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Elizabeth Hobson
b abt 1564 in Hingham, Norfolkshire, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse:Joseph Clark
Child: Mary Clark m Edward Gilman
Other children: Henry, George, Edward, Sarah, Margaret, Daniel, John, Jane, Rebecca

Abigail Hodge 6 GGrandmother
b 1697 Taunton, Bristol, MA
d 29 Jul 1760 Lebanon, New London, CT
Burial: Old Cemetery, Lebanon, New London, CT
Findagrave 46179779
Parents: Henry Hodge m Esther Gallup, line end
Spouse: Mr Tisdale
Spouse: Benjamin Sprague m 1707
Child: Capt Elkanah Sprague m Mehitable Moulton
Additional children listed under Benjamin Sprague

Jasper H Hoffenmiller  Great grandfather
b 25 Dec 1831 in Bayern, Bavaria
d 06 Mar 1915 Assyria, Barry, MI, aged 84
buried Union Cemetery, Barry, Michigan
Findagrave # 41027027
Parents: John Hoffenmiller m Mary Dietz
Spouse: Harriett Lucinda Butler in Briggs School house near Lacy, Michigan, married 17 Apr 1858  41027081
Child: Elva b 1859
Child: Mary b 1862 m Charles Purchell
Child: Arthur Miller m Olive Celia Case
Child: John b1869 Findagrave #20339378
Child: Jesse A b 1872 m Maude
Child: Fred b 1872
Child: Laura b 1874
Child: Myrtella b 1878 m Joe Moore
Adopted Child:  Maurice/Morris Miller
Adopted Child:  Will Abbott m Effie
Adopted Child:  Katheryn
Adopted Child:  Margaret
Adopted Child:  Harry
Adopted Child:  Sarah Brown Conklin m Peter
L1 L2

John Hoffenmiller Great great grand father
b 17 Jun 1799  Bayern, Bavaria
d 17 Mar 1856 Assyria, Barry, Michigan
buried in Ellis Cemetary, Assyria, Barry, Michigan
Findagrave # 20339280
Parents unknown
Spouse: Mary Dietz
Child: Jasper H Hoffenmiller m Harriett Lucinda Butler
L1 L2

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman Great grandmother
b 28 Feb 1857 in Auburn, CA
d 03 Mar 1913 in Auburn, CA, age 56
buried Old Auburn Cemeter
Findagrave 36472136
Parents: Michael M Hoffman m Catherine Smith
Spouse: Clarence Cushing Stevens
Child: Henry Cushing Stevens m Helen Emily Shurtleff
Child: Mildred Hoffman Stevens m John Spencer

Michael M Hoffman Great great grand father
b 02 Apr 1818 in Alseae Lorraine, Germany, duchy of Luxemburg
d on 04 Sep 1907 in Auburn, CA, aged 87
buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Auburn, CA, eastern half of lot 6  
Findagrave 36471829
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Catherine Smith m 1850 Honntown Iowa 36471994
Child: Mary Elizabeth Hoffman m Clarence Cushing Stevens
Child: ^Francis Michael b 04/29/1852 of Philadelphia
Child: ^Joseph Samuel b 11/28/1854 of Sacto or Nome Alaska
      m Charlotte A b 20 Jun 1856, d 16 Mar 1921, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41174095
Child: ^William Randall b 11/14/1858 d 04/30/1922, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41173411
          His child: George Henry Hoffman b 09/10/1960 d 04/02/1970 age 9
Child: ^Andrew Mathias b 09/10/1860 d 03/03/1918 twin of George, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41172695
      m Mary E from Dad's notes 02/16/1863 - 02/22/18/98 w infant son, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41173158
Child: ^George Henry b 09/10/1860 d 04/02/1870 twin, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41173573
Child: ^Albert Nicholas Hoffman b 09/27/1862 d 10/19/1941 Auburn bachelor, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41173990
Child: ^Josephone Agnes b 11/05/1865 d 12/20/1916 m Thomas Shamp of Sac, buried Old Auburn, Odd Fellows Section eastern half of lot 6, Findagrave 41173726

Eystein Hognasson "Glumra"
b abt 738 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
Parents: Hogne Eysteinsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Eysteinsdatter m Ivar Halfdansson

