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There is a wide variety of things to see, from recent stained glass, our hummingbirds and their nests, to the Aol Baby Boomers and our cook book - a tight group who have known each other on line as well as in person since 1995.  

We hope you enjoy our pages, wandering through the clip art or just enjoy reading about thoughts and ideas.

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Packrat Productions started in 1993 when Anne and Helen met working at the local fabric store. They spent the next several years delighting in every art, craft and medium they found.  Helen had to move Arkansas, but they still continue their friendship through snail mail and the phone lines, as well as their pledge of originality, perfection to the best of their ability.  Helen  finally went online in 1999, making life a great deal easier.

Anne continued to craft locally, face paint at the local Farmer's Market and craft every hour when she is not on the computer. Helen started working for a large fabric store happily brought home her paycheck in yardage and other goodies until she discovered motherhood.  Her hands are quite full with her new son, Josh and her newest addition, Katherine. Payback is a witch.

Anne is the mother of two and a half children, grandmother (whoosh!) of Emerie Clare and Paige Elizabeth , devoted to David, a full fledged computer addict, the willing slave of four dogs, seven cats,  one bunny, and tries to say "No" to returning to Girl Scouts, the Wildlife Association or the SPCA.  She is currently a local police officer volunteer. She believes in God and the peace-and-love-harm-no-one principals of the hippie era - her formative years.

The Packrat pages have grown beyond my wildest dreams, starting out simply for a place for the Aol Baby Boomers to post their pictures. Nine years later, the pages include the only and largest Pilgrim ship cross list on the net, a 4 million year timeline of history and my genealogy which stretches past the mists of time to whispered legends and the year 60.

Other interests and favorite things in fire include (not in preference order) animals, antiques, astrology, beading, bunnies, camping, cats, celtics, ceramics, clothing and costume design, clotted cream, coffee, cooking, cross stitch,  dancing, dogs, dollhouses,  drambuie, drawing, fabric painting, ferrets, forests, gardening, genealogy, graphic design, graveyards, guitar, haunted houses, history, jewelry making, miniatures, music, old houses, painting, philosophy, photography, piano, plants, quilting, reading, research, renaissance, sewing, silver, stained glass, walking, web pages, woodworking, writing, Mastermind and the Commodore game Mosaic.  Anyone know of an IBM version? 

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