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Blanche of Castile
b 04 Mar 1188 Palenica, Castile
d 26 Nov or 01 Dec 1252 Paris, France
Burial: Maubuisson Abbey, Ile-de-France, France
Findagrave 18883572
Parents: Alfonso VIII m Eleanor of England
Spouse: Louis VIII
Children listed under Louis VIII
37 41 51 101 125

Maredydd Bleddyn
b c 1047 Montgomeryshire, Wales
d 09 Feb 1132
Burial: unknown
Parents: Bleddyn Cynfyn
Spouse: Hunydd Einudd
Child: Madog Maredydd m Susanna Gruffydd
Child: Gruffydd Maredydd
Unmarried Spouse: Cristin Bledrus
Child: Hywel Maredydd
Child: Iowerth Maredydd
37 51 68 110 117 121 125

Bleiddig (Bledri)
b abt 790, Dyfed, Wales
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Tangwystl Verch Owain
Child: Hyfaidd Bleiddig
37 68 121 125

Hyfaidd Bleiddig
King of Dyfed 880's - 893
b abt 820, Dyfed, Wales
d abt 893
Parents: Bleiddig m Tangwystl Verch Owain
Spouse: unknown
Child: Llywarch Hyfaidd
Child: Rhodi
15 52 104 110 115

Aubri I of Blois Count of Blois
circa 700
Parents: Adela
Spouse: unknown
Child: Aubri II of Blois Count of Blois

Aubri II of Blois Count of Blois
circa 700
Parents: Aubri I of Blois Count of Blois
Spouse: unknown
Child: Theidlindis m Gainfroi

Emma of Blois (Emma of Champagne)
b abt 950
d aft 27 Dec 1003
Parents: Theobald I m Luitgarde of Vermandois
Spouse: William II of Poitou m 968
Children listed under William II of Poitou
15 103 107 109 110 113 125

Gerlotte of Blois
d aft 920
Parents: Thibault of Chartres m Richilda of Bourges
Spouse: Hrolf Turstan
Child: Ansfrid the Dane m Helloe of Beulac

Hildigard de Blois
b aft 943
Parents: Theobald I & Luitgarde of Vermandois
Spouse: Hugues I Viscount of Chateaudun
Child: Geoffrey II de Chateaudun & Melisinde of Rotrou
103 110 121

Stephen III of Blois,  (Etienne, Henry) Count of Champagne, Brie, Blois, Chartres
b 1046
d 13 Jul 1102, Battle of Ramleh, Holy Land (murdered?)
Leader of the First Crusade, 1096, turned coward
Parents: Theobald III m Gersinde du Maine
Spouse 1: Adela of England m 1080
Child: William Champagne m Agnes de Sully
Child: Thibaut IV de Blois m Matilda of Carinthia
Child: ^Stephen King of England 1135 to 1141 m Matilda of Boulogne,
son ^Eustace IVConstance of France, had dtr ^Eustachie de Champagne, dtr ^Matilda de Blois m Waleran de Beaumont
son ^William of BloisIsabel Warren
Child: ^Mahaut de Blois m Richard d'Avranches, both perished on the White ship 1120
Child: Henry of Blois, bishop
Child: Lithuaise of Blois m Milon of Troyes, viscount of Troyes
Child: Agnes of Blois m Hugh III of Le Puiset
Child: ^Eleanor de Blois m Raoul I de Vermandois
Child: Lithuise of Blois m Milo I of Montlhéry
Child: Philip, Bishop of Chalons
15 51 109 110 125

Thibaut IV de Blois Count of Blois and Troyes
d 1152
Parents: Stephen III of Blois m Adela of England
Spouse: Matilda of Carinthia
Child: Henry I de Champagne m Marie of France
Child: ^Thibaut V de Blois m Adelaide
Child: Agnes of Champagne m Renaut II of Bar
Child: ^Adèle of ChampagneLouis VII (see notes)
Child: Daughter m Louis VII le Jeun, Capetian line
Child: Isabelle m1 Roger of Apulia &William Gouet IV
Child: ^Marie m Eudes II de Bourgogne
Child: ^Stephen I of Sancerre, died at seige of Acre
Child: William White Hands, Archbishop of Reims
Child: Margaret of Champagne nun at Fontevrault
Child: ^Mathilde of Champagne m Routrou II Count de Perche
15 103 104 108 109 125

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