Eleanor Holand 17G Grandmother
b c 1387
d brf 1424
Burial: Bisham Priory, Bisham, Berkshire
Findagrave 94570767
Parents: Thomas de Holand m Alice FitzAlan
Spouse: Thomas Montagu
Children listed under Thomas Montagu
37 41 51 117 125

Lady Elizabeth de Holland
b unknown
d 04 Jan 1423
Burial: Grey Friars, London, England
Findagrave 86143772
Parents: Thomas de Holand m Alice FitzAlan
Spouse: Sir John de Neville
Children listed under Sir John de Neville
37 41 51 117 125

Joan Holand
b c 1380
d 12 Apr 1434
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas de Holand m Alice FitzAlan
Spouse: Edmund of Langley
Spouse: William de Willoughby
Spouse: Henry le Scrope
Spouse: Henry Bromflete
Child: none
37 51 117

Sir John de Holand
1st Duke of Exeter, Knight of the Garter 1381
b c 1352
d 09 Jan 1400 Pleshley, Essex, executed for treason against Henry IV
Burial: Holy Trinity Church, Pleshy, Essex
Findagrave 87016261
Parents: Thomas de Holand m Joan of Kent
Spouse: Elizabeth of Lancaster
Child: Richard de Holand (the reason they got married)
Child: Lady Constance de Holand m Thomas de Mowbray
Child: Alice de Holand m Richard de Vere
Child: ^John de Holand m Anne Stafford
Child: Edward de Holand
37 41 51 117 125

Mathew de Holand 24G Grandfather
b c 1150
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: unknown
Child: Robert de Holand
37 51 117 125

Maud de Holand 19G Grandmother
b abt 1290
d 31 May 1349
Burial: Brackley, Northampshire, England
Findagrave 106068846
Parents: Sir Robert de Holand m Maud de la Zouche
Spouse: Thomas Swynnerton
Children listed under Thomas Swynnerton
37 41 58

Sir Robert de Holand 20G Grandfather
b 1283 Upholland, Lancaster, England
d 07 Oct 1328 Boreham Wood, England, beheaded
Burial: Preston, Lancaster, England
Findagrave 99215120
Parents: Sir Robert de Holand
Spouse: Maud de la Zouche
Child: Joane de Holand m John Radcliffe
Child: Margery Holland
Child: Sir Robert de Holand 1312-1373 Findagrave 102806229
Child: Thomas de Holand m Joan of Kent
Child: Sir Otho Holland
Child: John Holland
Child: Maud de Holand m Thomas Swynnerton
Child: Alan Holland 1320 - 1339
Child: Elizabeth Holand
Child: Margaret Holland m John La Warre 1322 - 1349
Child: Jane Holland
Child: Eleanor Holland 1327 - 1341 m Sir John Darcy Findagrave 81129905
Child: Elizabeth Holland m Henry FitzRoger
37 41 42 51 117 125

Sir Robert de Holand 21G Grandfather
b 1253 Upholland, Lancaster, England
d c 1304
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thurston de Holand
Spouse: Elizabeth de Samlesbury, daughter of William Findagrave 99220590
Child: Sir Robert de Holand m Maud de la Zouche
37 51 117 125

Robert de Holand 23G Grandfather
b c 1197 Upholland, Lancaster, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Mathew de Holand
Spouse: Cecily de Columbers b 1201
Child: Thurston de Holand
37 51 117 125

Sir Thomas de Holand 19G Grandfather
1st Earl of Kent, Founder of the Knights of the Garter 1348
b 1314 Upholland, Lancaster, England
d 26 Dec 1360 Normandy, France
Burial: Grey Friars, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
Findagrave 46672894
Parents: Sir Robert de Holand m Maud de la Zouche
Spouse: Joan of Kent m abt 1339
Child: Thomas de Holand m Alice FitzAlan
Child: John de Holand m Elizabeth of Lancaster
Child: Edmund de Holand, died young
Child: Joan de Holand m Jean de Montfort IV
Child: Lady Maud de Holand m Sir Hugh de Courtney & Waleran de Luxembourg
37 41 51 117 125

