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Eadgifu of Kent
b abt 986 Kent, England
Parents: Sigehelm, Earl of Kent c 870
Spouse: Edward I The Elder
Child: Edmund I m Elgiva
15 35 103 125

Eadgyth (Edith or Matilda) Princess of Scotland
b Oct 1079, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
d 01 May 1118, Westminster Palace, London, England
Findagrave 8428202
buried Westminster Abbey, London, England 8428202
Parents: Malcolm III m Margaret of Scotland
Spouse: Henry I Beauclerc m 11 Nov 1100 Westminister, London, Middlesex, England
Child: Matilda, Princess of England m Geoffrey V Count of Anjou
15 104 122 127

b 910
d 26 Jan 0946
buried Cathedral of Magdeburg, Germany
Findagrave 87793991
Parents: Edward I The Elder m Elfleda
Spouse: Otto I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire m 929
Child: Luitgardis of Germany m Conrad Duke of Lorraine
Child: Rechilde of Germany m Kuno Count von Oehningen or Liudolf, Duke of Swabia
15 35 103 125

Eafa (Eaba)
b abt 732, Wessex, England
Parents: Eoppa
Spouse: unknown
Child: Ealhmund
35 S1

Ealdgyth  (confused with Edith Swan neck?) 25th great grandmother
b abt 1034
d aft 1086
Parents: Alfgar III m Elfgifu
Spouse 1: Gruffydd Llewelyn  she was 15, he was 57
Children listed under Gruffydd Llewelyn
Spouse 2: Harold II King of England
Child: Gytha m Vladimir II 122 pg 312
15 51 52 107 122 125

Ealdgyth (Aglithia)
b abt 1020 Northumbria, England
Parents: Uchtred m  Elfgifu
Spouse: Maldred
Child: Gospatric
15 107

Ealdgyth of Northumbria
d 1016
Parents: ^Morcar High Reeve in Northumbria m ^Eadgyth of Mercia
Spouse 1: Sigeferth, Thane of East Anglia
Spouse 2: Edmund II Ironside
Child: Edmund
Child: Edward Atheling m Agatha of Augsburg Princess of Hungary
15 35 52 103 125

Aethelhelm Ealdorman of Wiltshire
circa 850
Parents:  unknown
Spouse: an Ethelgyth
Child: Elfleda m Edmund The Elder
15 35 103 104

Aethelred Mucil Ealdorman of Gainsborough, Earl of Lincolnshire
b abt 825 Mercia, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Edburga of Mercia
Child: Ealhswith of Gaini m Alfred the Great
15 35

Ordgar Ealdorman, Earl of Devon
d 971 Travistock, England
Parents: An Apisuis or Gunnor
Spouse: a Wulfrith
Child: Elfrida m Edgar
15 35 103

Thorold, Ealdorman, Earl of Northumberia
b abt 968 Wessex, England
d aft 985
Parents: Son of Gunnor or Oslac, Scandanvaian
Spouse: unknown
Child: Aelfgifu m Ethelred II
Aka Thorold Gunnarson
15  125

Under King of Kent
b abt 758
d 786 to 788
Parents: Eafa
Spouse: unknown
Child: Egbert m Redburh
35 S1

Ealhswith of Gaini
b 852 Mercia England
d 05 Dec 0905 Winchester, England
buried/founded St. Mary's Abbey, Winchester, Hampshire
Findagrave 147317717
Parents: Aethelred Mucil Ealdorman m Edburga of Mercia
Spouse: Alfred the Great  m 868 in Winchester
Child: Aelfthryth m Baudouin II
Child: Edward I "The Elder" m Elfleda & Eadgifu
Child: Ethelfleda m Ethelred Duke of Mercia
Additional children listed under Alfred the Great
Became a nun at widowhood. Reputed as a saint after death.
15 35 52 S1

Eberhard I Count in the Nordgau and Hamelant
b abt 730
d 777
Parents: Son of Alberich (see notes)
Spouse: unknown
Child:  Meginhard I


Eberhard II Wichman Count in the Nordgau and Hamelant
living 846-884
Parents: Meginhard I
Spouse: Evesna, a Saxon
Child: Eberhard III

Eberhard III Count in the Nordgau and Northern Hamelant
Steward / seneschal for Otto I HRE
d aft 898
Parents: Eberhard II m Evesna, a Saxon
Spouse: unknown
Child: Hugh III of Hohenburg m a Hildegarde

Eberhard IV Count of Alsatian Nordgau
b abt 870
d 18 Dec 972/973
Parents: Hugh III of Hohenburg m Hildegarde
Spouse: Luitgard of Tier
Child: Gerard of Lower Alsace m Eva of Luxembourg
Child: Hedwig of Alsacian Nordgau m Siefried of Luxembourg
Child: Hugh V Count in the Nordgau m Berlinda of Ortenburg
103 110

Ebles I Count of Rheims and Roucy, Archbishop of Rheims
b  abt 988
d 11 May 1033
Parents: Gilbert De Roucy m Miss Macon
Spouse: Beatrix of Hainault
Child: Adelaide of Rouci m Hildouin IV de Rouci
15 103 110 115

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