I had to make hundreds of itsy bitsy bows for our Girl Scout troop Christmas project (Christmas angels, pictured below), and my family got very tired of holding out two tiny paint brush handles for me to tie them on.  This led to a poll on how other crafters made their bows. Ever try this one? Put two wooden spoons in the very front of a kitchen drawer, handles up, brace the drawer shut against the spoons with your hip, and tie the ribbon around the handles!  Wow, Chris! One day, we came up with a solution - the itsy bitsy bow maker and it's simply great.

You can make itsy bitsy 1/2" bows all the way up to 11" bows, plain or fancy.
It is a simple solid wood peg system and will last forever.

The bowmaker comes with detailed instructions how to make both classic blows and larger gift box or wreath bows.

You can make a dozen PERFECT, IDENTICAL bows in literally minutes!


Itsy Bitsy Bowmaker is only $12
Price does not include $6 shipping and handling any where in the US

Our Girl Scout Christmas Angels

These angels are one to three inches tall and simply delightful.
They made wonderful tree decorations, fund raisers and Christmas gift toppers.
Very poor pictures, but you get the idea. Instructions are here.

Comments from satisfied buyers:
(These are actual letters)

This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you, Anne! It helped me more than I can say. Helen, Georgia

Wow. This worked so well, we made all our bows in record time, easily, and they were identical and perfect. Thank you! Betty, Texas

I wanted to write and let you know that I finally had the chance to use the bowmaker. I just made about 20 bows. I didn't understand it at first, but the diagram is what really helped me, and once I got the hang of it, it was easy. I can't believe how nice they come out and how little effort it takes. Thank you so very much. It is great to be able to make any color bow and any size that I need now. And there is no way that I could make a bow that looks as nice as these do. You really saved me. And it's fun to do as well. There is nothing like instant gratification! Again, thank you for your help..... and for your wonderful little machine. I will certainly put it to good use! Gigi, California


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