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b abt 314, Wales
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Padarn Beisrudd Tegid

Padarn Beisrudd Tegid
Roman Briton in command in Scotland
b abt 350, Wales
Parents: Tegid  or Tacitus?
Spouse: unknown
Child: Edern Padarn

Abraham Temple 11GGrandfather
b c 1597 England
d c 1639 Salem, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 54698981
Parents: Peter Temple
Spouse: Abigail
Child: Richard Temple
Child: Tobias Temple
Child: Robert Temple, killed by Indians 1675 Findagrave 71814877

Abraham Temple 9GGrandfather
b 04 Jun 1652 Charlestown, Suffolk Co, Mass
d 04 Jan 1739 Concord, Middlesex, Mass
Burial: Old Hill Burying Ground, Concord, Mass
Findagrave 24083175
Parents: Richard Temple m Joanne Shipley
Spouse: Deborah Hadlocke d/o John Findagrave 24086007
Child: Isaac Temple m Martha Joslyn

Abraham Temple 7GGrandfather LeClear line
b 19 Mar 1708 Marlborough, Middlesex Co, Mass
d 21 Feb 1797 Grafton or Lancaster, Worcester Co, Mass
Burial: Old Oak St Burial Ground, Grafton, Worcester Co, MA
Findagrave 27560008
Parents: Isaac Temple m Martha Joslyn
Spouse: Elizabeth Stratton
Child: Joseph Temple m Mary Whittemore
Additional children: Jonathan, Sarah, David, Isaac, Abner, Elizabeth, Timothy, Silas, and Persis
58 L1

Isaac Temple 8GGrandfather Isaac Temple
b 25 Nov 1678 Concord, Middlesex, Mass
d 11 Jan 1765 Marlboro, Middlesex, MA
Burial: Spring Hill Cemetery, Marlborough, Middlesex, MA
Findagrave 30821647
Parents: Abraham Temple m Deborah Hadlocke
Spouse: Martha Joslyn
Child: Abraham Temple m Elizabeth Stratton
Additional children: Martha Bush, Isaac, Mary Bent, John, Thankful Sherman, Jonas
58 L1

Joseph Temple
b 30 Aug 1732 Grafton, Worcester, Mass
d 1796 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass
Burial: unknown
Parents: Abraham Temple m Elizabeth Stratton
Spouse: Mary Whittemore m 04 Sep 1756
Child: Roswell Temple
Additional children: Sarah, Mary, Joseph, Aaron
58 L1

Laura Temple 3GGrandmother LeClear line
b 26 Feb 1817 Hartford, Washington Co, New York
d 09 Apr 1887 Bellevue, Easton Co, Michigan
Burial: Bellevue Cemetery, Eaton Co, Michigan
Findagrave 109060983
Parents: Lyman Temple
Spouse: David DeForest
Children listed inder David DeForest
58 L1

Lyman Temple
b 07 Feb 1795 Hartford, WashingtonCo, New York
d 11 Sep 1873 Knowlesville, Orleans Co, New York
Burial: Knowlesville Cemetery, Ridgeway, Orleans Co, New York
Findagrave 27659659
Parents: Roswell Temple m Elizabeth Baker
Spouse: Nancy Williams m 01 Feb 1816
Child: Laura Temple m David DeForest
Child: Reuben Temple 1818-1871
Child: Electa A Temple 1819-1896 Findagrave 27658100
Child: Maria Temple 1821-1843
Child: Mary Temple 1823-1855
Child: Caroline E Temple 1825-1900 Findagrave 60359046
Spouse: Lucina S Goodridge1806-1852 m 21 Dec 1842 Findagrave 27659868
Child: Clarissa Temple
Child: Adelbert Temple
Child: Albert Temple
Child: Benjamin Lyman Temple Findeagrave 46938948
Child: Emily Temple
Child: Hannah Temple
Spouse: Widow Susan Taylor m 1855
58 L1

Peter Temple 12GGrandfather
b 1576 Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England
d 07 Apr 1657 Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: Katherine Kendall, d/o Hubert
Child: Abraham Temple

Richard Temple 10GGrandfather
b 1623
d 15 Mar 1689 Concord. MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 54698977
Parents: Abraham Temple m Abigail
Spouse: Joanne Shipley m 1647 Findagrave 54698980 d Feb 1688 d/o William
Child: Abigail m Thomas Brabrook Findagrave 125131388
Child: Abraham Temple m Deborah Hadlocke
Child: Christopher Temple, killed by Indians Findagrave 25452391

Roswell Temple
b 15 Aug 1769 Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA
d 16 Apr 1851 Knowlesville, Orleans Co. New York
Burial: Knowlesville Cemetery, Ridgeway, Orleans Co, New York
Findagrave 112808079
Parents: Joseph Temple m Mary Whittemore
Spouse: Elizabeth Baker "Betty" m 20 Jan 1792 Shrewsbury, dtr of Benjamin Findagrave 112809024
Child: Lyman Temple
Additional children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Roswell, Lydia, Annice, John Baker, Amy, Luther, Lucy, Nancy
58 L1

