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Rudolph I
King of Burgundy and Italy
b abt 847, Arles, Toulouse, France 859?
d 06 Oct 911, Regensburg, Germany, 25 Oct 912?
Parents: Conrad II m Waldrada
Spouse: Gisele
Child: Rudolph II  m Bertha of Swabia
Child: Willa of Burgundy m Boson Marquis of Tuscany
Child: ^Adelaide m Louis III Blind Emperor
15 103 104 110 125

Rudolph II
King of Burgundy and Italy
King of the West Franks 929 to 936
b abt 902, Burgundy, France
d 11 Jul 0937
Parents: Rudolph I m Gisele
Spouse: Bertha of Swabia
Child: Adelaide of Burgundy m Otto I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
Child: Conrad I m Matilda of France
15 50 104 110 125

Cecily de Rumilly
b abt 1100, Normandy, France
Parents: ^Robert de Rumilly c 1072
Spouse: William de Meschines
Child: Avice la Meschines m Hugh Mortimer
Child: Maud la Meschin m Philip de Belmeis

Rurik, Grand Prince of Kiev Swedish
Viking from Sweden, first ruler of Moscow 862 - 879
b 820, Ladoga
d 879
Parents: Halvdan Haraldsson Av Danmark
Spouse: Efenda
Child: Igor m Olga of Novogorod
15 50 115 123 125

George Russell 8th great grandfather  
b abt 1595 in Hawkhurst, Kent, England (1616?)
d 23 May 1694 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass, aged 99
buried in High Street Cemetery, Hingham, Plymouth Co, Mass.
Findagrave 34683530
George appears on the passenger list of The Elizabeth, 1636, roll #22
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Jane Davenport  m 14 Feb 1640 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Mass
Child: Mary Russell m Captain John Jacob
Child: Patience b 1647 m Purth MackFarlin, son John MacFarland
15 17 13 22 55

Mary Russell  
b 01 Apr 1641 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., Mass
d 02 Oct 1691 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., Mass, aged 52
buried in High Street Cemetery, Hingham, Suffolk, Mass.
Findagrave 34683953
Parents: George Russell m Jane Davenport
Spouse: Captain John Jacob on 3 Oct 1661 in Hingham, Suffolk Co., Mass age 20
Child: Deborah Jacob m Mathew Cushing
Other children: Peter, Elizabeth, Lydia, David, John, Deborah, Jael, Abigail, Samuel, Hannah
17 C1

Margaret Russell
b abt 1624 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass
d 06 Nov 1681 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Andrew Pitcher
Child: Experience Pitcher m Joseph Bugbee

Eudo de Rie or de Rye "The Sewer"
b Normandy, France
d 1120 France
buried St John's Abbey, Colchester, Essex, England
Findagrave 89080193
Parents: Hubert de Rye
Spouse: Rohaise de Clare
Child: Margaret de Rye m William de Mandeville
51 101 106 125

Hubert de Rye
circa 1000
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Agnes Berengar 126
Child: Eudo de Rie m Rohaise de Clare
51 101

Margaret de Rye
b abt 1075, of Colchester, Essex, England
Parents: Eudo de Rie & Rohaise de Clare
Spouse: William de Mandeville
Children listed under William de Mandeville
51 101 106 125

John Ryse  
b 1472 in Bures, St. Mary's, Suffolk, Eng
d 17 Dec 1554
Parents: Yan Ryse
Spouse:  Agnes Cracherode
Child: Thomas Rysse m Anna

Rose Rysse/Rice  
b 1529 in Caston, Norfolk, England
d 01 Oct 1613 in Caston, Norfolk, England
Parents: Thomas Rysse
Spouse: Edward Gilman m 22 Jun 1550
Child: Edward Gilman m Mary Hawes

Thomas Rysse/Rice  
b abt 1500 in Bures, St. Mary's, Suffolk, England
d 11 May 1560 in Bures, St. Mary's, Suffolk, England
Parents: John Rysse
Spouse: Anna 1520 m in Walsham, Le Walsham, Suffolk, England
Child: Rose Rysse m Edward Gilman
AFN 84T9-Q5

Yan Ryse  
b abt 1446 in Bures, St. Mary's, Suffolk, England
d 15 Aug 1521
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Joan
Child: John Ryse m Agnes Cracherode
AFN 84T9-VT  

Ryska of Poland, Princess of Poland (Richilde)
b bet 1130 and 1140 Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland
d 16 Jun 1185
Parents: Vladislav II King of Poland m Sophia of Austria
Spouse: Alfonso VII de León
Child: Sancha de Castile m Alfonso II
Spouse: Ramon Berenguer II
Child: Douce
Spouse: Raymond V of Toulouse
15 103 104 107 110 113 116 125

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