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Archie Ray LeClear Archie Ray LeClear
b 21 Oct 1915 Assyria, Barry, Michigan
d 06 Aug 2003 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Burial: Southside Cemetery MI
Findagrave 7743350
Parents: Floyd Raymond Le Clear m Nettie Miller
Spouse: Lillian Rose Rieneger m 01 Jan 1939 Bellevue, Eaton, MI, divorced 1957
Child: Mildred Steward
Child: Mary Johnson
Child: Ellen Jones
Spouse: Lola Elvira Johnson Miller m 16 Aug 1958 Greenville, MI Findagrave 26932642

Baptiste Le Clear
b 04 Nov 1804 in Penfield, Monroe, NY
d 12 Aug 1880 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan
buried in Whitneyville Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan
Findagrave 32714583
Parents: Joseph Le Clear m Martha Baker
Spouse: Abigale Baker m abt 1830
Child: Levi LeClear m Rebecka Chaney
Child: Lodowick
Child: Charles
Child: Levina Sheneman
Child: Melvina
Child: Layfayette killed at Missionary Ridge, TN during the Battle for Chattanooga in the Civil War
Child: Abigail
Child: Frances

Charles Wilson Le Clear First great grandparent
b 05 Feb 1864 in Napoleon Township, Henry, OH
d 02 Feb 1934 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, age 69, died from tuberculosis
buried in Reese Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, buried on his 70th birthday
Findagrave 8258693
Parents: Levi Le Clear m Rebecka Chaney
Spouse: Laura Susan de Forest m 12 Feb 1886 in Ada, Barry, Michigan
Child: Floyd Raymond Le Clear m Nettie Miller
Child: Leroy LeClear 1889-1916 36100145 - I have his stick pin
Child: Donald Acey LeClear 1891-1931 36100340
Child: Homer J LeClear, died in infancy
Child: Everett F LeClear1895-1955 36100457
Child: Vera Madge LeClear North Bartch
Child: Velma May LeClear Muckridge Raymer 36234986
Child: Fern M LeClear Leslie 82209798
Child: Frank Elsworth LeClear 36100817
Child: Carl Wilson LeClear 36100895
Child: Richard Duane LeClear 36100983
L1 L2

Floyd Raymond Le Clear Grandfather  
b 08 Mar 1887 in Ada, Barry, Michigan
d 23 Dec 1947 in Middleville, Barry, Michigan, aged 60
buried in Ellis Cemetery, Lacy Road at M-66
Findagrave 20339351
Parents: Charles Wilson Le Clear m Laura Susan de Forest
Spouse: Nettie Miller  m 06 Jul 1910 Methodist Church, Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan
Child: Lillian Pearl - stillborn 1912-1912
Child: Esther Elcone LeClear, 1913-1989, retarded, died of pneumonia in state home Findagrave 20339350
Child: Archie Ray LeClear 1915-2003 m Lola Johnson, buried Southside Cemetery MI, Findagrave 7743350
Child: Leroy - stillborn
Child: Ruby May LeClear Martens Beach Wade 1918 - 2003 GA - 5 husbands Findagrave 116093223
Child: Laura Rose LeClear m John Shurtleff Stevens
Child: Clyde Lester LeClear 1924-2005 m Rene WWII veteran Findagrave 83626896
Child: Ruth Louise LeClear Strutz 1928-1978
Child: Beulah E LeClear Knowles Zeller b 1930
Spouse: Erma F. Barnum

Joseph Le Clear
b about 1782 in Greece, Monroe, New York
d about 1868 in Allegan, Allegan County, Michigan
Served in the war of 1812
Parents: John Le Clerc m Jane Taylor
Spouse: Martha Baker  m abt 1803
Child: Baptiste Le Clear m Abigale Baker
Child: James B LeClear: b 22 Mar 1807, Oneida, New York, d 08 Jan 1888  Findagrave 32714587
Child: Betsey LeClear
Child: Nancy LeClear
Child: George R LeClear:  b 28 Jun 1816 Rochester, Monroe, New York, d 18 May 1889 Findagrave 5123796
Child: Daniel LeClear
Child: Sally Ann LeClear
Spouse: Esther Clark abt 1806-1880 m 1836 New York
Child: Hiram LeClear Findagrave 36189605 m Sarah Elizabeth Rogers
Child: Margaret LeClear 1840-1919
Child: Lucrecia LeClear, Mrs Levi Clark1842-1912

Laura Rose LeClear
b Aug 31, 1921 in Assyria, Michigan
School teacher, declared her nationality as "Yankee"
Parents:  Floyd Raymond Le Clear m Nettie Miller
Spouse: John Shurtleff Stevens  m 09 Apr 1948 in Carmel, CA.
Child: Anne and two sisters

