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Petronilla de Aragon  
b 1135 Huesca, Aragon, Spain
d 13 or 14 Oct 1173 or 1174 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Burial: Barcelona Cathedral, Spain
Findagrave 8058083
Parents: Ramiro II King of Aragon m Matilda de Aquitaine
Spouse: Raymond IV Berenger m 11 Aug 1137, she was one year old
Children listed under Raymond IV Berenger
15 50 103 110 125

Ramiro I de Aragon
King of Aragon 1035 - 1063
b abt 1041
d 08 May 1063, Battle of Graus, Spain
Parents: Sancho Garcie III m Sancha de Aybar c 1000
Mistress: Amuna
Child: Sancho Ramirez, life long confidant
Spouse: Gilberga Hermesinda de Conserans m 22 Aug 1036
Child: Sancho Ramirez I m Felice de Rouci 1035 - 1063
Child: Garcia, Bishop of Jaca
Child: Lady Sancha m Armengol III of Urgel
Child: Uracca, nun ar Santa Cruz de las Seros
Child: Theresa m William Bertrand of Provence
Spouse: Agnes Ines
15 50 110 125

Ramiro II de Aragon  "the Monk"
King of Aragon 1134 - 1137
b 1075 Aragon, Spain
d 16 Aug 1157 Huesca, Aragon, Spain
Burial: San Pedro Monaatery, Huesca, Aragon, Spain
Findagrave 88504764
Parents: Sancho Ramirez I m Felice de Rouci
Spouse: Matilda de Aquitaine
Child: Petronilla de Aragon m Raymond IV Berenger
15 50 110 125

Sancho Ramirez I de Aragon
King of Aragon 1063 - 1094
King of Navarre 1076 - 1094
b abt 1042 Aragon, Spain
d 06 Jul 1094
Parents: Ramiro I de Aragon m Gilberga Hermesinda de Conserans
Spouse: Phillipa of Toulouse (no issue, incorrect?)
Other Spouse: Isabel of Urgel (d.1071), dtr of Count Armengol III of Urgel, m abt 1065 div 1071
Child: Peter I of Aragon
Spouse: Felice de Rouci m 1076
Child: ^Alfonso I, King of Aragon and Navarre 1102-1134
Child: Ramiro II King of Aragon m Matilda de Aquitaine
15 50 110 125

Pedro de Aragon Peter of Aragon
King of Aragon and Navarre 1094 to 1104
b abt 1068
d 1104
Parents: Sancho Ramirez I m Felice de Rouci
Spouse 1: Agnes Poitou 1086 in Jaca
Spouse 2: Bertha of Aragón
Child: Isabel d 1103
Child: Peter d 1104
15 50 110 125

Almeric de Arbitot, Lord Abbetot
d aft 1077
Parents: unknown
Spouse:  unknown
Child: Urso d'Arbitot m Adelisa

Emeline d' Arbitot
circa 1000's
Parents: Urso d'Arbitot m Adelisa
Spouse: Walter de Beauchamp
Child: William de Beauchamp m Maud de Braose
Spouse: Walter de Mandeville
106 116

Miss d'Arbitot
Parents: Urso d'Arbitot m Adelisa
Spouse: Roger Marmion
Child: Robert Marmion m Millicent de Rethel

Urso d'Arbitot, Constable of Worcester
d aft 1077
Parents: Almeric de Arbitot, Lord Abbetot
Spouse:  Adelisa
Child: Emeline d' Arbitot m Walter de Beauchamp
Child: Miss d'Arbitot m Roger Marmion

Norton d'Arcy
b c 1200
res Nocton, Lincolnshire
d bef 16 Oct 1254
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas d'Arcy
Spouse: Agnes
Child: Sir Philip Darcy
37 51 68

Thomas d'Arcy
b c 1168
d c 1206
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas d'Arcy
Spouse: Joan
Child: Norton d'Arcy
37 51 68

Thomas d'Arcy
b unknown
res Nocton, Lincolnshire
d 02 Jul 1180
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas d'Arcy, son of Robert, son of Norman d'Areci living 1115
Spouse: Alice d'Eyncourt, daughter of Ralph
Child: Thomas d'Arcy
37 51 68

