Christmas Angel Directions

You will need:

Scrap fabric
Silver or Gold Pipe Cleaners
Light wire
Cotton balls
Black Fine Tip Marker
Flour and water paste
Wax Paper
Ribbons (1/4" thick)
1/2" Wooden beads or balls (with holes)
Ornament hangers

Make a light flour and water paste (recipe below) and dip the fabric into the mixture. Wring well, lay flat on pieces of wax paper over night or until dry.  

Cut fabric into pieces as listed below. Iron flat, then iron into accordions, 1/2 deep pleats, making sure the outer edges are folded to the back.

Place a pipe cleaner in the center of the skirt folds, one end about half way down the skirt, leaving most of the pipe cleaner sticking out of the top of the dress. Gather the top of the skirt together, add the wings and arms, one to each side. The arms, or lower half, should be slightly longer than the wings, or upper lengths.

Wrap all three pieces of fabric together tightly with light wire, tight enough to hold securely, not tight enough to crumble the accordion pleats. Tie the wire  together in the back of the dress and then twist it together with the pipe cleaner. Cut the wire and pipe cleaner ends to 1/2" if needed and tuck into the dress pleats.

Add a wooden ball on to the pipe cleaner. Leaving about 1/4" of pipe cleaner sticking out of the head, make a halo sized loop, twist the end back onto the same stem and cut off remaining pipe cleaner. Form the halo over the head, it's stem towards the back.

Lightly pull apart cotton balls to form hair and glue on the head around the halo and down over the neck area.

Add a tiny bow with long tails, satin rose or other decoration to the front of the dress to cover the wire. Draw a face on the wooden ball. We drew closed eyes with lashes and an open, singing mouth.

Pull out the pleats at the skirt bottom, the arms and wings, add a standard Christmas ornament hanger to the back of the halo.

Fabric cuts:

Large Angel:
Skirt: Cut one piece, 12" wide, 3" tall
Wings/arms: Cut two pieces, 4" wide,  2" tall

Small Angel:
Skirt: Cut one piece, 8" wide, 1 1/2" tall
Wings/arms" Cut two pieces, 2" wide, 1" tall

Flour Water Starch

Take a quarter cup of flour and add enough water to mix well, add more water slowly.

Eliminate all lumps, strain if necessary. (Just like you are making gravy base)

Add enough water to make a two cup mixture, place in a pan or skillet and bring to a boil, stiring constantly, adding water when needed to make a thin paste.

You want something the consistency of slightly thick milk. The thicker the mixture, the tougher it will be, but you don't want to make it so thick it is no longer transparent. Experiment.

Dip the fabric in the mixture when cool enough to handle, wring well and place flat to dry.

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