Mesopotamia from the Caucasus
1600's Chocolate invented in Honduras!
1600's Greece Linear script began in Crete
1600's Greece Crete palaces were destroyed, they relocate to Greece
1600's India Indus Valley taken by Aryans, gene patterns confirm
1600's Palestine Hurrians moved into Canaan
1600's Syria Conquered by Hittities
1678 Egypt Dynasty XV ruled by the Hyksos Chian at Avaris, who horses brought into Egypt
1600/2 Anatolia Labarnash ruled at Kushshar, queen Tawannannas, son Hattishlish I
1600 Egypt Dynasty XVI I Egyptians fought against Hyksos
Chocolate produced in Honduras

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