Arnoul I "The Old" Count of Flanders
b abt 889 Flanders, France
d 27 Mar 0964
Burial: Abbaye De Saint Pierre-Du-Mont Blandin, Ghent, Belgium
Findagrave 61435379
Parents: Baudouin II m Aelfthryth
Spouse: unknown
Child: Hildegarde of Flanders m Dietrich II of Holland
Spouse: Adelaide de Vermandois
Child: Baudouin III m Mathilda Billung
Child: Ledgarde of Gand m Wickman of Gand  
Child: Egbert d 953
Child: Elftrude m Siegfried, Count of Guines
15 35 103 104 115 125 S1

Arnoldus Bishop of Metz
Circa 500
Parents: Ansbertus m Blithilde
Spouse: unknown
Child: Itta Saint m Pepin I of Landen
15 103

Arnold II  Arnulf II "The Young"
Count of Flanders
b 961 Flanders, France
d 30 May 0987 or 30 Mar 988 Ghent
Burial: St Peter's Church, Ghent
Findagrave 85195171
Parents: Baudouin III m Mathilda Billung
Spouse: Rozela Susanna
Child: Baudouin IV m Eleanor of Normandy
15 103 110 115 125 S1

Bruno Count von Arneburg, Querfort
circa 900
Parents: unknown
Spouse: ^Frederuna von Ringleheim
Child: Mathilda von Arnsburg m Lothar II von Walbeck
15 103 113

Mathilda von Arnsburg
d 03 Dec 991 ?
Parents: Bruno Count von Arneburg m Frederuna von Ringleheim
Spouse: Lothar II von Walbeck
Child: Heliksuinda von Walbeck m Berthold I von Volkfeld
15 103 113

Saint Arnulf Bishop of Metz, Mayor of the Palace
b abt 13 Aug 582, Heristal, Belgium (Heristal, Austrasia, France)
d 16 Aug 640
buried Metz, Austrasia
Parents: Bodegeisel II m "Oda of Saxony" (see notes)
Spouse: ^Doda m 602 Austrasia, France.
Child: Ansgise Mayor of Austrasia m St. Begga of Landen  
Child: Clodulf De Heristal
15 50 103 51

Arnulph "the Bad" Duke of Bavaria
Marshall (stablemaster) for Otto I of the HRE
c 870
d 14 Jul 937, Regensburg
Burial: St. Emmeram's Abbey, Bavaria, Germany
Findagrave 87672234
Parents: Leopold Marquis of Bavaria m Cunigunda of Swabia
Spouse: Judith of Friuli von Sulichgau
Child: Anulf
Child: Berthold I von Volkfeld m Heliksuinda von Walbeck
Child: ^Judith Princess of Bavaria m Henry, Duke of Bavaria
Child: ^Leopold I m Richeza Countess of Sualafeld
103 107 113 125

Circa: 600
Perhaps sister of Sacerdos, Gallo-Roman Archbishop of Lyons
Spouse: Munderic of Vitry-en-Perthois
Child: St. Gondolfus Bishop of Tongres
15 103

Dyfnwallon Arthen, Lord Caerdigan
b abt 750, Ceredigion, Wales
Parents: Arthen Seisyll
Spouse: unknown
Child: Meurig Dyfnwallon
35 115

Blanche d'Artois
Countess of Lancaster
b abt 1245
d 02 May 1302 Paris, France
buried Minoresses Convent, Aldgate, London, England
Findagrave 48692721
Parents: Robert I, Count of Artois m Matilde de Brabant
Spouse: Henry III Rey de Navarre m 1269
Children listed under Henry III
Spouse: Edmund Plantagenet m bef Feb 1276 in Paris
Child: Henry Plantagenet m Matilda de Chaworth
Additional children listed under Edmund Plantagenet
37 41 117 125

Robert I, Count of Artois, Robert of France
b Sep 1216
d 09 Feb 1250 Mancourah, Egypt
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 103712168
Parents: Louis VIII m Blanche of Castile
Spouse: Matilde de Brabant m 14 Jun 1237, ages 21 & 13
Child: Blanche d'Artois m twice
Child: Robert II, killed in Egypt during 7th Crusade
37 51 68 117 125

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