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Dreux Comte d' Amiens
Drogo of Mantes, Count of the Véxin
Gauthier Count of Mantes
b abt 1012 Normandy, France
d Jun 1035 Bithynia, Asia Minor, pilgrimage to Jeruslaem
Parents: Gautier II m Adele de Senlis
Spouse: Godgifu
Child: Ralph Earl of Hereford m Agatha
15 51 110 125

Eldegarde of Amiens
Carolingian princess
d 990's
Parents: Ermenfroi Count of Amiens (father or uncle?)
Spouse: Raoul de Gouy
Child: Gautier I  m Adelaide of Anjou
15 103

Ermenfroi Count of Amiens
circa 900's
Parents: Eberhard Duke of Friuli m Gisela of France
Spouse: unknown
Child: Eldegarde of Amiens m Raoul de Gouy

Ermengarde de Ampurias  
d 994
Parents: Gausberto I de Ampurias m Trudegarda
Spouse: Oliva II de Besalu
Child: Bernard I de Besalu m Toda of Barcelona

Gausberto I de Ampurias Count
d aft 930
Parents: Sunifred II de Urgel m Ermengarda
Spouse: ^Trudegarda
Child: Sunifred, died young
Child: Gausfred I, his successor
Child: Ermengarde de Ampurias m Oliva II de Besalu
51 125

Elsie Anaward, Prince of Gwynedd
b abt 885, Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
d 942, Wales
Parents: Anarawd Rhodri
Spouse: unknown
Child: Prawst Verch Elsie m Seisyllt Ednywain
35 52

Idwal Foel Anaward "Idwal the Bald"
King of Gwynedd 916
d 942, killed in battle
Parents: Anarawd Rhodri
Spouse: unknown
Child: Iago Idwal, King of Gwynedd 950
Child: Iwuaf Idwal
Child: Meurig Idwal
37 117 125

Andras I, King of Hungary
b abt 1001, Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary
d aft 06 Jul 1060, Zircz, Veszprem, Hungary
buried Abbey Tihany on Lake Balaton, Tihany, Veszprem, Hungary
Findagrave 58614151
Parents: Vazul of Hungary 125
Spouse: Anastasiya Yaroslavna
Child: Adelaida Princess of Hungary m Vratislav II
Child: Solomon, King of Hungary Findagrave 7661337

Anfrica of Scotland
b 1137, Kimbolton, Norfolk, England
d 01 Aug 1177
Parents:  William I m ^Isabel de Avenal
Spouse:  William de Say
Child: Beatrice de Say m Geoffrey FitzPiers
116 117 127

Marie d'Angouleme
d aft 1233
Parents: Wulgrin d'Angouleme III
Spouse: Hugh IX de Lusignan
Child: Hughes X m Isabella de Taillefer
37 69 125

Wulgrin d'Angouleme III
Comte d'Angouleme
d 06 Jul 1180
Parents: William IV Tailliefer
Spouse: Ponse de Lusignan or Elizabeth 'Ambroise
Child: Marie d'Angouleme m Hugh IX de Lusignan
37 69 125

Adelaide of Anjou
b abt 925
d bet 992 and 998
Parents: Foulques I d' Anjou m Roscille de Lochar
Spouse: Gautier I
Child: Gautier II m Adele de Senlis
15 103 51

Blanche of Anjou (Alix or Adele)
b abt 942, Anjou, France
d 1026 or 1029
Burial: Abbaye de Montmajour, Arles, France
Findagrave 113422258
Parents: Foulques II d' Anjou m Gerberge du Maine
Spouse: William I of Provence
Child: Constance of Provence m Robert II King of France
Child: Ermengarde of Arles m Robert I d' Auvergne
Child: Toda of Barcelona m Bernard I de Besalu
Spouse: Othon Guillaume de Bourgogne, King of Italy
15 107 110 51 125

Ermangarde d' Anjou 
b abt 942
d 27 Jun 992
Parents: Geoffroy I Count of Anjou m Adelaide de Vermandois
Spouse: Conan I
Children listed under Conan I
15 109 110 125

Ermengarde of Anjou
b abt 1018, of Anjou, France
d 21 Mar 1076, Fleury-sur-Ouche, France
Burial: Abbaye de Saint-Seine, Saint-Seine-l'Abbaye, Departement de la Cote-d'Or, Bourgogne, France
Findagrave 96597377
Parents: Fulk III Count of Anjou m Hildegarde of Lorraine
Spouse: Aubri-Geoffrey of Gatinais
Child: Fulk IV of Anjou m Bertrade de Montfort
Spouse: Robert I the Old
15 51 110 125

Foulques I d' Anjou "The Red" (Fulk I)
Duke of Anjou 898 - 941
b abt 870
d 938 to 941
Parents: Ingelger I Count of Anjou m Aelinde de Gatlinais
Spouse: Roscille de Lochar
Child: Foulques II d' Anjou m Gerberge du Maine
Child: Adelaide of Anjou m Gautier I
15 51 52 103 125