Sir Thomas de Holand 18G Grandfather
2nd Earl of Kent, Knight of the Garter 1375
b abt 1350
d 25 Apr 1397
Burial: Bourne Abbey, Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Findagrave 46668476
Parents: Thomas de Holand m Joan of Kent
Spouse: Alice FitzAlan
Child: Lady Elizabeth de Holand m Sir John de Neville
Child: Eleanor de Holand m Thomas Montagu
Child: ^Alianore de Holand m Roger de Mortimer & Edward Cherleton
Child: Joan de Holand m Edmund of Langley
Child: ^Lady Margaret de Holand m John de Beaufort
Child: Thomas de Holand Findagrave 65395099 m Joan Stafford, dtr of Hugh m Phillipe Beauchamp
Child: Edmund de Holand Findagrave 51560344 m Lucia Visconti
37 41 51 115 117 125

Thurston de Holand 22G Grandfather
b c 1220 Upholland, Lancaster, England
d 1275
Burial: unknown
Parents: Robert de Holand
Spouse: unknown
Child: Sir Robert de Holand
37 51 117 125

Abigail Holbrook Wright
b in 1617 in Dorchester, Dorset, England
d 20 Apr 1684 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Thomas Clapp m 1638 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass
Child: Elizabeth Clapp m Thomas King

Hostivbit, Duke of Bohemia
b abt 820, Psov, Melnik, Czechoslovakia
d abt 870
Parents: Neklan m Ponislava (see notes)
Spouse: Milaslava c 830
Child:  Borijov I
120 125

Ebenezer Hovey
b 01 Oct 1752 Hatley, Quebec, Canada
d 24 April 1836 Hatley, Quebec, Canada
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Rebecca Simmons
Child: Persis Hovey m Simon Kezar

Richard Hovey
b 1575 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
buried 07 Mar 1636 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
Occupation: glover (maker of gloves)
Burial: Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
Findagrave 102432806
Parents: John Hovey m Joan Fowler, line end
Spouse: Rebecca Thomasine Franklin, daughter of Captain Robert Andrews and Elizabeth Franklin?
Child: Daniel Hovey m Abigail Andrews

Daniel Hovey 9 GGrandfather
baptized 09 Aug 1619 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
d 24 Apr 1692 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 74688282
Parents: Richard Hovey m Thomasine Franklin?
Spouse: Abigail Andrews m 1642
Child: Daniel Hovey m Hester Treadwell
Child: John 1644-1718
Child: Thomas 1648-1739
Child: Agnes b 1650
Child: Ayers b 1650
Child: James 1650-1675
Child: Joseph 1653-1693
Child: Abigail 1655-1754

Daniel Hovey 8 GGrandfather
b 1642 Essex, MA
occupation husbandman
will dated March 1692, proved 3 October 1692
d 29 May 1695 Ipswich, Essex, MA (1692?)
Burial unknown
Findagrave 114681950
Parents: Daniel Hovey m Abigail Andrews
Spouse: Rebecca, died 24 May 1665
Child: Daniel b 24 May 1665
Spouse: Hester Treadwell m 08 Oct 1666 Ipswich
Child: Nathaniel b 09 Oct 1667
Child: Abigail m Greg Thomas Hodgkins
Child: Thomas b 28 May 1673
Child: John Hovey m Mehitable Safford
Child: Mary b 11 Jan 1688
Child: Ebenezer b 11 Jan 1688

John Hovey 7 GGrandfather
b 13 Aug 1675 Ipswitch, Essex, MA
d 17 Aug 1720 Ipswitch, Essex, MA
Burial: unknown
Parents: Daniel Hovey m Hester Treadwell
Spouse: Mehitable Safford m 25 May 1702 Ipswitch
Child: Sarah m Bartholomew Pearson 1697-1736
Child: Mehitable Hovey m James Moulton
Child: John 1704-1705
Child: Samuel 1711-1786
Child: Mary 1714-1757
Child: John 1718-1719

Mehitable Hovey 6 GGrandmother
b 11 Aug 1703 Ipswtich, Essex, MA
d 1755 Windham, CT
Burial: unknown
Parents: John Hovey m Mehitable Safford
Spouse: James Moulton m 10 Mar 1721 Ipswitch
Child: Mehitable Moulton m Capt Elkanah Sprague

