Mama Anna's 2003 Nest

Mama built another nest in May of 2003, not a foot away from her 2002 nest, which was still in tact. The nests are attached to strong lower vines just 4 feet off the ground and under a vast camopy of clematis, on the east side of the west fence, and tucked well away from the hurricane winds that seem to flow through that yard area.

Two highlight from this year's nest were the spider and Mama gently whacking a baby to eat.

This big black hairy spider came visiting the nest. The Jaws theme should be playing as the spider appears from under a leaf and approaches the babies. Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum....He would creep up to the nest and onto the babies. We shivered. The babies held ever so still until they whacked him off with their wings, but he kept coming back. Then Mama showed up and literally sat on  top of the babies until he got close enough to poke. I swear her expression became angry when she spied him. Birds have expressions? Mama wasn't going to put up with him and repeatedly poked at him from on and off the nest until he fell to the ground. Since she would not simply pick him up was she concerned he could harm her? When he returned when Mama had gone, we poked him off the nest.

Mama came to feed her babies but One wasn't ready to eat so Mama rapped her on the head, softly but firmly, quickly, twice. Pop, her mouth finally opened and Mama fed her. Absolutely hilarious.

"Flight day" came and although One had done plenty of practice, she wasn't leaving.  Three days later, she finally did leave the nest, followed by Two the next day.


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