Foulques II d' Anjou "le Bon" ( The Good) or The Red
Duke of Anjou 941 - 958
b abt 909
d 11 Nov 958, Tours, France
Parents: Foulques I d' Anjou m Roscille de Lochar
Spouse: Gerberge du Maine
Child: ^Adelais d'Anjou m Stephen I de Gevaudan
Child: ^Arsinde of Anjou m William III Tailliefer de Toulouse
Child: Blanche of Anjou m William II of Provence
Child: ^Bouchard IV Comte de Vendome m ^Elizabeth Vendome  (note) their dtr Elizabeth m Fulk III Count of Anjou
Child: Geoffroy I Count of Anjou m Adelaide de Vermandois (29-32)
15 51 52 103 104 107 110 125

Fulk III the Black Count of Anjou, Crusader, real villian
Duke of Anjou 987 - 1040
b abt 970, of Anjou, France
d 21 Jun 1040, Metz, Middle Lorraine, France
buried Abbey of St. Pierre de Beaulieu, France
Findagrave 85679209
Parents: Geoffroy I Count of Anjou m Adelaide de Vermandois
Spouse:  Elizabeth de Vendrome, cousin (note)
Child: Adele m Eudes de Nevers
Spouse: Hildegarde of Lorraine
Child: Ermengarde of Anjou m Aubri-Geoffrey of Gatinais
Child: Geoffrey de Anjou m Agnes of Burgundy
15 51 52 110 125

Fulk IV "Rechin" 7th Count of Anjou "The Quarrelller"
Foulques IV de Gâtinais, Comte d'Anjou
Duke of Anjou 1067 - 1109
Battle of Hastings (?) Supplied 40 ships
b 1043
d 14 Apr 1109
Parents: Aubri-Geoffrey of Gatinais m Ermengarde of Anjou
Spouse: Hildegarde de Baugency  dead by1070
Child: Hermengarde d' Anjou m Alain Fergant IV
Spouse: ^Ermengarde de Bourbon m abt 1070
Child: Geoffrey IV Martel, 8th Count of Anjou, assassinated in 1106
Spouse: Orengarde de Châtellailon m abt 1076
Spouse: Mantie, divorced 1087
Spouse: Bertrade de Montfort m 1089
Child: Foulques V of Anjou m Ermengarde du Maine
15 51 52 103 107 109 110 113 125

Foulques V "le Jeune" de Anjou  
King of Jerusalem 1131 - 1142/3
9th Count of Anjou 1109 - 1129
b 1089 to 1092
d 13 Nov 1142/3, Plains of Acre, Holy Land (died from riding accident)
buried Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem
Findagrave 11784872
Parents: Fulk IV of Anjou m Bertrade de Montfort
Spouse 1: Ermengarde du Maine
Child: Elie II Count of Maine (-1151)
Child: Geoffrey V Count of Anjou m Mathilda, Princess of England
Child: ^Matilda of Anjou m William IV Atheling Duke of Normandy
Child: ^Sibylle d'Anjou m1 William Clito m2 ^Thierry I Count of Flanders Findagrave 100787200
Child: Alice / Isabella m William Adelin who died on the White Ship, became a nun at Fontevrault Abbey
Child: Elias II of Maine
Spouse 2: Melisende de Rethel Queen of Jerusalem  (notes) (1105-1160) dtr of Baldwin of Bourg
Child: ^Baldwin III of Jerusalem King of Jerusalem m ^Theodora Comnena
Child: Almaric I m Agnes de Courtenay
15 51 52 103 107 109 110 113 125

Geoffrey II of Anjou "Martel" (The Hammer)
Count of Anjou 1040 to 1060
became a monk in Saint-Nicolas d'Angers 1060
d abt 1060
Parents: Fulk III Count of Anjou m Hildegarde of Lorraine
Spouse: Agnes of Burgundy m 1032 div 1050 (no issue)
Spouse: Grécie of Langeais (no issue)
Spouse: Adele, dtr Odo of Blois (no issue)
Spouse: Grécie of Langeais (again) (no issue)
Spouse: Adelaide, German woman (no issue)

Hermengarde d' Anjou
Duchess of Aquitane and Brittany
b 1068 Angers, France
First Crusade
d 01 Jun 1147, Jerusalem, Holy Land
Burial: Abbey of Saint-Saveur de Redon, France
Findagrave 87698050
Parents: Fulk IV of Anjou m Hildegarde de Baugency
Spouse 1: William VII of Poitou m 1089, divorced 1092
Spouse 2 Alain Fergant IV
Child: Hawise Fergant m Geoffrey La Zouche
15 37 109 110 115 125

Sibylla de Anjou
b c 1160
d Sept 1190 of the plague in Acre, Palestine along with her two daughters
Burial: unknown
Parents: Amalric I m Agnes de Courtenay
Spouse: William de Montferrat
Child: Baldwin V
Spouse: Guy de Lusignan
Children listed under Guy de Lusignan
37 51 125

Ingelger I
Count of Anjou, Viscount of Orleans
Duke of Anjou c 870 - 898
b abt 845
d abt 888 St. Martin, Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France
Burial: Saint-Martin at Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe
Parents: Tertulle d'Anjou m Petronille of Andech
Spouse: Aelinde de Gatlinais
Child: Foulques I d' Anjou m Roscille de Lochar
15 51 52 103 125