Persis Piercy Hovey
b 15 Aug 1788
d 28 Aug 1868 Quebec, Canada
buried Lakeview Cemetery, Hatley, Quebec, Canada
Findagrave 88348433
Parents: Ebenezer Hovey m Rebecca Simmons
Spouse: Simon Kezar
Child: Maria Kezar m Charles Lewis Percival
Additional children listed under Simon Kezar

John Howell
b in 1526 in Cherry, Burton, Yorkshire, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Gauche Saint Andrews m 1553 in Yoxall, Staffordshire, England
Child: Mary Howell m Thomas Lowthrope

Mary Howell
b 08 Jan 1540 in Yoxall, Staffordshire, England
d 06 Jan 1588 in Etton, Yorkshire, England
Parents: John Howell m Gauche Saint Andrews
Spouse: Thomas Lowthrope m 29 Jul 1574 in Elton, Yorkshire, England
Child: Rev John Lothrope m Ann Hammond

Henry Howland 10G Grandfather
b abt 1564 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England
d 17 May 1635 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England
Burial: St Peter and St Paul Churchyard, Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, England
Findagrave 48356201
Parents: John Howland m Emma Revell (see notes)
Spouse: Anna Margaret Aires m 26 Apr 1600 in St Mary's at Ely, Cambridge, England
Child: John Howland Sr m Elizabeth Tilly
Child: Arthur Howland Findagrave 22052315
Child: Hannah Howland
Child: Margaret Howland
Child: Humphrey Howland
Child: George Howland
Child: William Howland
Child: Simon Howland
Child: Henry Howland
51 H4 H5

Desire Howland   8G Grandmother
b 13 Oct 1623 in Plymouth, Mass
d 13 Oct 1683 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass
Burial: Cobb's Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, Mass
Findagrave 18676934
Parents: John Howland Sr m Elizabeth Tilly
Spouse: Captain John Gorham m 06 Nov 1643 in Plymouth, Mass
Child: Mercy Gorham m George Denison
Other Children: Shubael, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, James, Temperance, Desire, Jabez, Lydia, Hannah
AFN 842X-1R
15 20 33 34 51 57 H4 H5

John Howland
b abt 1511 in Newport Pond, London, England
d abt 1568, Essex, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: ^Anne Greenway of Clay, Norfolk, England
Child:  John Howland m Emma Revell
H4 H5

John Howland  
b 10 Aug 1541 in Essex, England
d 31 Jan 1611/1612 in White Chapel, Middlesex, England
Parents: John Howland
Spouse: Emma Revell m 1560, London
Child: Henry Howland m Anna Margaret Aires
Other Children: Nicholas, Margaret, John, John Henry
H4 H5

John Howland Sr  9G Grandfather
b abt 1592 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England
c 16 Jan 1602/1603, Cambridgeshire, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England
d 23 Feb 1672/1673 in Rock Nook, Kingston MA
At his death, was the last remaining Mayflower pilgrim in Plymouth
buried in Burial Hill, Rocky Hook, Plymouth, Mass
Findagrave 6613808
Listed on the passenger list of the Mayflower
Parents: Henry Howland m Anna Margaret Aires
Spouse: Elizabeth Tilly m 25 Mar 1623 in Plymouth, Mass, wide date variation
Child: Desire Howland m Captain John Gorham
Child: John Howland Findagrave 54953319
Child: Hope Howland Chipman Findagrave 16878918
Child: Elizabeth Howland Hicks Dickinson Findagrave 54953544
Child: Lydia Howland Brown Findagrave 54953906
Child: Hannah Howland Bosworth Findagrave 6613808
Child: Joseph Howland Findagrave 54954104
Child: Jabez Howland Findagrave 54954305
Child: Ruth Howland Cushman Findagrave 54956594
Child: Isaac Howland Findagrave 17967537
4 20  30  31 51 57 H4 H5

Valdar Hroarsson
King of Denmark
b abt 547, Denmark
Parents: Hroar Halfdansson m Ogne c 500
Spouse: Hildis Princess of Vandals
Child: Harold Valdarsson m Hildur Hervor Heidreksdatter c 500
52 103

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