Levi Le Clear 2nd great grand parent
b 25 Aug 1832 in Medina, Henry, OH
d 30 Aug 1905 in Paris Township or Grand Rapids, Kent, MI, aged 73
buried in Whitneyville Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan
Findagrave 32714588
Parents: Baptiste Le Clear m Abigale Baker
Spouse: Rebecka Chaney m 30 Oct 1860 in Henry County, OH
Child: Charles Wilson Le Clear m Laura Susan de Forest
Child: George LeClear
Child: Ira Shelton LeClear married Rachel Underwood, b 1873, son Vernon
Child: Florence Alvina LeClear 36235280 m John Gilbert LeClear
Child: Elgie LeClear 15801684 m Anna S Weddell 15801685
Child: John ?
Child: Cassius ?
L1 L2

John Le Clerc
b abt 1740 in France
immigrated to US 1783 with brother Lafayette and a
res 1790 Half-moonTown, NY with wife & 10 children
d 05 Apr 1817 in Westen, Oneida, NY, aged approx 77
Parents unknown
Spouse: Jane Taylor m in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY abt 1761
Child: John LeClear m Rebecca Teachout, Findagrave 36092736
          Child Margaret m George Green Findagrave 29328326
         Second wife Anna, Child Seraphine Findagrave 32714589
Child: Peggy Margaret LeClear Townsend
Child: Peter LeClear 36091486 m Hepsabeth Cross
Child: Louis LeClear m Phoebe Weeks
Child: Baptista LeClear, killed by rolling log
Child: Lodowick LeClear 36093419 m Elizabeth Knight, daughter Jane 28093759
Child: Mary Anne LeClear Doty
Child: Joseph Le Clear m Martha Baker
Child: Anthony 12831879 m Martha Haynes 12831895
Child: Jane LeClear, Findagrave 36096616
Jean LeClerc's passage is listed in book 3418 page 206?

Ledgarde of Gand (de Flanders)
b abt 941
d 29 Sep 0964
Parents: Arnoul I Count of Flanders m Adelaide de Vermandois
Spouse: Wickman of Gand
Child: Theodoric of Gand m Hildegarde of Holland

Agnes de Legh 21G Grandmother
b 1244 East-Hall in High Legh, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: William de Legh
Spouse: William Danyers
Children listed under William Danyers

Harmon de Legh 23G Grandfather
b 1203 West-Hall in High Legh, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Thomas de Legh
Spouse: unknown
Child: Harmon de Legh

Thomas de Legh 24G Grandfather
b 1182 West-Hall in High Legh, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Harmon de Legh

William de Legh 22G Grandfather
b 1226 West-Hall in High Legh, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Harmon de Legh
Spouse: unknown
Child: Agnes de Legh m William Danyers
Child: Richard de Legh
Child: Margery de Legh

Joan Leigh 13G Grandmother
b abt 1485 England
d aft 1557 England
Burial: unknown
Parents: Peter Leigh m Eleanor Savage
Spouse: Richard Tilden
Children listed under Richard Tilden

Sir Peter Leigh 14G Grandfather
b 1442 England
d 11 Aug 1527
Burial: St Oswald Church, Winwick, Cheshire, England
Findagrave 104893131
Parents: Peter Legh of Lyme m Mabel Croft, end of line
Spouse: Eleanor Savage
Child: Joan Leigh m Richard Tilden

John Leke   
b abt 1360 in Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Isabel Tower
Child: Sir Simon Leke m Jane Talbot

Mary Leke
b abt 1417 in Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England
d 27 Mar 1455
buried South Petherton, Somersetshire, England
Findagrave 62002238
Parents: Sir Simon Leke m Jane Talbot
Spouse: Giles Daubeny, Sir Knight
Child: Jane Frances Daubeny m Robert Markham
AFN 9N4V-36
34 51 

Sir Simon Leke  
b abt 1390 in Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents: John Leke m Isabel Tower
Spouse:  Jane Talbot
Child: Mary Leke m Giles Daubeny
AFN 158P-Z4W
34 51 

Leo VI, "the Wise" Emperor of Byzantium Empire
b 01 Sep 866
d 11 May 912
Parents: Basil I m Eudocia Ingerina, dtr of Ingar Martinakes
Spouse: Zoe Tzautzina, d 899
Child: Anna m Louis III Blind Emperor of the West
Mistress: Zoe Karbonopsina
Child: Constantine VII
15 50 125

Leofric III 27th great grandfather
b 14 May 968, Mercia
d 31 Aug 1057, Bromley, Stafford
Parents: Leofwine m Alwara
Spouse: Godiva
Child: Alfgar III m Elfgifu
15 103 122 125 S1