Anna of Constantinople
b abt 886
d abt 914
Parents: Leo VI, Emperor of Byzantium m Zoe Tzautzina
Spouse: Louis III Blind Emperor of the West m 905 (disputed)
Child: Charles Constantine m Teutberge of Troyes

Anna / Anna Porphyrogeneta
Princess of the Byzantine Empire
b 13 Mar 0963, Constantinople, Turkey
Parents: Romanus II m Theopano c 900's
Spouse: Vladmir
Child: Mariya Vladimirovna m Casimir I Karol

Anthony Annable 9 GGrandfather
b 1599 Cambridge, England
Aboard the Anne 1623
d 24 Feb 1672 Barnstable, Plymouth, MA - 1674?
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 92099838
Parents: William Annable
Spouse: Joan Momford m 26 Apr 1619 All Saints, Cambridge, England
Child: Sarah m Henry Ewell
Child: Hannah m Thomas Bowman
Child: Susanna Annable m William Hatch
Child: Stillborn daughter
Child: Deborah
Spouse: Ann Clark m 03 Mar 1645 Barnstaple d 16 May 1651
Spouse: Ann Barker m by 1653 d 1678 questionable dates and wives
Child: Samuel b 1646 m Mehitable Allyn
Child: Ezekiel b 1649
Child: Desire b 1653 m John Barker
6 58 (Hatch tree)

Susanna Annable 8 GGrandmother
b abt 1630 Plymouth, MA
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Anthony Annable m Joan Momford
Spouse: William Hatch
Child: William Hatch
6 58 (Hatch tree)

William Annable 10 GGrandfather
b 1573 Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, England
d 1614 Cambridge, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: Anthony Annable, line end
Spouse: Hannah Barker d 1615
Child: Anthony Annable m Joan Momford
58 (Hatch tree)

Anne of Russia
Queen of France
b bet 1024 and 1036
d 1075
Burial: Abbaye De Villiers, La-Ferte-Alais, France
Findagrave 7645955
Parents: Yaroslav I m Ingrid Olafsdottir
Spouse: Henry I, King of France m 19 May 1051 Cathedral of Rheims
Children listed under Henry I
15 125 S1

Ansbertus "the Senator"
Roman Gallo Senator
Circa 500
Parents: Tonantius
Spouse: Blithilde
Child: Arnoldus Bishop of Metz
15 103

Count of Oscheret
living 888 Italy
d aft 898
Parents: ^Amadeus circa 897, Langres
Spouse: Gisela (Volsea) c 850
Child: Adalbert Margrave m Gisela of Friuli

Abigail Andrews 9 GGrandmother Abigail Andrews
b 1622 Ipswich, Essex, MA
d 24 Jun 1665 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 49703373
Parents: Captain Robert Andrews m Elizabeth Franklin
Spouse: Daniel Hovey m 1642
Child: Daniel Hovey m Hester Treadwell
Additional children listed under Daniel Hovey

Captain Robert Andrews 10 GGrandfather Captain Robert Andrews
Captain of the pilgrim ship the Angel Gabriel
b 1591 Norfolk, Suffolk, England
will dated 01 Mar 1642
d 1643 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 38546500
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: Elizabeth Franklin m 13 Jul 1608 Hazelbury, Dorset, England
Child: John Andrews
Child: Thomas Andrews
Child: Abigail Andrews m Daniel Hovey

Ansfrid the Dane
d aft 978
Nephew of Rollo Rognavaldsson
Parents: Hrolf Turstan m Gerlotte of Blois
Spouse: Helloe of Beulac
Child: Ansfred d'Hiesmer
51 103

Mayor of Austrasia
b abt 602, Austrasia, France
d 685, Andene Monastery, Neustria, France
Parents: Saint Arnulf Bishop m Doda c 500's
Spouse: St. Begga of Landen  m 639
Child: Pepin II of Heristal m Aupais
Child: Martin of Laon, son ^Claribet I
Child: Clotilda of Heristal m King Theodoric III of Neustria
AFN 9GC9-20
15 50 103 125

Lionel of Antwerp 19G Grandfather
1st Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster, Guardian of England, Knight of the Garter 1361, Governor of Ireland
b 29 Nov 1338 Antwerp, Belgium
d 17 Oct 1368 Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Burial: Clare Priory, Suffolk, England
Findagrave 16607768
Parents: Edward III King of England m Phillipa de Hainaut
Spouse: Lady Elizabeth de Burgh
Child: Phillipa Plantagenet m Sir Edmund de Mortimer
Spouse: Violanta Visconti, dtr of Galeazzo II Visconti Signore de Milano
15 37 41 117 125

Anulf Count Palatine of Bavaria  (Arnulf II)
b abt 939, Babenberg, Oberfranken, Bavaria
d 22 Jul 0954
Parents: Arnulph Duke of Bavaria m Judith of Friuli von Sulichgau
Spouse:  unknown
Child: Berthold I m Miss Princess of Lorraine

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