Polly Terry
b 1775 Lebanin, new London. CT
d 11Jun 1837 Franklin, Portage, Ohio
Burial: Resthaven, Phelps, Ontario, Ohio
Findagrave 115186269
Parents: John Terry m Mary Mason/Samuel Terry and Amelia Porter
Spouse: Roswell Mills
Child: Mary Mills m Oliver Stevens
Additional children listed under Roswell Mills
43 63

Benjamin Terry 5G Grandfather
b 13 Mar 1698 Enfield, Hartford, CT
d 20 Feb 1795 Enfield, Hartford, CT
Burial: Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, Hartford, CT
Findagrave 25778665
Parents: Samuel Terry Jr m Martha Boardman
Spouse: Hannah Pease
Child: Hannah Terry 1722-1803
Child: Benjamin Terry 1724-1773
Child: Martha Terry 1726-1801
Child: Asaph Terry 1729-1732
Child: Abel Terry 1732-1734
Child: Asaph Terry 1734-1736
Child: Gideon Terry 1737-1804
Child: Submit Terry 1738-by1740
Child: Submit Terry m Lothrop Shurtleff
Child: Shadrach Terry 1741-1799

John Terry 9G Grandfather
b 1555 Long Sutton, Hampshire, England
d 10 May 1625 Stockton, Wiltshire, England
Burial: St John the Baptist, Stockton, Wiltshire, England
Findagrave 91431654
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: Mary White d 1637
Child: John Terry 1592-1637
Child: Stephen Terry 1592-1608
Child: Samuel Terry b 1595
Child: Josiah Terry b c 1597
Child: Nathaniel Terry 1599-1637
Child: Stephen Terry m Elizabeth Joan Hardy

Samuel Terry Sr 7G Grandfather
b 1632 Barnett, London, England
d 1731 Enfield, Hartford, CT
Burial: unknown
Findagrave (73410838?)
Parents: Stephen Terry m Elizabeth Joan Hardy
Spouse: Ann Lobdell
Child: Samuel Terry Jr m Martha Boardman

Capt Samuel Terry Jr 6G Grandfather
b 18 Jul 1661 Springfield, Hampden, MA
d 02 Jan 1731 Enfield, Hartford, CT
Burial: Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, Hartford, CT
Findagrave 25777009
Parents: Samuel Terry Sr m Ann Lobdell
Spouse: Martha Boardman
Child: Benjamin Terry m Hannah Pease
Child: Jacob Terry

Stephen Terry 8G Grandfather
Aboard the Mary & John in May of 1630 aged abt 21
b 25 Aug 1608 Stockton, Wiltshire, England
d Sep 1668 Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 34954112
Parents: John Terry
Spouse: Elizabeth Joan Hardy
Child: Mary Terry m Richard Goodman
Child: John Terry 1636-1691
Child: Samuel Terry Sr m Ann Lobdell
Child: Elizabeth Terry m Phillip Russell
Child: Abigail Terry m Lt Joseph Kellogg
Spouse: Elizabeth d 1683 at Hadley

Submit Terry  4G Grandmother
b 18 Jan 1740 in Enfield, CT
d 15 Nov 1815 in Compton, Quebec, Canada, aged 75
Parents: Benjamin Terry m Hannah Pease
Spouse: Lothrop Shurtleff on 15 Nov 1764 in Enfield, CT
Child: Asaph Shurtleff m  Rachel Ann Whitmore Elderkin

Tertulle Count d'Anjou Seneschal of the Gatinais, The Breton, Govenor of Rennes
b abt 821, Rennes, Anjou, France
Parents: Tortulfe de Rennes
Spouse: Petronille of Andech
Child: Ingelger I Count of Anjou m Aelinde de Gatlinais
15 51 103

King of Demetia and Dyfed
b c 720
d abt 778
Parents:  line to Cyngar
Spouse: unknown
Child: Maredydd Tewdws

Maredydd Tewdws  
King of Demetia and Dyfed 770ish to 797
b c 750
d abt 797
Parents: Tewdws
Spouse: unknown
Child: Rhain II
Child: Owain Maredydd

Rhys Tewdwr
King of Deheubarth 1078
b bef 1065 Carmathenshire, Wales
d April 1093 Battle of Brecon
Burial: unknown
Parents: Einon Owain ?
Grandparents: Owain Hywel m Angharad Verch Llewelyn
Spouse: Gwladys Rhiwallon
Child: Hywel Rhys
Child: Gruffydd Rhys m Gwenllian Gruffydd
Child: Nest Rhys, legendary beauty
Child: Cadell ap Gruffydd ruler of Deheubarth 1143-1151
37 121 125

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