Leofwine Ealdorman of Hwicce, Earl of Mercia
b abt 950
d by 1032, d 1023 to 1028?
Parents: Elfwina m Edulph c 921
Spouse: Alwara
Child: Leofric III m Godiva
Child: Northman killed in 1017 against Cnut
Child: Edwin killed in battle by Gruffydd Llewelyn in 1039
Child: Godwine died some time before 1057
15 103 125

Anne de Leon
d abt 1092
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Eudon I de Rennes-Porhoet
Child: Geoffrey La Zouche m Hawise Fergant de Bretagne

Leopold of Bavaria Marquis of Bavaria (Luitpold)
d 04 Jul 907, in battle at Pressburg, Bratislava
Parents: Arnoul of Bayern d abt 889, son of Ernst I Markgraf von Nordgau d abt 865
Spouse: Cunigunda of Swabia
Child: Arnulph Duke of Bavaria m Judith of Friuli von Sulichgau
Child: ^Berthold, Duke of Bavaria Findagrave 91113541 m Wiltrude
Spouse: Hildegarde of Bavaria
103 107 113 125

Leopold I, Margrave of Austria
"The Illustrious"
b abt 987, Melk, Niederhosterreich, Austria
d 26 May 1055
Burial: Saint Kilian Cathedral, Wurzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Findagrave 89614468
Parents: Arnulph Duke of Bavaria m Judith of Friuli von Sulichgau
Spouse: Richeza Countess of Sualafeld
Child: Adalbert m Frowila Princess of Orseolo
Child: Ernst, Duke of Swabia
120 125

Leopold II, Margrave of Austria
b abt 1055, Tulln, Niederhosterreich, Austria
d 12 Oct 1095
Parents: Ernst m Adelheid Princess of the Ostmark
Spouse: Ida, Countess of Cham
Child: Leopold III m Agnes, Princess of the HRE
Child: 7 daughters, all married Dukes and Counts from Carinthia, Bohemia and Germany
120 125

Leopold III "The Saint" Margrave of Austria
King of Belgium
b abt 1084, Klosterneuburg, Niederhosterreich, Austria
d 15 Nov 1136
buried Abbey Of Klosternburg, Niederhosterrich, Austria
Findagrave 54188005
Parents: Leopald II m Ida, Countess of Cham
Spouse 2: Agnes, Princess of the HRE
Child:  Agnes/Sophia of Austria m Vladislav II King of Poland
Child: Leopold IV, died early in reign
Child: Henry II Jasomirgott, Duke of Austria & Bavaria m a Theodora Comnena
Child: Otto of Freising, chronicler
Child: ^Judith of Babenberg m William V of Montferrat
120 121 125

Leotald of Macon, Count of Macon
b abt 930
Parents: unknown
Spouse:  Adelaide of Burgundy
Child: Gerberga of Macon m Adalbert, King of Italy
109 116

Elizabeth Lettice 7G Grandmother
b in 1636 in Lincolnshire, England
d 31 Oct 1693 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass, aged 57
burial Tyler Point Cemetary, Barrington, Bristol, Mass
Findagrave 36420486
Parents: Thomas Lettice m Anna (Savoy?)
Spouse: William Shurtleff  m 18 Oct 1655 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass at age 19  
Child: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes 
Child: Thomas Shurtleff m Sarah Kimball
Child: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse: Jacob Cooke m 18 Nov 1669 Plymouth AFN K81D-WJ Findagrave 16764985
Child: Sarah Cooke m Robert Bartlett
Spouse: Hugh Cole 01 Jan 1688/1689 Plymouth AFN ZXX1-WL
2  9 13 S1

Thomas Lettice 8G Grandfather
b 1604 England
Resident of Plymouth 1638
d 25 Oct 1681 Plymouth, MA
burial Burial Hill, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Findagrave 42586757
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: Ann Savoy (d 02 Jul 1687, Plymouth, 81 years)
Child: ^Dorothy Lettice Findagrave 35936695 (line returns to Sarah Shurtleff)
Child: Elizabeth Lettice m William Shurtleff
2  9 13 S1

Leutaud Count of Paris
7th Count of Paris
b abt 805, Orleans, Paris, France
d 858 or 869
Parents: Begue Count of Paris m Aupais Abbess of St. Peter's at Rheims
Spouse:  unknown
Child: Engeltrude m Eudes of Orleans
15 103 125

Leutwinus Bishop of Treves
b abt 665, Treves, Austrasia
d 713 or 0722, Mettlach
Parents: Warinus Count
Spouse: unknown
Child: Chrotrude of Alemania m Charles Martel
15 103

Cecilia de Lexington
Parents: Richard de Lexington
Spouse: William de Markham
Child: Sir Robert Markham m Sarah de Snitterton
34 51 

Richard de Lexington
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Cecilia de Lexington m William de Markham
34 51 

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